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i dont know if you are prolife or not. and i mean no offense to this. do you think children with bad cases of fetal alcohol syndrome should be aborted. again i do not mean any offense and hope i did not offend you or exert ignorance in anyway. good luck and god bless.

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Hey Rory, huge fan. does the potential of long term brain injuries every cross your mind? how do you take this into consideration as you go through your career

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you sir are a boss. also youre chest isnt bad at all.

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my ex thinks she was raped. ie blacked out after one drink, woke up in tshirt and underwear, vaginal soreness. she got a rape kit but they couldnt find any dna or anything. shes not taking it well. she doesnt want to go to counseling, what should i say or do

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how do you avoid injury?