Hi All.

I'm Brandon Nankivell from Australia, 18 years old. I've been unicycling for over 6 years and actively compete in national and international competitions. Events include high jump, long jump, trials, mountain, street, and flatland. I was the junior (0-14yrs) world champion for street and flatland events in 2011. I am currently the national (Open) street champion, high jump champion and record-holder.





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JonesBee511 karma

Do you need just half the doping the regular bicyclists use?

Unisykolist330 karma

100% less

Eddie_The_Brewer181 karma

I was in Blackpool the other week and there were two kids, both under ten, merrily riding unicycles along the promenade.

I was wheely impressed.

Unisykolist127 karma


u_suck_paterson114 karma

Ever thought about going on unbeatable banzuke?

Unisykolist53 karma

I haven't heard of that before :P

CyndromeLoL84 karma

Congratulations on already getting so far with something you love at such an early age! I don't really know anything about Competitve Unicycling, so how do the events work? I don't really understand stuff like High jump, long jump, and trials.

Unisykolist87 karma

Hi there and thanks. High Jump: Just like normal track and field high jump, unicycle high jump is setup and run in a similar fashion. A bar is setupand starts at a height of 30cm usually. Competitors are split into their age categories. Its basically a knockout event. You get 3 attempts to clear the set height, if you fail you get knocked out and others continue as the height gets raised.In terms of actually jumping over the bar,there are two common techniques. 1 is to be perpendicular to the bar and rideup really fast and pull up on the seat. The second technique is to be parallel and do a sidehop. I prefer the first method, I broke the national record with a height of 90cm, now aiming for a metre. Long jump, again, its similar to high jump, except its long jump :D Trials involves urban natural obstacles (eg stairs, tree stumps, rocks..) and the aim is to get from point A to B on the unicycle without falling off! Usually about 30+ obstacles are setup with different difficulties. Max Schulze is considered one of the best trials unicyclists in the world (2011 world champion).

CyndromeLoL19 karma

Awesome! I just checked out some videos and you definitely gave me some new-found respect for unicyclers. This shit looks hard. Good luck in your future, and maybe I'll pick up a unicycle and see how long it'll take before I break a leg =D

Unisykolist18 karma

Sweeeeet, glad to hear!

jduece-13 karma

In all fairness, he never said he loved it.. Just that he is the world champion. You don't necessarily have to love something you're good at.

Who knows...maybe he does love it? ;)

In related news...i see someone riding a unicycle on campus riding to and from class. The first time, I had to do a double take to make sure i saw it correctly. Its something you don't see everyday.. only lately, I HAVE been seeing it everyday.

Unisykolist6 karma

I love unicycling and choose to do it :D I wonder who it is, you should stop them in their tracks and ask xD

VonBubenberg59 karma

How often did you crush your nuts?

Unisykolist88 karma

Not often because I've learnt to avoid it from experience where possible. Maybe twice a year :D

MrBuddyHolly69 karma

he could have been talking about how often you crush walnuts, almonds and the like compared to how often you buy them already deshelled

Unisykolist72 karma

In that case, I crush walnuts maybe once a year ;)

Up_from_below35 karma

A friend of mine unicycles every day and is getting quite good at it! He tells me stories of people making comments/terrible jokes as he passes by. Example: "you forgot a wheel!"

My question is, what's the worst joke somebody has said to you In relation to your unicycle?

Unisykolist72 karma

Yes, getting them jokes is a very frequent thing. I've heard sooooo many but none have really stood out. I never really know how to respond to the ol' "Do a wheely!" I sort of just fake-laugh now :P and keep riding.

z4cz0r32 karma

Which event do you consider the most dangerous? Is there a high injury rate in unicycling?

Unisykolist59 karma

I consider Trials to be the most dangerous. Some obstacles involve extreme heights, thin poles to balance across, and jumping on and off of forklifts! A little slip and wrong landing can be harmful. At the 2011world champs in New Zealand, an ambulance was called for a competitor who injured himself badly

duct_tape_architect15 karma

What kind of protective gear do you use?

