This is our first AMA. We will be answering your questions as we prepare for the next few months of touring and working on new music. In June we will be performing in France, UK, Portugal and Belgium. We will also be playing amphitheaters this Summer on "The Good Vibes Summer Tour", with Matisyahu, Collie Buddz and Zion-I.

Check all dates and download our new free single "Counterfeit Love" at

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snowtard139 karma

What's your favorite state to visit and why is it Colorado?

RebelutionMusic65 karma

Colorado is certainly one of our favorites... Good Vibes -ER

LVB713110 karma

Who's got the herb when your dry?

RebelutionMusic89 karma

Our fans have the best! -ER

sweetnamebro63 karma

I've seen you guys in Isla Vista a few times, you guys are fucking amazing. Do you miss that place?

RebelutionMusic48 karma

Miss it a lot...

We would try and play there again, but it got too crazy. It is a great place for a band to start out.


jerk4054 karma

How much do you make per year? How much do you lose out on by giving away your music? Do you make it by touring? Ever have second thoughts?

RebelutionMusic61 karma

We don't really lose out too much by giving away some of our music. I really believe people find a way to support Rebelution in one way or another. Most independent bands make money from touring and merchandise. I never have second thoughts about doing what I do. -ER

GaryOster53 karma

Do you guys feel you give the impression you smoke a lot of pot?

RebelutionMusic105 karma

We definitely love cannabis... -ER

steven58244 karma

When are you going to give a free show in San Diego?

RebelutionMusic103 karma

Can we play in your backyard? -ER

DusanMandic9343 karma

Rebelution, I can't even begin to think of a question I could ask you. But what I do want to say is that your music has saved my life. At a time of serious suicidal depression, my friend showed me rebelution. And it is your music that showed me to just chill out and enjoy what I have in life. My left arm is tattooed with lyrics from heart like a lion and has the symbol from your EP. Thank you for everything. I don't know what to ask now so I guess I can just ask, can I please smoke with you guys one day? Lol

RebelutionMusic40 karma

Music has that power to heal! Thanks for sharing -ER

GaryOster21 karma

Why give your music away?

Has giving your music away worked well?

Do you think the music industry is too uptight about duping and sharing music?

RebelutionMusic43 karma

I believe people find ways to support musicians they really like in one way or another. I don't believe we would have the fan base we have today if we didn't give away free music. We don't do this for the money. We want to make music we enjoy making and then sharing it with people. There are solid people in the music industry who want to spread positive music and then there are several who are only focused on $$$ -ER

BigSpence1720 karma

Do you smoke as much pot as you lead people to believe?

RebelutionMusic34 karma

We are certainly cannabis advocates -ER

tecomancat15 karma

When traveling for performances in other countries how difficult is it to get weed?

RebelutionMusic76 karma

We enjoy cannabis but don't need it to survive. I'd rather be on stage than in jail in a foreign country. Gotta be smart. -ER

freakboat15 karma

I once walked home from a long night of studying at the library and when I opened the door you guys were all in my living room smoking up with my roommate. Just saying hi from Lawrence, KS.

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We love Lawrence! My girlfriend is a grad, and I love Jefferson's wings -WF

Bosten14 karma

Alright, first of all, listened to you guys driving from Cali to MA, made it a much more tolerable ride. Unfortunately my question doesn't involve weed, sorry to disappoint.

What has been your favorite place you've played so far?

RebelutionMusic45 karma

My favorite has been Red Rocks in Colorado. It's truly spectacular. I encourage everyone to see a show there at least once in your lifetime. -ER

ChrisValentine13 karma

Most famous person you have partied with?

RebelutionMusic26 karma

Tom Green.... Super cool dude -ER

barclown11 karma

Hey, huge fan here. What would you say the best reggae music festival that going on this summer will be?

RebelutionMusic43 karma

Reggae on the Rocks should be epic this summer. We will be sharing the stage with Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, Yellowman, Inner Circle, and more -ER

ScrantonPaper7 karma

Hey guys!

Eric - How was the collab with Tribal Seeds on "Soundwaves"?

Though you guys collaborated with them, do you also see them as somewhat competition with regards to ticket sales? Tribal Seeds that is?

How do you feel about the new Bob Marley Remix that just dropped this Tuesday? LINK

RebelutionMusic12 karma

Tribal Seeds is like family to us. We don't see them or any other band as competition. Both Rebelution and Tribal Seeds fans are true music lovers!

Just listened to the remix. I think it's very hard to remix a Bob Marley song and make it sound good. My favorite Bob Marley remix album is definitely the dreams of freedom album. Super mellow and relaxing. -ER

Ifrenchmydad7 karma

i just saw you at Cali Roots. You guys were amazing! What was it like playing with all those other great reggae bands?

