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One of the kinds that the vaccine would have prevented.

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hahah I was actually expecting this question, believe it or not! I have a friend who is a heart doctor at a respected hospital and he asked me something to this effect because he had a male nurse that asked not to be assigned to a bed-ridden patient because he felt that she was making sexual advances. He asked me if I had a sex drive while in the hospital because he kind of forgot that his patients are sexual creatures.

The answer is absolutely. I probably would have masturbated if my mother or father wasn't with me 24/7 or if I had more stimuli. I was in a children's hospital, so it's kind of creepy to think about sexual stuff there. Kids with cancer kind of kill it.

Edit: Why are people downvoting this guy? It's an AMA! I get that the tone/wording is kinda jerky, but don't take shit so seriously. I died a few times, and I don't.

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Sorry I am kind of avoiding this question. It's a hard one for me to answer, but I will answer it, just got to formulate my thoughts. This question gives me anxiety.

Edit: I think I am ready for this now.

I don't know at what point in my dreaming I died, but I have a feeling I kind of know, or at least have a hypothesis. I had periods between coherent dreams sometimes that were just void and floating and being. I also had a super hyperreal interface with fourth dimensional beings who "played" the universe to some extent. Able to go between the two. Have you ever seen Enter the Void? Think a more calm and less ego that with more ability to intervene to some extent. I have done my fair share psychedelics since then and had semi-similar experiences, contact with other-worldly entities or even just presences. Honestly, I am not sure what I believe happens after you die. All I know is that I felt very at home, very curious, exploring everything, so much to know, so many interesting "people". I think I believe in something, but if it was just nothingness I don't know how surprised I would be. I just know I feel something present. Something eternal.

I don't know how you wanted this answered, feel free to ask more.

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First of all, MUSTY_BALLSACK, I'm a huge fan of your work. It's an honor to have you commenting on my thread.

Secondly, I mean people that were not human, or maybe they were, but in a different form. They just knew so much. They had a community that seemed super compassionate and orderly. It reminds me of the Elven people in almost every series but less political. I've encountered what I believe them to be while tripping, but somewhat different. In my coma dream/death they could communicate in a more traditional way. In my other encounters they communicated more via thought or images, etc.

Edit: DMT

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comment of the thread right here