Unisykolist54 karma

When riding at home or just casually, I wear my KH Percussion Leg Armour. I'll wear gloves if I have blisters. I wear a helmet occasionally, when doing trials.

doaunispin27 karma

Do a unispin? Kh

Unisykolist65 karma

Yup, I've got it on film, second one in Oz :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqZVvf7rvm8

RileyFX12 karma

Why did the other guy throw his unicycle?

Unisykolist39 karma

Haha the apparent guy is actually a female :3 The unicycle was thrown out of amazement

I_AM_A_RASIN24 karma

Is your taint made of iron?

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notapunk23 karma

Was expecting to see you to be from Portland, OR and sporting a handlebar mustache for some reason.

Kudos for finding something you like and are (very) good at.

Unisykolist7 karma

Interesting, thank you!

steamtrain9323 karma

What made you start unicycling? what's your favourite 'event'?

Unisykolist41 karma

I saw another kid riding one when i was 10 years old.I thought it looked cool so i got one for my 11th birthday,I was addicted! My favourite event is "street", this is just like skateboarding or bmx except on a unicycle, so it involved grinds and things like that :) very rewardingand lots of fun

aahdin12 karma

So how fast do world record unicyclists go? Also, how much competition is there for the title of world's best unicyclist?

Unisykolist21 karma

Fast as in speed? I dont participate in this are,however i know the fastest unicyclists use a 36" wheel with a geared schlumpf hub. I think some reach 30miles an hour, but don'tquoteme on that :P

Unisykolist9 karma

And as for how much competition, it depends where the comp is held and what age category. Unicycling is a very small and unknown community. At the 2011 champs there were roughly 1000 competitors (includig all ages and events)

Stashride10 karma

What's your best unicycle pickup line to use on the ladies?

Unisykolist29 karma

Fortunately I haven't had to use any as I already have a very wonderful girlfriend :3 But I guess a. Good unicycle pickup line often involves the word "ride"

relet22 karma

I'm not certain it helps with impressing the ladies to have a hand in your crotch about half of the time while riding.

Unisykolist23 karma

You're probably right

JusticeWinning8 karma

As a person who is trying hard to get the hang of the art of uni cycling, what type of advice can you give me?

Unisykolist19 karma

This is a common answer, but its simply PRACTICE and MOTIVATION. It helps if you love trying it even if you get frustrated. Keep aiming to ride further than you did before and set goals! Also check youtube videos for inspiration

BandGeekFTW7 karma

How painful is it to fall off a unicycle? I've fallen off bikes but never a unicycle and I'm really curious.

Unisykolist31 karma

Depends depends depends. Falling off regularly from riding in a straight line at a normal speed doesn't really hurt. Depends on the surface, speed, force etc... Crankflipping stair sets and bails from grinding rails are the main source of pain I guess. Checkout my friends and I in this fails and bails compilation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwYkzbDqzM8 -that most of our most painful bails.

math-yoo6 karma

World champion uni-cyclist eh...so are you our waiter or just the busboy, because we're ready to order.

Unisykolist6 karma

What is your order? xD

math-yoo2 karma

How is the koosh-koosh?

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XavierMendel5 karma

Have you checked out /r/Unicycling? I'm sure they'd be thankful for some tips.

Unisykolist6 karma

Yes, I found that out today and was surprised to see it. Thanks again for pointing it out! I have now subscribed.

PlasticGirl5 karma

Can you explain off-road unicycling to me please? I just don't get it.