RebelutionMusic11 karma

So much fun. Great energy at that festival -ER

colonelangus17 karma

went to your show in dallas this year, phenomenal concert.
Question: Do you guys find it affects your performance in any way if you are stoned compared to sober during the show?

RebelutionMusic30 karma

Personally I really like using cannabis before I play but when I'm on a big tour I tend to not smoke anything before I get on stage. Cannabis doesn't mess up my vocals too much but when I'm performing and singing for an hour and a half 5 shows a week I don't want to irritate my vocal chords at all. I don't need cannabis to get into the music but it's a great way to channel that creativity. Occasionally I might have a drink before or after the show but alcohol is probably the worst thing for your vocal chords. You need to stay hydrated. -ER

ThunderBreeze6 karma

Your music is pretty groovy, thanks for doing the AMA.

Gotta ask though... do all of you smoke weed?

Because I sure as hell do and I love your music.

RebelutionMusic11 karma

We all enjoy cannabis in different ways -ER

sulax20076 karma

Are y'all gonna need some bud when ya get to Atlanta for your show?

RebelutionMusic19 karma

ummmmmmmmmm.....yes -ER

jagarr6 karma

did all yall get real baked and totes forget about the AMA? because its 3pm pacific =P

RebelutionMusic2 karma

It got changed to today. But yes, totes baked.

K-time5 karma


RebelutionMusic4 karma


leonthelionjr5 karma

First off, I love the music you guys create! It's definitely helped me through some rough patches.

1) With all the experience you guys have, where do you see the modern day reggae/alt scene heading?

2) What was a defining moment, as a band, that you guys realized you had developed such a strong influence within the music community?

3) Were there any past mistakes that helped you progress and develop as band?

Stoked to see you guys again in ATL with Matisyahu!

RebelutionMusic6 karma

1) I'm really pleased to see how much reggae has come up here in the USA the last few years. I think there is an overall theme of positivity surrounding the music as well. 2) I can't really think of one particular moment. Everything has happened so gradually for Rebelution. We've played so many shows and continue to tour constantly. 3) Certainly many obstacles to overcome. That's life. Have to learn from everything.


TheSkinnyD5 karma

What's it gonna take to get you guys to Mid-Missouri (Columbia, specifically)? Also, I would love to make a poster for you guys some time, how would we go about setting that up?

RebelutionMusic11 karma

It's been a while since we were in Columbia. Definitely way overdue. We are always open to fan artwork. We've seen some incredible art from our fans in the past few years. We usually have contests prior to our tours where fans can submit their artwork. -ER

Defcon4585 karma

I love you guys. Do y'all ever plan on doing any collaboration work with Stoopid or any similar bands? I think if you guys and Stoopid sat down and made a track it would be wicked. Thanks for the music!

RebelutionMusic4 karma

I like the idea. Would love to -ER

gbabedababe4 karma

What is your guys' favorite place to play and when are you coming back to Virginia to play a show with SOJA?

RebelutionMusic11 karma

Would love to play another show with SOJA. We don't play Virginia on this upcoming summer tour but we do play Baltimore MD and Charlotte NC... Road trip? -ER

jagarr4 karma

i am a huge fan of roots / reggae / dancehall / lovers rock etc. and have been for years. seen matisyahu and CB (even went to bermy last year!!) so i might as well whack ya with the typical questions:

Major influences?

favorite carrib. music era? 60s 70s 80s 90s?

older 'stuff' or newer? Jungly toasting like 80s sound-clash style or are you guys more into the fusion/popular rock music that your college-aged fans like?

Do you love or hate 311? Because everyone I know into that 'scene' either loves or hates 311 :)

I'll add some of your tracks to my quietly growing spotify playlist which I already plug quite often over at /r/treemusic and /r/reggae. Thanks!!

RebelutionMusic13 karma

1)We all have many influences. Probably my biggest influence is Don Carlos. 2) 70's 80's 3) All of it! 4) I dig 311. They have their own unique style. I remember listening to "All Mixed Up" when it first came on the radio. (Yes I'm an old man)


Springsandtape4 karma

Do you give out stems for remix? I do Dub Reggae inna traditional style. I would like to give you a proper Dub treatment.

RebelutionMusic10 karma

We should really do a dub-remix contest... I'm all about traditional style dub music. -ER

Mister_Dwill4 karma

Do you guys have medicinal cards? What is your favorite strain. And what is your favorite song that you guys made and why?

