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The beginnings of your sentences come at the end, so the scope for punchlines is somewhat diminished, and multiple meanings are expressed through compound words, eliminating a lot of wordplay. So it's not really your fault.

Also I don't know what federal building your 'humour department' is in or who works there, but I'd advise you to up its funding and/or convert it to a Ministry of Silly Walks

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Dude that is a nice subtle plug. Nice.

I'm even going to click that.

Edit: Holy shit you interviewed Brendan Small?

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Hey Spencer! Thanks for doing an AMA.

In the opinion of my friends and I (especially on Harmonquest) you've become as funny as Dan. Ever considered having a show where your surname is the prefix?

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I would have thought it was a good thing that you can write whatever you like and it will get made. Niche tastes and viewpoints are getting airtime. It's a really exciting time for TV, in an anthropological sense.

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I don't think "who has it worse" would be a drawn out argument at all.