Unisykolist12 karma

Off-road unicycling is what it sounds like, its unicycling off-road. Generally it refers to riding on rough terrains such as dirt tracks, sand, dense grassy places etc.. And may refer to MUni (mountain unicycling) which is like mountain biking but on a unicycle

Sitron_NO5 karma

I can recommend Terry Peterson's (AKA Unigeezer) YouTube-channel. He does a lot of Mountain Unicycling: https://www.youtube.com/user/ttt8699

Unisykolist7 karma

Excellent suggestion, Terry is an icon!

imscammer155 karma

Do you do any freeriding? I couldn't believe the stuff Kris Holm was doing back around 2000. Has that type of riding progressed to an even higher/crazier level?

Link to Kris Holm riding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uPznTbus3g

Unisykolist5 karma

Kris Holm would be the most well-known unicyclist in the world. I have tried a bit of "freeriding" at the world champs just for fun. It is very exhausting and fast paced!

allwrong665 karma

You got some sweet wheels?

Unisykolist9 karma

My uni: Yes I have a sweet KH19" wheelset, my Car: just normal ones xD

comped5 karma

Would you be 50% more talented if I put you on a bicycle?

Unisykolist8 karma

try 50% less talented, maybe :P

isthisfunnyenough5 karma

I'm confused- if you were an under 14's champion in 2011, How can you be 18 in 2013?

Unisykolist9 karma

My birthday is in April. The comp was held in early January 2011. So If i was 14 in Jan 2011, 15 Jan 2012, 16 Jan 2013, 17 April 2013... Oh, you're right :D it was 2010 not 2011, my apologies. Link here showing the dates of the event and results: http://www.uniconxv.co.nz/

beboctopus5 karma

I am a member of the hotdogs, three time UNICYCLE FOOTBALL champs! Check out our league! We have UNIBRAWDZ! Halloween game and halftime show highlights-http://vimeo.com/52589098

Brutal hit the other day-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEOy4-dz3J0

Unisykolist8 karma

Wow that is awesome! I haven't played footy on a unicycle before, cheers for the links, that is brutal.

urf_4 karma

Can you also ride the unicycles without a seat (as in, just a wheel with pedals)? How much more difficult is that?

Unisykolist14 karma

I assume you mean without the "frame" part as well, there are dedicated things called "ultimate wheels" which are just wheels with pedals. I can ride the unicycle without using the seat, which is a trick called "seat drag", the seat just drags along the ground while I ride. It is more difficult but can be perfected with practice, like most tricks.

jzeids1193 karma

I am a unicyclist as well, but my eternal struggle is hills. No matter what tips or tricks I try, unless I am leaning on someone, I plummet to my death. Any tips?

Unisykolist5 karma

Unicycling up/down hills isn't quite my thing. I'd love to help but don't specialize in this area, Terry Peterson may be able to help :) ? http://www.youtube.com/user/ttt8699

Sitron_NO3 karma

Hi. I'm trying to get a hang on Unicycling myself, but last autumn I hurt my back while trying to master the art. So I have to start over again this summer.

However, my question is simple: Do you have a YouTube-channel? Or know of there some videos of you competing, or just showcasing?

Unisykolist7 karma

Yes I do. My YouTube channel is <www.youtube.com/unisykolist> I also have involvement in the Aus + NZ riders channel <www.youtube.com/prettygoodchannel> There are many solo, group, and competition videos on both channels.

JoelBlackout3 karma

Where are the Unicycle World Championships held? Is there an international governing body for this sport?

Unisykolist2 karma

The World Unicycle Championships are held in different countries about every two years. The most recent champs were held in Italy and the next is to be held in Montreal, Canada, next year. As for the international governing body, that would be the IUF (International Unicycling Federation) http://www.unicycling.org/

stagnant942 karma

is it efficient for you to use one when getting about?

Unisykolist8 karma

Yes. Believe it or not, if I have a foot/ankle/leg injury, depending on the circumstances, it is often easier to get around on a unicycle. This is because most of the weight is put on the seat, and not the pedals (with my legs/feet). It's also faster than walking.

alexx30642 karma

how expensive is your gear?