RebelutionMusic9 karma

I don't have a card, although I should. Cannabis helps me in so many ways. I don't have a favorite song, but if I had to pick one it would be the song I'm writing right now. -ER

bobster9994 karma

im glad i looked in this section just now! i think ive just found my new favourite summer soundtrack for holidays in june.

i see you're doing dates here in the uk. would you consider playing in newcastle or sunderland when you're in the uk?

RebelutionMusic4 karma

Unfortunately we already have the UK tour planned out. We will have to come to Newcastle or Sunderland next time around. We hope to see you at one of the shows in June! -ER

johnbordleyrawls4 karma

Since you're touring with Matisyahu:

  1. What're your favorite tracks of his?

  2. What, if any, religion/spiritual traditions do y'all identify with?

RebelutionMusic14 karma

I like exaltation a lot...

I believe in mother nature -ER

lordchrisalmighty3 karma

Would you guys ever consider doing a cover of bohemian rhapsody?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I could never do it as well as this guy


nbraunstein3 karma

How much did you hate playing in Bend, Oregon? That venue is awful!! Who picks that crap?

RebelutionMusic8 karma

I actually loved playing in Bend. Sometimes you just gotta work with what's there. -ER

masnegro3 karma

Are you going to answer any questions?

Edit: Not to try and disrespect you guys. I love your music but I really appreciated the aesthetic Matt Velasquez brought to the band and I don't think his solo project(Drum Major Instinct) gets enough credit. But I would like to ask the question of why he and the band parted ways?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Matt decided to leave the band shortly after Courage to Grow came out. It just wasn't for him -ER

juloxx2 karma

Are there any artists you would like to work with?

Follow up, what are some experimental things you want to try with your music in some following releases (eg: making a more electronic focused album, or taking on a new genre, etc)

RebelutionMusic9 karma

I'd like to collab with Don Carlos one of these days on a track. I'd like to do more acoustic stuff in the future. I've always thought of myself as a better acoustic player than electric. I also would like to experiment with some blues. -ER


When are y'all going to be back in Austin, TX?

RebelutionMusic5 karma

Not sure. Last time at Stubbs was awesome. We definitely need to come back soon. -ER

mckhanson2 karma

Oh! and who are your guys' biggest influences so I can look them up and rock out? hahah

RebelutionMusic7 karma

Check out Don Carlos -ER

brokeandouttaluck2 karma

What do you guys think of the band SOJA? Do you plan touring with them in the future?

RebelutionMusic10 karma

SOJA is family. Definitely would like to play with them sooner than later -ER

LongIslandEnt2 karma

You Guys are a big influence of mine when it comes to music. What are some of your biggest influences?

RebelutionMusic4 karma

Don Carlos is a big influence. Dave Matthews, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Carlos Santana. -ER

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Dredg, Thrice, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Zion I, and The Grouch. -WF

akatora2 karma

Hi Eric! My name is Lexi. Your sister Sivan is flying to Ohio tomorrow to spend a week with me :D

Don't have any questions for you, just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do! Your music is delightful.

RebelutionMusic4 karma

Thanks Lexi! Much love! -ER

nunes922 karma

do you monetize purely through touring. In that case what are your plans for life after music? or is music the long term plan? also keep kicking ass. there should be more groups like you out there.

RebelutionMusic7 karma

We definitely make a living by touring. I plan on playing music for the rest of my life. If for some reason I couldn't sing or play guitar anymore I'd probably go back to school. -ER

TheeZohan2 karma

What did your first big show feel like to you? What were you thinking, who were you thinking about, and how did you feel when you were done?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Our first big show was probably in Hilo HI on the Big Island. Safe and Sound was a big hit out there and there was so much hype surrounding Rebelution. It was a crazy feeling when we actually played that song in our set. -ER

monstermoncher2 karma

What is your favorite song? Also what is your best touring story?

RebelutionMusic7 karma

Don't have a favorite song of mine. Jimi Hendrix- All along the watchtower is probably my favorite song of all time. Every Isla Vista show we did back in the day has a story of its own. Those were some crazy shows. One show was shut down by the cops. We moved all the equipment down one block with the help of our fans and continued the show from another address. It was awesome -ER

SlamFist2 karma

Would you ever consider playing a show in Alaska? Theres a pretty big reggae scene up here

RebelutionMusic2 karma

We played in Anchorage a while back. Awesome time. -ER

Uu_Tea_ESharp2 karma

Is this an AMA or a marketing stunt? It's been up for two hours, and I don't see any answers.

