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The show is back with New episodes tonight! I'll be on here as "JustinRoiland" and Dan will be "DanHarmon"

Proof: https://twitter.com/JustinRoiland/status/443114632996069376/photo/1


EDIT 2: (6:18) Dan is answering away. I (justin) will be on and off over the next few days! YAHOO!!! Enjoy tonight's episode!! Tune in live!

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justinroiland862 karma

Is this live?! LETS DO THIS BABY!

General_Diddy611 karma

At the end of the second episode Morty says something like “Wow Rick, a whole world populated with intelligent dogs. What do you think it will be like?” and Rick responds something like “I think it’ll be great Morty. It could be developed into a very satisfying project for people of all ages. I mean I’d watch it Morty, for at least 11 minutes a pop. Maybe they’d do it board driven.”

I can’t help but feel like there’s some underlying meta joke I don’t understand, could you perhaps shed some light on this?

justinroiland823 karma

This was a reference to a cartoon network pilot I had called "dog word" I'll post the animatic on my website roilandtv.com (not soon though )

Arth-Vader556 karma

Where did you guys get the idea for the fuzzbally pupils in Rick and Morty?

justinroiland720 karma

That's me. It's a hold over from the original short that everyone loves so much. You know, the one were testicles get licked and stuff. But I love it as a style choice. Seems like people are getting used to it. That's good news.

spiffymarc448 karma

What would you ask your Meeseeks to do? Also, are we gonna see any Meeseeks merch?

justinroiland593 karma

I'd have my meeseeks tell me jokes and try to make me laugh. He could die after he gets a really good big laugh out of me. Also, I am pushing for meeseeks merch DOOOOOD!!!

welshwordman418 karma

When will Adult Swim license tons of R&M merch so I can spend rent money on shirts and toys?

justinroiland1111 karma

I'm working on it. I want so much Chinese made licensed merch. I want to fucking choke on it and suffocate under massive piles of it. Not kidding. That's how I want to die. Just me, some kind of pain killer (just to take the edge off), maybe a couple strippers, and piles of Rick and Morty merch just slowly crushing me (and the strippers) to death. The way a snake slowly crushes a mouse and suffocates it. You get the idea.

Salty-Banana404 karma

In "Anatomy Park" Rick tell Morty that Annie has a puffy vagina.

Why/how does Rick know this?

danharmon1134 karma


(sip of vodka)

When you write a script for TV, there's a schedule. The job isn't done when the script is "finished," it's done on Wednesday, finished or not. You acquire a discipline in TV writing of working in passes.

I had the script up on a big TV in the writers room and I was going through it, doing my pass, and I put the puffy vagina line in there. I thought, hey, this'll make the writers laugh, and then we'll be done with the script, and we'll send it to the network and they'll know it's a placeholder and they'll say "of course you have to change that" and the writers will say, "okay, let's change that now."

What I failed to realize is that the network is Adult Swim and the showrunner is Justin Roiland. So now we have Rick saying that this girl has a puffy vagina. And your question, which is totally valid, is why does Rick know that.

Why indeed. And, I mean, it's canon, so I'll answer.

I think Rick heard a rumor. I think Rick was working really hard on Pirates of the Pancreas and he'd make routine trips to the inside of Ruben, and I think, you know, in the break room, people talk.

[edit to add]: halfway through typing the answer to your question, I asked, in a semi-accusatory fashion, "who wrote that puffy vagina line?" And Ryan Ridley said "you did, mother fucker."

justinroiland547 karma

I think he had an up close and personal face to skin experience with Annie's puffy vagina. He just doesn't like em puffy man. Me? I'll take em however I can get em! (JK, I have pretty high standards)

justinroiland236 karma

You tell us man. How do you think he knows?

rolldiggity357 karma

Dan and Justin: Love the show. What's the worst thing you've ever done, both morally and in the eyes of the law?

justinroiland745 karma

Well, i JUST spilt my huge starbucks brand iced green tea all over the carpet in the writers room like a total asshole THEN I forced Spencer Crittenden to clean it off the ground and THEN forced our PA Josh to go back to starbucks and buy me another one. I AM A MONSTER. I AM THE WORST.