Unisykolist5 karma

In $AUD: Safety gear: Leg Armour ~$100, Shoes ~$90, Gloves ~$55, Helmet ~$30, My Unicycle ~$800.00 (good reasoning for this price, I know it seems very high! This is due to three-piece cranks, ISIS hub, carbon fibre seat base etc...)

titosotto2 karma

Are you a bear?

Unisykolist3 karma

I think so 0.o

heartpunch2 karma

Am I mistaken? I don't see your name on the offered proof.

Unisykolist7 karma

I avoided using my real ID because I was too lazy to blur out some details on PhotoShop :P Is the name on my certificate, "Brandon Nankivell" not enough to pass? If not I'm happy to whip something up for extra proof if needed :)

nutterdog252 karma


Unisykolist4 karma

Definitely! Very pumped for Canberra

kwonza2 karma

Do you know of any bear colleagues?

Unisykolist3 karma

No, sorry :/

ChinookNL2 karma

Did you use EPO?

Unisykolist3 karma


Bypass8142 karma

Where do most great unicyclists come from?

Unisykolist5 karma

Europe... 0.o They breed crazy unicyclists, particularly France. The US is also really awesome aswell. Australia's standard is relatively low in comparison. The current street world champion is New Zealand though and I am proud to be a close friend with this guy :D

alex6132 karma

Is doping as prevalent in the unicycle world as it is in the cycling world?

Unisykolist4 karma

As far as I am aware, fortunately No it isn't

retep15152 karma

Good job! I've been unicycling for six years now too and I'm 18. Weird. Anyway, a big wall for my unicycle riding is the move where you rock back and forth in a stationary position. What was your biggest struggle or wall while learning?

Unisykolist6 karma

Wow, that is weird 0.o The manoeuvre you have described is called "idling". That was one of the first things I learnt, the difficult part was adjusting how much pressure to put on each side of the unicycle with my legs. I have a tendency to put more weight on back-foot, I haven't really worried about it though. To learn it, it may be helpful to ride forwards, and while riding do a revolution backwards, then keep riding. Each time, add a rock or two until you can do it continuously .

Comrade_Troll2 karma

Will you teach me?

Unisykolist5 karma

Sure, I'm happy to give you some tips and ask any questions you may have ^

GarrotedPenis2 karma

Do you often go for a ride with your unicycle? Do you actually use it as a practical way of transportation? Around the house, to school/work etc.

Unisykolist4 karma

Yes, I use it around the house sometimes. I ride to work about once a month and I used to ride it to school years ago.

Nickleass2 karma

Your username should be Unipsycho. Also, how do you ride a unicycle?!?!

Unisykolist3 karma

I think that one has been taken. How do I ride one? It takes lots of practice and persistence to learn to balance on it.

ThatTimpDude1 karma

What is your favorite size of wheel to use, and the best beginner wheel size for an 18 year old?

Unisykolist3 karma

Definitely 19" (commonly known simply as a 20" aswell). 20 is the standard wheel size. 16" for younger kids and 24" or more for large adults or if you want to do mountain unicycling.

thegreatgazoo2 karma

It is odd hearing someone using imperial measurements in Australia. Do they not have metric rims over there?

Unisykolist3 karma

Yeah we don't usually measure with inches or feet or any of that. I guess just in the unicycling community that is how we have always referred to wheel sizing.

Stevazz1 karma

Have you, and did you enjoy playing Uniracers for Super Nintendo?

Unisykolist6 karma

I own a Nintendo 64 and am in love with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, however that is not quite relevant to your question haha. I have played it on Project64 and it was pretty cool to see unicycles in a video game for sure

TanteK1 karma

Hey man, it's nice to hear from a fellow unicyclist! I learned when I was young in a circus group (playing tag was fun), but now I'm more interested in city cycling. What sort of wheel size can you recommend for doing, say, 5-6km a day?

