Justin Roiland

is an American actor, voice actor, writer, director and producer. He is best known as the voice of "Oscar" on the Disney Channel's animated television show Fish Hooks.

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I'm working on it. I want so much Chinese made licensed merch. I want to fucking choke on it and suffocate under massive piles of it. Not kidding. That's how I want to die. Just me, some kind of pain killer (just to take the edge off), maybe a couple strippers, and piles of Rick and Morty merch just slowly crushing me (and the strippers) to death. The way a snake slowly crushes a mouse and suffocates it. You get the idea.

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Is this live?! LETS DO THIS BABY!

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This was a reference to a cartoon network pilot I had called "dog word" I'll post the animatic on my website roilandtv.com (not soon though )

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Well, i JUST spilt my huge starbucks brand iced green tea all over the carpet in the writers room like a total asshole THEN I forced Spencer Crittenden to clean it off the ground and THEN forced our PA Josh to go back to starbucks and buy me another one. I AM A MONSTER. I AM THE WORST.

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That's me. It's a hold over from the original short that everyone loves so much. You know, the one were testicles get licked and stuff. But I love it as a style choice. Seems like people are getting used to it. That's good news.

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I'd have my meeseeks tell me jokes and try to make me laugh. He could die after he gets a really good big laugh out of me. Also, I am pushing for meeseeks merch DOOOOOD!!!

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You're projecting.

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I think he had an up close and personal face to skin experience with Annie's puffy vagina. He just doesn't like em puffy man. Me? I'll take em however I can get em! (JK, I have pretty high standards)

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My favorite Community episode is the 209. Conspiracy theories one. Hoooooly shit baby! Hooooooooly shit about that episode! Loved it! Burbank options!!

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I just got off the phone with N Cage (that's what I call him... rhymes with "engage" like how captain picard says it on star trek the next generation) and I told him about you and he said he really hope you enjoy his films and tole me to tell you to remember that he's just a decaying body like the rest of us.