UnitedFanDes338 karma

Dan, what is your favourite Adventure Time episode? Justin, what is your favourite Community episode?
Big fans of both, lads. Keep up the good work.

justinroiland509 karma

My favorite Community episode is the 209. Conspiracy theories one. Hoooooly shit baby! Hooooooooly shit about that episode! Loved it! Burbank options!!

ramo200293 karma

Will there be a Rick & Morty #100YearsAndAMovie campaign happening? Cuz I'm down with that.

justinroiland360 karma

There will be a Rick and Morty dot com www.wwwdotcomdotwww.com

Gay4Moleman286 karma

Dan, is Nicolas Cage good or bad? My friends and I are planning to watch every Cage movie over the next few months and rate each in an attempt to answer this question. What is your opinion on the unsolvable question?

justinroiland421 karma

I just got off the phone with N Cage (that's what I call him... rhymes with "engage" like how captain picard says it on star trek the next generation) and I told him about you and he said he really hope you enjoy his films and tole me to tell you to remember that he's just a decaying body like the rest of us.

do_me_nico284 karma

Good afternoon guys. Mr. Harmon I like community, but guys I love Rick and Morty so much. It's like my childhood did acid with back to the future and the magic school bus.

A few short questions. 1) is there a reason that every sentence said by Rick to Morty, he has to say morty's name, Morty?

2) why did you choose this animation style and keep it the same since 06?

3) which of the back to the future movies are your favorites?

4) will you make that intelligent dog cartoon for 11 minutes a pop? Would it be board driven?

justinroiland251 karma

  1. That's just my verbal crutch. I'm working on it. Trying to pull back a bit on that. I get it. It's WAY over the top on the pilot.

  2. The style changed dramatically since the original short.

  3. I can't really remember them. The one where Marty McFly starts to disappear? I like that part best.

  4. I don't think so. I'll post the pilot presentation on my website! www.roilandtv.com

Dylan7225280 karma

How do you feel about Selena Gomez?

justinroiland326 karma

I'd love to cuddle with her.

amusicalfridge266 karma

Question for the two of you, considering how absolutely dark things get in both Meeseeks and Destroy and Rick Potion #9, has there been anything you've pitched that Adult Swim protested? Or do you have full creative control over the show?

justinroiland278 karma

Lazzo fights with S&P to help us make the show we want to make. He is a hero.

dexisajerk226 karma

What is the American dollar to Schmeckles ratio?

justinroiland162 karma

Lots of different types of currencies on our show. We'd need some serious brain power to figure out all those exchange rates.

Brian_FETO156 karma

Afternoon, gentlemen!

For future episodes of Rick and Morty, do you intend to continue having each be their own separated adventures or do you think you’ll try to have more of a connecting narrative for some? More importantly will Scary Terry return, bitch??

Also Dan, season 5 has been amazing so far (but you already know that…) Thanks for the quality televisions.

justinroiland373 karma

Future episode can be anything your heart desire <- read in tommy wiseau's voice

Ausdon139 karma

Did you guys anticipate the explosive success of the show shortly after the pilot aired?

justinroiland231 karma

not at all. It's really incredible. I hope this means I don't have to go back to working at Menchies frozen yogurt anymore.

TownIdiot25132 karma

Justin, are we ever going to see Mhati Morty lick Doc's Rick's balls?

Edit: context for people

justinroiland262 karma

I was 26 when I made that. I'm not saying I wouldn't possibly make something as filthy now that I'm a healthy 34 years of age, but it probably won't be for a bit. I'm looking forward to doing something with the family circus characters licking each others assholes sometime when I get a chance.

TheDudelyLlama128 karma

Dear Mr. Harmon and Mr. Roiland,

Why does everything in Rick and Morty resemble testicles? Seriously, everything looks like saggy balls. There's even an episode where a dog collects human testicles. Why are you guys so obsessed with testicles?


A guy who watches your show

justinroiland558 karma

You're projecting.

TheDudelyLlama21 karma

What do you have to say about THIS then?--


justinroiland85 karma

we each see things differently based on the experiences we've accumulated in life. What you see as testicles, I see as flowers.

kard87105 karma

Justin, big fan of the show. I had a few questions:

1) Your show has become very popular very quickly and could potentially be a cash cow for Adult Swim. How much creative control do you and Dan currently have over Rick and Morty? If the show becomes too valuable of an asset for Adult Swim, are you afraid they might exert more control over the show or prevent you from doing some of your darker stuff (like the end of Rick Potion #9)?

2) Are any of the characters based on people you know?

3) What are your favorite shows that are currently airing? What about all time?

justinroiland207 karma

  1. Adult Swim loves the show as much as you guys do. They let Dan and I do what we want, and are incredibly supportive. No need to worry about some conspiratorial take over. It's up to us to make sure it stays good.

