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Why should we expect anyone in the CIA to tell us the truth about anything?

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So she can get infected? OP is really an assasin

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Do you get a boner when you lock poor disenfranchised people up for drug use?

How do you feel knowing that you are a foot soldier for the prison industrial complex?

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Why are you against drug legalisation and decriminalisation?

because its money out of his wallet. Prohibition benefits Cartels and Drug enforcement, and fucks over everyone in the middle.

the DEA/Cartels win, you lose

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Hey guys, you are the best. I really appreciate what you do.

I wish to get involved as much as possible with teh Zendo team. Do you have a list of events you will be taking part in through out festival season (and beyond). Something like an event schedule?

If there is some (tour) schedule you guys update, I would like to volunteer in the near future.