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You had a ROTTING LEG and continued to do this?? Wtf. Did it stink??

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You mention your dad and step father. but what about mom? Where is/was she at during all this?

My family ended up legally adopting one of my brothers best friends who was also physically, sexually, and emotionally abused his entire life and bounced around from family to family. He didn't come into our home/family until he was about 15. For his sake, I wish we would have found him sooner (to avoid some of the awful things that he went through growing up.)

Congrats on your new family, happy holidays to you. :)

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Gotcha. He is very grateful. He's in his mid 20s now.. Has an associates degree from a local community college (my parents paid his way through school, as well as let him live rent free as long as he either worked, or was in school.

He recently got his own apartment and is engaged to a wonderful young lady--and even asked me to be his best man. I was honored. (again, he was actually my little brothers friend, but he and I got very close over the years when he and I lived together. His birth mother is alive and he does talk to her occasionally... (she's literally a crack head prostitute in Detroit, and has 4-6 other kids. Some of which live with her, some that don't. But he asked my parents to be involved in his wedding and doing the duties that a real mother/father would do in a sons wedding. They're going to be introduced as "Mother and Father of the groom". Which I think is pretty cool.

Without my parents, I really doubt that any of this would be possible for him. Im really proud of all that he's accomplished considering where he spent his first 15 years and NO positive role modes.

Cliff notes=my adopted brother that came from similar shitty background as you has his own place, college degree, a beautiful fiancee, and a bright future despite his awful beginning. :)

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"Humble" says the kid with the blue lambo, lol. That's a little flashy.. At least if it were black, I might consider you humble. But not blue lol

I'm not hating, I'm just sayin...

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I wonder if that's dishwasher safe?