  2. Nope

  3. The Profit, Dance Moms, Shark Tank, Game of Thrones, South Park, Degrassi, AND MOTHER FUCKING "HOW ITS MADE" MOTHER FUCKER!! Also everything on the science channel.

soshnick96 karma

is there anywhere i can purchase rick and morty merchandise? shirts or posters would be awesome!!!

justinroiland166 karma

I'm working on it!! I'm pushing and begging. It will happen soon.

Frajer93 karma

Justin- where did the idea for Mr. Meeseeks come from?

Dan- will we ever get more Heat Vision and Jack?

justinroiland220 karma

Dan was on tour for HarmonTown and we were breaking a story that sucked and I hated, so I started acting out saying I wanted to do something fun. I was sick of these boring complex stories and I just wanted to have fun. I started screaming "I'm mister meeseeks" and we started the concept from there. They original concept was the same, a box that creates meeseeks, but the story was very different. When Harmon got back we got it in shape. One of my favorite episodes for sure.

shemp515091 karma

Hey Justin, as a fellow Sierra High graduate (1997), just one question...

How the hell did you end up successful?

justinroiland393 karma

Satan held my hand and guided me every step of the way. Praise the dark lord, my master, Satan.

spacewizard9275 karma

Hey guys! First off, even though theres only been 6 episodes so far, Rick and Morty is one the best shows ive ever seen. Every episode keeps me consistently laughing my ass off the entire time. Also, I'm a huge fan of both of you. Thank you both tremendously.

Justin, who do you enjoy doing the voice of most: Rick, Morty or Lemongrab? How fun of a job is that? Also, Please keep being in all these amazing cartoons. Your voice is angelic. It amazes me how different you can make yourself sound.

Dan, what was it like going from doing a show like Community to Rick and Morty? Do you prefer writing for one over the other? Can we expect a season 2?

Thank you both for doing this! I really do hope for a hundred years of rick and morty.

justinroiland131 karma

I LOVE doing Rick and Morty together, talking to myself. It doesn't always go anywhere fruitful, but it's fun because it's a form of free styling, as I have no idea what I'm going to say.

Lemongrab (and the meeseeks while I'm at it) are fun to do but also brutal. I always leave with a throbbing head ache and the need to rest my voice.

nightgolf73 karma

Dan, If you could distill what you learned about yourself, the creative process and being emotionally invested in your work during your time away from Community into one piece of advice, what would it be?

Justin, When creating a show like Rick & Morty, what comes first: the world or the characters? How does the one influence the other?

Thanks guys!

justinroiland82 karma

I guess it depends. We built the show around characters. In series, the writing is the start of everything. Then we go to design. So I guess, the worlds and characters come second. I don't know! Everything is just happening so fast!!!

ZeroDream8971 karma


justinroiland132 karma

Hahaha no. I took that shit down back when I got cast on Disney's Fish Hooks. I didn't want the network seeing that cartoon because that's not what we were planning to make. The only thing that has is me testing out the voices and the energy between the two mains.

UhCrowser63 karma

What's Dino like naked?

justinroiland127 karma

thin and romantic

Darth_Algebra55 karma

I love all the characters you've made in the show, but a number of them, like the Meseeks and the dog who likes to be called Snowball now, seem like they're probably throw away gags we've seen once and will never see again. Is that the intention? I'm kind of itching to see more of them.

justinroiland112 karma

It's good that you want to see more of them. That means we did something right. Our current plan is to forge ahead and try not to look back too much. If something comes together organically in the writing process that allows us to revisit loved characters we won't fight it, but an important aspect of this show is staying ahead of the audience. Just wait until you meet "Mister Noopy Neeps" <(doesn't actually exist in our show)

Nobkin50 karma

Hi Dan and Justin! First off wanted to say how much I fucking appreciate your works with Channel 101, Community, Rick and Morty, Harmontown, Grandma's Virginity Podcast, ad infinitum.

I was hoping you could help with me a creativity issue. Every time I try to 'make' something, whether it's a story, a sketch, an improv bit, or a canvas covered in strategic fecal matter, I can't help but think I'm a fraud. A hack who's retreading paths that have been taken a millions time over by better creators. How do you both pull out such original and such unique ideas out of the aether to make something meaningful?

Thanks for everything guys!

justinroiland71 karma

I feel the same way man. Just don't let that voice keep you down. Do what we did. Just make a LOT of stuff. Keep moving forward. Don't look back at what you made. Forget about it. Always run towards the next project/ idea/ task. Go back and look later and see how you've improved.

Youareposthuman48 karma

Justin and Dan- you guys rock!

Justin- you’ve responded to me on here AND favorited a tweet I tweeted (twatted) at you, so we’re basically best friends. That being said, do you ever find yourself talking like Rick in everyday life like so many of your friends probably do?