Unisykolist3 karma

Thats awesome to hear! I don't participate much in that field of unicycling, however I would recommend a 29" for that distance, if more than a 36" wheel.

slackish5291 karma

How did you learn to ride backwards? Having some trouble with this.

How do you answer the age old question of 'Where's your front wheel, mate?'

Unisykolist5 karma

Learning to ride backwards was one of the first tricks I learnt. I remember practicing out on the road, I think it took me two weeks or so. I just kept practicing and trying to beat my previous record and get further and further. Keep at it!

cazartt1 karma

When and why did you start unicycling?

Unisykolist3 karma

I started unicycling on my 11th birthday when I received a unicycle as my birthday present. I asked for one before my birthday after I saw another kid riding one at a park. I thought it look fun and I always wanted to be a clown so with my birthday coming up, it was a great opportunity to get one and try it out myself!

Divolinon1 karma

I was the junior (0-14yrs) world champion

I wonder, how many 0 year olds competed?

Unisykolist2 karma

Not many I don't think :3

soundswise1 karma

What do you do, when you feel demotivated? What pushes you to work?

Unisykolist7 karma

That is a toughy. Watching other riders on YouTube and watching them progress makes hypes me up again to ride! Also meeting up with riders I haven't rode with in a long time motivates me as well :D

Lemon_Grenade_1 karma

Is the transition from unicycle to bicycle rather easy?

Unisykolist5 karma

Assuming you know how to already ride a bicycle, then yes. However, it does feel weird at first! And getting used to the speed is funny xD i don't often ride bikes.

Ohaireddit691 karma

Are you also involved in any other circus skills stuff? I'm a juggler and here in the uk our conventions/festivals attract a lot of unicyclists!

Unisykolist3 karma

I attended "Cirkidz" (circus school) in Adelaide for two years. There was a little bit of unicycling involved, and I did heeps of juggling. I dont' juggle anymore, or busk anymore either. I'm aware juggling conventions attract unicyclists, its fantastic to hear ^

CasualFriday111 karma

What was it that made you get into uni? And after you were into it, what moment made you say "I want to compete and be the best?" Or were they the same moment?

Unisykolist5 karma

Good question :) For some unknown reason, as a child, I always wanted to be a clown. When I saw another boy riding one when I was ten years old, I thought it looked challenging and exciting and got one for my birthday, haven't stopped riding since! After the first year or two riding it, the thing that made me want to compete and meet up with other riders was by watching online YouTube videos. I was inspired by unicyclists such as Shaun Johanneson, Kevin McMullin, Luke Collalto etc... That lead me to finding out about the Australian Unicycle Nationals.

UnclaimedUnderpants1 karma

Have you done any long distance? I saw a guy do the entire MS150 Houston to Austin on a unicycle several years ago.

Unisykolist1 karma

I've heard of many unicyclists doing long distance. I personally haven't done long distance riding, not quite my style but its still cool :)

JBash841 karma

What are your thoughts on the game Uniracers for Super Nintendo, do you feel it captured the realism of unicycle riding or no?

Unisykolist3 karma

I own a Nintendo 64 and am in love with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, however that is not quite relevant to your question haha. I have played it on Project64 and it was pretty cool to see unicycles in a video game for sure. I haven't quite played it enough to answer the question in detail

RollingStoneJack1 karma

What kind of seats hurt the most to sit on?

Unisykolist4 karma

Seats with no foam, bicycle seats, and viscount saddles.

AofANLA1 karma

How would you rate your brother on a scale of 1 - 10?

Unisykolist5 karma

In terms of skill in comparison to me? Need more deets :P

AofANLA1 karma

Nah, in terms of how cool he is.

Unisykolist2 karma

If 1 is "defs not cool" and 10 is "super cool", I'd say 8

expressimpress1 karma

How many times did you bruise your nuts when first starting out? Does it still happen?