RebelutionMusic10 karma

The band will be on tomorrow to answer questions. Stay tuned my friends.

mccann52 karma

You guys are by far my favorite band/group. Last Summer would not have been the same without your music. Best times of my life and I owe it to you guys. I can't even begin to think what to ask you or say to you or how to describe my feelings. You guys played in my city in Santa Cruz on St. Patty's Day and I couldn't make it because the tickets were $100 because you sold out so fast :( I was devastated but I know I will get to see you guys some day. And that day couldn't come any sooner.

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Thank you so much! people like you are why we play and tour so much! bless! MDW^

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We'll be back, it's my hometown too! -WF

catkittycatmeow2 karma

I just wanted to ask you what your preference in strings are, especially for Bass Guitar? I love the way Marley's Bass sounded when I saw you guys live this year and have been looking for a good sounding set of strings for months, but haven't had very much luck with it. Any good suggestions, please?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

Marley will have to step in and answer your question but for me I like Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Ernie Ball Strings. I'm pretty sure Marley likes Flat Wound Ernie Ball strings. -ER

HeresJono82 karma

Did you happen to smell the reefer on 4/20 in Chicago?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

I liked it! MDW^

Mr_Nukka2 karma

Whom are some of your favorite bands to go on tour with? Like SOJA, Tribal Seeds etc.

Bright side of life got me through a lot of hard times. Are your songs written from personal experiences?

RebelutionMusic10 karma

There's so many great bands to tour with I couldn't just name a few. Some songs are written from personal experiences, some are not. -ER

ThisMayBeLethal2 karma

Hey guys, thanks for the AMA!

I have been listening to you guys and SOJA since college and enjoy your music immensely. You guys' message of peace and understanding is an important one. what music are you guys into?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

We really enjoy everything. Everyone in the band likes different music. Tough question to answer! -ER

NotTheBelt1 karma

I Just recently started getting into your music and I love it, bright side of life is one of my favorite tracks, as someone who wishes to write lyrics laced with positive subtext, what advice do you have to achieve this?

RebelutionMusic11 karma

Try to write down as many words as you can that symbolize your positive outlook on life. Start to form some lyrics from these words. See what comes out of it. -ER

Izio171 karma

Whats your favorite part about Santa Barbara?

RebelutionMusic9 karma

The mesa! -ER

farawaycircus1 karma

Woot - love your music, always listen to it in the car! Thanks for doing an AMA. Who are some bands you'd love to tour with?

RebelutionMusic8 karma

Dave Matthews, Don Carlos, Thrive, Million Stylez, Lutan Fyah, Fat Freddy's Drop, Chronixx, many more... -ER

n4meless1 karma

Huge fan here. I really love your music. Other than that but is it just me or do you never happen to play in Germany? I would love to see you guys join Matisyahu at Summerjam.

Also what is your favorite reggae song respectively favorite artist?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

It takes so much planning to play international. We are trying hard to get to Germany someday. -ER

IHateShaneBattier1 karma

What is the most difficult/challenging song to play live?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Any songs where I have to sing up high in my vocal range are probably the hardest. From the Window is a challenging one for me. -ER

misterhastedt1 karma

What's your favorite city/venue to perform in? Where are the "craziest" fans at?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Probably San Francisco... Red Rocks is a great venue. I'd say Isla Vista still has the craziest fans I've seen. We have some pretty crazy energetic fans out in Philly. I know that. -ER

CthruBlunts1 karma

War, what is it good for?

RebelutionMusic2 karma


TokaBowl1 karma

I've seen you guys a couple times in Missoula, and plan on seeing you this August! Your music gives me a lot of inspiration in life. My question is do you guys have any input on the engineering of your music when recording?

RebelutionMusic5 karma

It's hard for me to comment on drums, bass and keys, but as far as guitar and vocals I can give some advice. I always sing the song all the way through. I do about 4 takes and then I pick the best one. I've always played a Les Paul out of a Fender Twin amplifier. I'm sure there are plenty of other options that work well for people but I like the way it sounds with my setup -ER

Alarmin1 karma

I was in SB a few years ago on my way to Super Kukas and I swore I heard you guys practicing nearby. Did you guys practice in that area back in the day?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

We used to practice near Super Cucas in Isla Vista. -ER

jahusafex1 karma

What's your all time favorite spot to play in the Bay Area?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

The Independent in SF or the Ashkenaz in Berkeley -ER

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Fillmore or Fox in Oakland -WF

dobaROFL1 karma

Can you describe the transition from whatever jobs you held before to full time music?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We all have different stories but I was a stage hand for a little bit at the palace of fine arts theatre in San Francisco growing up. My last job before I committed to Rebelution full time was working at the wherehouse which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist anymore. -ER

sreiter9201 karma

I love you guys so much, Definetly the CD of choice when me and my friends meet up to smoke! I just wanted to know, what other bands or singers inspired your band?