And Dan- I only recently got in to Community this past year and it went nothing like I expected (definitely a good thing!). So how has the series turned out in regards to your original vision?

Thanks, and keep the great art coming! RICK AND MORTY 100 YEARS

justinroiland105 karma

I would feel so super lame going around and doing Rick and Morty's voices in public unsolicited. I just don't have that kind of self confidence. I feel like you have to really like/ love yourself to be able to do that kind of stuff. I kind of hate myself, so unless I'm super drunk or people are begging me, I don't usually do the voices outside of the writers rooms or the records. Does that make me lame? Do you all hate me now?

Xzellus39 karma

First off, my roommate and I have watched all of your current episodes at least 10 times each episode. I do a pretty decent Rick impersonation and he does a really good Morty impersonation. Many good times have been had and our girlfriends hate it, which makes it even better.

My question is what is in Rick's Flask? Or better yet what is Rick's drink of choice? Is it something special, or are you saving that for a later episode?

Anyway, thank you for making in my opinion one of the best animated series on television. Please keep them coming!

justinroiland77 karma

We're not ready to discuss the contents of Rick's flask yet, but I can tell you that in the pilot episode cold open scene, he was supping on some HENNY XO BITCH!

EMeezySqueezy38 karma

What is your favorite episode you guys have done yet? What do you think of tonights episode??

SO STOKED NEW EP. START TONIGHT!! Rick and Morty is the bomb.. love you guy's

justinroiland125 karma

I am insanely excited for the rest of this season to air. My favorite that has aired thus far is probably the love potion one, mainly because of the pacing and how fucking insane it gets at the end.

deadaluspark36 karma

Stupid question for Justin:

How long have you been playing Minecraft and what mods do you use?

Also: House of Cosby's is still one of the best things I've ever seen. Tim Heidecker as suicidal Cosby always got me. Any plans for T&E as guests on R&M?

EDIT: Rewatched last night, remembered the line that kills me from Tim: I can't suit myself because I don't wear suits!

justinroiland43 karma

I love T&E. Would love to have them on the show. Casting is sort of an after thought. We always end up with great people, but we don't write characters with people in mind really.

As for minecraft, I got it back when it was beta 1.2 and have been playing ever since

TomN2231 karma

Hi guys love both your work! For Dan:

Any chance of getting Justin or the Community cast/writers as guests on Harmontown?

What's your favourite moment of Community Season 5?

For Justin:

Will there be some new episodes of GVP soon?

Have you learnt anything from Season 1 of Rick and Morty that will change how you approach season 2?

justinroiland52 karma


Gremloblin30 karma

Can you remember any scrapped story ideas (for Community and/or Rick and Morty) that you tried really hard to work, but just couldn't figure out a way to execute?

justinroiland73 karma

We had one about one of Rick's ex-girlfriend being a hive mind (borg) style cluster of people. When he dumped her (them) they were just 6 women hive minded together (imagine the sex!) We were starting the story with Rick and Morty at a strange space convention when Rick spots one of the original 6 chicks. He and Morty try to avoid her, but then realize that she has expanded the hive to thousands, and they are spotted. The idea of having an ex that consists of over a thousand different assimilated aliens/women/men was really interesting. Who knows. Maybe we'll do it. Now I spoiled some shit here. RALSTON CEREAL FOR LIFE

aherrmannn29 karma

Will Rick and Morty have less Harmon influence in it now that Dan has Community back?

justinroiland67 karma

Season six has not been picked up yet, but if it does, the back half of RaM season two is going to be pretty silly!

imasunbear19 karma

So let's cut to the chase: What's the deal with this collaboration with Mitch Hurwitz we've all heard about?

justinroiland52 karma

I got this one Dan. They are collaborating on a water color painting. It's a beautiful country landscape. Set in the fall. Midwest. Small farmhouse in the distance. I believe Dan is painting the clouds and trees. I heard whispers that Mitch is painting the farmhouse almost entirely by himself.

sandozguineapig16 karma

In Slaughterhouse 5, there's a line about how you never know who has an enormous schlong. Which characters (yours or others) do you think are packing garden hoses?

justinroiland39 karma

I think Rick has a penis the size of a small child's arm. Like a the arm of a 3 year old.

LlewynDavis14 karma

What's your favorite Kanye West album?

justinroiland43 karma

I like the one where he raps about stuff. The older one where he was a bit more humble and was having more fun.

TheBakedPotato12 karma

every episode of rick and morty has been up on youtube for a bit, presumably to promote the show. question: how is that working out? why doesn't every show do this with its first episode at least?