Unisykolist10 karma

Most unicyclists never bruise there nuts, its a common misconception. Usually when we do jumps and things, we land sirt of standing up so our balls don't get slammed. When learning, chafing in the inner thighs is common though and you can get red rashes :l

N1ght_Huntr1 karma

Hmmm, you look familiar... Are you the lad who used to ride around Frankston near Beach St. and out the front of the library?

Unisykolist2 karma

Frankston in Victoria? I know there are a couple of unicyclists from around that area / in Melbourne. Names that come to mind are Sam Thomas, Luke Collalto, and a couple others. I'm based in Adelaide so it wouldn't have been me

the_stout1 karma

Any advice for beginners?

I wanted to get into unicycling for years.

What do i have to look out for when getting a unicycle?

Unisykolist5 karma

For starters, you won't need heavy-duty (trials) unicycle like I have, unless you plan to do tricks in the future. A 20" is a standard wheel size which is all you will need, a helmet and shin guards too if you feel its needed. Have a look in your local bike shops, if not, then <www.unicycle.com> is a great place to look.

DreamingAboutLlamas1 karma

Thats all well and good but how long can you pop a wheelie for?

Unisykolist4 karma

From sunrise till sunset

knorben1 karma

  1. When I was in China I saw a dude speed by on what appeared to be just one electric motorized wheel - no pedals and no seat. Do you consider this unicycling even without the seat post and pedals?

  2. Is there animosity among the different styles of riding? Like how skateboarders and rollerbladers hate each other, even though the skateboarders are clearly cooler? I guess that's a little different, but I wanted to show which side of that particular line I stand on so people might mistake me for cool.

Unisykolist3 karma

  1. I've seen photos and videos of these devices. I haven't really thought about it, I guess it is. Sort of. I'm not sure :P
  2. Oh definitely not! A great question. No matter what discipline, in general, most uni-cyclists get along really well. The only sort-of rivalry kinda-thingo I can think of is freestyler riders (described as ballet on a unicycle) competing in flatland (like bmx on a unicycle, flat ground, no obstacles) competitions. There is speculation around whether freestylers should be competing in flatland comps.

semialert1 karma

Was your family too poor to afford a bicycle and that's why you got a unicycle?

Unisykolist1 karma


nicklikesfire1 karma

Have you seen the first UNiVERsE movie?

(I got into riding unicycles after watching that, and it is hard to believe how long ago that was! Unicycling has come a long way since then.)

Unisykolist3 karma

No I haven't but I really want to. Unicycling definitely has come a long way, its continuing to grow very quickly.

Year30301 karma

Were you at the great battle of Nangskark during the Galactic Pogo-stick Unicycle war of the future?

Unisykolist2 karma

I can't remember, I don't think so

ThereinLyes1 karma

Could we get a picture of your quads, i love cycler legs

Unisykolist2 karma

Mine are nothing special, I'm sure google will bring up some desired results

bhoen1 karma

Would you explain your ass/crotch position when landing each one of your jumping tricks? Is it attached to the seat so that it supports the entire upper body weight or is unattached to the seat so your feet attached to the pedal would handle the entire impact?

Unisykolist1 karma

If by "it" you mean my ass/crotch, no it isn't attatched to the seat all the time, I am free to move it off/on the seat. My feet land on the pedals, absorbing the impact, my crotch/ass is slightly above the seat when I land. Checkout one of my videos to examine if you wish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkdvuA1kvWg

iamPause1 karma

Do you have any plans to go to the United states? My college Alma mater has a circus and I bet they'd love to have you come talk to their unicyclists or help at practice for a week.

Unisykolist2 karma

Within Australia I usually travel around to states when there is a competition happening or a meet-up with friends to ride with. I'm up for that sort of thing and happy to help other unicyclists or those looking at getting into it.

danley_271 karma

How many ladies does that record pull in?

Unisykolist1 karma

None as far as I know haha

matticusrex1 karma

Have you ever played the super ninteno game Uniracers?