RebelutionMusic8 karma

Don Carlos is a big inspiration on my vocals, David Gilmour is a big inspiration on my guitar playing. Carlos Santana as well. -ER

keenansmith611 karma

Caught you cats with Zion I and Tribal Seeds at Legends in Boone. Any plans to come back?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

I remember that show very well. Sick lineup. Definitely want to come back soon -ER

brokeandouttaluck1 karma

of all the songs you guys have written, which is your favorite? least favorite? favorite strain of bud?

RebelutionMusic9 karma

Don't really have a favorite or least favorite... Dankouver is my favorite strain -ER

GanjahPandah1 karma

Holy crap I freaking love your music! You guys are what got me into reggae.

I guess my first question would be about your gear? What type of guitars do you play, what amps do you use, etc.

Also what was the inspiration for the songs Green to Black and So High?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I play a Les Paul Custom Silverburst and I play out of a Fender Twin Reverb. We are definitely cannabis advocates. -ER

Ayyo_gurl1 karma

Who are your primary musical influences?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I grew up listening to a lot of world music growing up. I always think I have a middle eastern influence on my vocals and guitar playing. -ER

MrSFer1 karma

Yo! Just wanted to say I've much enjoyed watching you guys come up from the dredges of IV to the world stage.

How hard is to come with fresh material while still staying true to your roots?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

It's always a challenge for me to write music. Lyrics don't come very easy. I try to write something different from the last song. -ER

Endorfin1 karma

what is your creative process when you guys write songs?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

I usually write songs on my acoustic guitar at home and sometimes on the road or I will record a simple groove on garage band or Logic and then start writing lyrics to it. -ER

rovnrev1 karma

What was the inspiration to release Peace of Mind as a triple album with the acoustic and dub remixes?

Follow up what is your favorite song/version of that song from the album Eric, Rory, Wesley, Marley, and Khris?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Acoustic is a passion of mine. It was fun and easy to make. The dub album was done by our good friend Michael Goldwasser. I like the way Route Around came out on the regular album, I like Day by Day acoustic and I love lady in white dub. -ER

cwdamon1 karma

Hey guys! Been a huge fan for years and was so stoked to finally meet you all at The National in RVA! My question:

If you all could switch instruments with each other for one night, who would play what and why?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

I would want to play drums. I'm jealous Wes gets to hit the shit out of those drums. Unfortunately, I have no skill on the drum set. -ER

clammz1 karma

Are y'all coming back to Omaha Nebraska? I've joined you on the bus a few times, would love to come back! Btw I still have Rory's number, maybe I should just text?

RebelutionMusic2 karma

Would love to come back. We've had some good shows at slowdown -ER

dildeau1 karma

Do you have anything special planned for your guys' show at North Coast this summer?

RebelutionMusic5 karma

Going to try and bring it as much as possible! -ER

tyronebiggums_51 karma

How do you feel about the direction and progression of marijuana legalization?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

I think Colorado and Washington are moving in the right direction. It's a nice start to things -ER

toxsully931 karma

Are you guys working on a new album? And when will you be in the LI area or Rochester area?

RebelutionMusic3 karma

We are definitely writing new music right now... We play Central Park this summer -ER

AussieZ1 karma

So happy y'all are doing this. First off I would like to say, that I still continuously listen to Courage to Grow, and the messages behind each song have influenced me to live a better life daily.

Where did some of the influence come for the Peace of Mind album? Ideally 'Lady in White'?

RebelutionMusic6 karma

Lady in white is about someone who can't kick their drug addiction. It's a story that symbolizes a tug of war between sobriety and intense drug abuse. -ER

tbfield1 karma

Hey dudes, long time fan from Santa Cruz here, your second home away from home. Your music has inspired me to write countless songs. What inspires you guys when you start writing new music??

RebelutionMusic8 karma

I usually feel inspired when I feel some overwhelming emotion. Sometimes it's something happy, sometimes sad... Sometimes something sad will inspire me to write something happy. Sometimes a certain melody can inspire me to write lyrics. Other times lyrics can inspire a melody. It's also inspiring to read about other people's experiences and to try and put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps write from their perspective. -ER

nickvicious1 karma

You guys are an amazing live performance. Twice already, looking for #3. If you could tour with one active band/musician who would it be? What about inactive/dead band?

RebelutionMusic12 karma

I'd like to tour with Dave Matthews one of these days. Pink floyd would be epic too -ER