I'd like R&M to live out a healthy life free of the, err, network troubles Community had. does the YouTube stuff help? is that likely?

also, Dan, honesty time. do you have a plan for a sixth season and a movie?

justinroiland21 karma

I think the decision to post episodes on Youtube was brilliant. We wouldn't have gotten nearly as much exposure without that strategy. And our ratings have built week over week consistently DESPITE the fact that new episodes are readily available moments after the east coast airing. TUNE IN TONIGHT!

LudwigWittJr12 karma

How did you guys get started in writing television? How is the process of recording lines for R&M (I notice a lot of stutters, are these planned?)? How do you feel about Selena Gomez?

justinroiland17 karma

My work at www.channel101.com helped me cross over from producing to actual writing. Basically making my own stuff.

fluffy_cat8 karma

Describe your ideal sandwich like you're trying to sell it to me.

justinroiland35 karma

It's called "The Yummy Nummy" and it's a sandwich with meat, cheese, and sauces inside it. Also some veggies in there too. I'm offering a 10% stake in my company for 300 thousand dollars.

the-novelty-account6 karma

Dan, whats been going on with Spencer on Harmontown? And Justin is GVP going to be coming back any time soon?

justinroiland9 karma


DepressedMatt5 karma

Are we going to see Scary Terry again? Bitch.

justinroiland14 karma

You can see him every night in your dreams, bitch

nfriel5 karma

Rick and Morty is awesome-ness.

What are your favorite movies?

justinroiland11 karma

I love lots o' movies. LOVE Wet Hot American Summer, Windy city heat, Her, Terrorvision, and like 8 more. Also love porn. Wish I had more pornstar friends.

Kknowsbest5 karma

If you weren't in the entertainment industry, what would you do for a career?

justinroiland6 karma

I'd be a professional food muncher! I'd much food for a living!

theymightbe4 karma

Dan and Justin-- What were your favorite projects to be involved with on Channel 101?

justinroiland9 karma

Honestly, I had the most fun (hands down, no contest) making "Most Extraordinary Space Investigations" with Dan, Sevan, and Sarah

kunkel14 karma

Why should I not get McDonalds right now?

justinroiland5 karma

Just cause you'll feel shitty after you eat it. But it will taste so good WHILE you eat it.

wheresalt4 karma

What should I drink when I watch the Harmontown documentary?

justinroiland6 karma


Redditonedollar4 karma

Mr. Harmon if you had your choice to rap with any rapper which one would you choose?

justinroiland6 karma

I'd pick Drake cause then we could chill and laugh too.

2th3 karma

Justin, in the Raising Gazorpasorp Sneak Peak, color design lead, Jason Boesch has a picture of you on his desk. How can i get a copy of this amazing picture?

justinroiland12 karma

Those photos will be for sale on the adult swim website for 9 dollars and ninety-nine cents in the fall. Just kidding, but who knows. Maybe they will be

Tittyball3 karma

Justin I love Rick and Morty so much and some of your older series like 2 girls one cup, just wondering, how'd you get into making cartoons?

justinroiland3 karma

My friend Sevan figured out how to use After Effects, and we realized he could make the stuff I drew and colored in Photoshop move and dance about the screen! Can you believe that? It was like real modern magic. So I set off to begin writing short things and drawing lots of things and the rest is magic. Real earth magic. You can track it. You can't explain that.

Rick-Sanchez3 karma


Ummm.... I've read that things are going to get even more fucked up as the show goes on. Have you had any ideas that were shot down or cut out for being too fucked up?

eeuughrp thanks!

justinroiland3 karma


-sophie-3 karma

What is the continuity between Rick and Morty episodes going to be like in the future?

What are the chances of Chevy Chase returning to community in the future?

justinroiland8 karma

What is continuity really? What is time? We are always the oldest we have ever been. Is time a man made construct? etc.

mopy382 karma

First of all, thank you for the show, it's absolutely hilarious and extremely entertaining. My question is, who would you build your Anatomy Park inside of?

justinroiland6 karma

I'd love to build it inside of the beautiful actress Kristin Stewart. I just want any excuse to be inside of her. Get it? See where I'm going with this? I'd LOVE to BE INSIDE OF HER - wink wink - No, but seriously, I'm not saying I'd like to fuck her. That's not what I mean. Sorry if I misled. I just meant that I'd like to be shrunk down insider her helping the crew guys work on the rides and stuff. I'm no stranger to getting my hands dirty and working hard with the guys in the field.

ToeJamson2 karma

What's your philosophy on being a manager?

justinroiland3 karma

Kick them in the pants, kiss them in the shirt.