Unisykolist1 karma

I own a Nintendo 64 and am in love with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, however that is not quite relevant to your question haha. I have played it on Project64 and it was pretty cool to see unicycles in a video game for sure. I haven't played it much though!

gogoisloco1 karma

Hey are there any tips you would give towards a beginner? I can step on to the unicycle and go about two or three feet before it kicks out in front of me.

Unisykolist2 karma

That is normal for a beginner. Try experimenting holding onto a wall, that may help. Practice and persistence is essential! Set goals for yourself, try and get further each time you try. Good Luck :D

amando961 karma

I didn't know maxxis made unicycle tyres, TIL.

Unisykolist1 karma

They are 20x2.5 creepy crawlers. I think they are made for trial bikes, however us unicyclists like to use them.

gortonsfiJr1 karma

What's the longest distance you've ridden on a unicycle?

Unisykolist1 karma

Good question. I'm not a distance rider, but I think the longest distance I've ridden is no more than 5 kilometers. There are other riders that ride hundreds of kilometers!

The_storm_is_coming1 karma

What drew you too uni cycling?

Unisykolist5 karma

It looked like a challenge when I saw another kid doing it. I also wanted to be a clown haha! So for my birthday I got one. Youtube videos of others are what made me become competitive though and take up different styles of unicycling.

TheDragHit1 karma

I ride a lot of bikes and have developed what I like to call an Iron Taint. Would you consider your taint to be the consistency of Iron?

Unisykolist2 karma

Not quite, it can still be sensitive!

anonymous931 karma

Did you pimp your unicycle? and if so how.

Unisykolist1 karma

Sort of, yes. It's predominately KH branded but has a carbon-fibre seat base (lighter and stronger than plastic). I bought it a few years ago, drilled some holes, and took apart the seat.

Zilchopincho1 karma

Whats your favorite trick?

Unisykolist4 karma

Hmmmm... I really love 360 hoptwists. Still-stands are great as well.

no_othername1 karma

I tried uni but I pedicab too and those two aren't friendly at all.

I would like to try it again. I noticed in your video your uni tire is nearly flat. Is that something just for tricks or always? When riding just to ride, is it best to be at full inflation or underinflated.

Unisykolist2 karma

When riding just to ride, then normally the tire should be reasonably hard and inflated. I have it flatter than usual like most trial/street/flatland unicyclists for more "bounce" its easier to do jumps etc..

Kugelblitz-lex1 karma

Have you ever played unicycle flag football? My hometown has a tournament for it every Sunday!

Unisykolist2 karma

I haven't no, it looks exciting though :D I saw some videos of it posted on here

Bennybyrnes1 karma

Is this something you would like to do as your full time profession? Or is this something you have to do on the side due to the obscurity of the sport?

Unisykolist6 karma

It's a hobby that makes up most of my life. Most of the friendships and relationships Ive made have been connected with unicycling. I have friends from around the world. World champions don't get paid,however many have sponsorship from companies. I want to do something in IT or computing for my career.

gowerskee1 karma

Do you commute on one? Is it more efficient than walking?

Unisykolist13 karma

Yes I do. I have rode to school in the past, and sometimes to work. On a 20" wheel, it is roughly 2-4x faster than walking on foot. Whether you like the attention or not, it always turns heads though! and get countless jokes like "wheres the other wheel!", "do a wheely!", "do a backflip!", "was that half price!?", "where's the rest of the cirus?", "where's the rest of your bike?!"

mandalore2371 karma

Are you any good on a bicycle?

Unisykolist3 karma

I can ride one with ease, and with no hands. I can'tdo any BMX tricks or anything like that though.

een54-2 karma

Wait there are competitions for unicycling? Just wtf..

Unisykolist1 karma

Correct. They aren't widely known yet! UNICON is the world championships. This is a video by Nic Vevers - 2010 Aussie Nationals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJjJGEmOLJ4

Tongues_HIV_Butts-5 karma

What is your sexual orientation?

Unisykolist1 karma