Hi reddit,

Jesse Swift hereā€¦ I shoot gay porn, manage social media, and am a jack of all trades for Stunner Media.

Stunner is the company behind Gay Life Network and Phoenixxx. We've partnered with other producers like Blake Mason, Dominic Pacifico, Boynapped, Jizz Addiction - and many others - to run their sites and affiliate programs.

Some of our free sites include Gay Hub and Lusty Puppy.

We are probably as much of a tech company as a porn company and I straddle both sides. When not shooting I work with our dev team to build new tools. Although the industry offers a lot of off-the-shelf solutions, most of our backend is custom and we try to automate as much as possible.

AMA about the gay porn industry and lets have some fun!

Proof: http://www.phoenixxx.com/blog/behind-the-scenes/gay-porn-behind-the-scenes-at-phoenixxx.html (note the author)

More Proof: https://twitter.com/GayLifeNetwork/status/337935395725668352

PS To those of you who pay for porn... a very big thank you! I made sure to include discount links ($14.95/mo) above just for you.

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iia94 karma

Would you rather film two 18-year-old down-on-their-luck runaways attempt to keep their erections while fucking a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

JesseSwift91 karma

100 duck-sized horses for the lolz factor. Can't do that though as it runs afoul of the law.

iia90 karma

And the horse-sized duck runs afowl of the law.

JesseSwift73 karma

Script developing in my head as I write this.

KnightlySir21 karma

also, duck vaginas are gnarly stuff.

JesseSwift28 karma

Oh boy. I didn't know that and do not want to know that. lol

PounderMcNasty69 karma

Are you gay?

JesseSwift161 karma

I am a 7 on the Kinsey scale. I do actually enjoy straight porn though... if it has a hot guy.

your_pet_is_average9 karma

how do i test myself?

JesseSwift59 karma

It's something deep inside of you (pun totally intended). The test is more for others to know.

AddressOK16 karma


JesseSwift20 karma


bockh9 karma

What does 'incidentally homosexual' mean?

JesseSwift10 karma

Hell if I know! Apparently it is a pretty common question.

main_hoon_na18 karma

It basically means "is mostly attracted to one sex, but can occasionally be attracted to the other." Like bisexual, but heavily weighted towards one side.

JesseSwift20 karma

TIL what incidentally gay means!

06johansenad8 karma

I'm confused. Doesn't that scale only go up to 6?

JesseSwift87 karma

Haha yes, I was just trying to illustrate that I have absolutely no doubt about being gay.

deleated37 karma

So are you the male equivalent of a Gold Star Lesbian? (I only discovered that phrase today, watching the video of lesbians watching lesbian porn).

KairoticEye25 karma

I learned this from the same video! I'm a gold-star gay. It struck me the other day that I'm a 25-year-old male that hasn't ever seen a vagina (in person) and probably never will.

As I'm typing this, I realize I didn't even come out of one - I was a c-section!

Supa-DUPA gold star gay!

WunderBoss3 karma

MIND BLOWN: C-sections must be associated with being gay then! No wonder you turned out to like that when you never experienced the pleasure of going through a vagina ;)

JesseSwift2 karma

Hmm, I was born by C-section, too. The plot thickens.

JesseSwift9 karma

Wait, if you discovered that by watching lesbian porn then how in the world am I supposed to know what it is?

JesseSwift3 karma

Ohhhhh it's from that video? To be honest, when someone else linked to it, I skipped through it to get to the good parts. You know, just like porn.

mkautzm11 karma

I guess there is a Kinsey Scale for a reason even though I am a 6

That'd be an affirmative 'yes' :).

JesseSwift17 karma

No doubt in my mind. Took me until I was 20 to fully admit it to myself though.

royaleavecdufromage4 karma

Would you mind sharing how you came out, or what the impetus was?

JesseSwift11 karma

My female roommate/best friend wrote a letter to me professing her love to me. I wrote a letter back saying, in short, "whoops, I'm gay." We burned those letters in the sink. Once I got through that I kept going by coming out to more and more people. I initially told a few friends and then most of my family. All of my family knows now.

royaleavecdufromage7 karma

Cool, man. Thanks for sharing. I'm straight, but I admire the courage that took. Not sure if can relate to what that must have felt like, but I know it's gotta take ballz.

JesseSwift6 karma

One of my brothers told my mother and my other brother told my father. A lot of people say I should be outraged for that, but who doesn't like to have someone else do the hard work for them if it's possible?

iamnotdanethomas50 karma

What's the worst you have ever felt for an actor?

JesseSwift148 karma

When STD tests do not come back with the results they had hoped for. :(

Break_Yoself_Foo22 karma

Have you ever seen an actor contract HIV? I'm curios if it is very rare.

JesseSwift34 karma

From a set? No, we shoot condom only. Has it happened on any set ever? Yes. Do I now any models that have HIV? Yes. I also have a lot of friends with HIV.

PostsWithoutThinking44 karma

I straddle both sides

Nice choice of words.

JesseSwift86 karma

Thanks! I also said back-end while talking about gay porn. My life is one giant pun.

TheBoldManLaughsOnce8 karma

And what kind of new tools are you working on?

JesseSwift8 karma

Sorry I missed this. So the porn industry has an affiliate base. An affiliate is someone that advertises your site and if they sell a membership, they get a cut. One of the things I do is gather all of our promo materials, upload them to the tracking software our affiliates use and then send out a newsletter. This has now all been automated to where all I have to do is put the scene code in box and hit a button. What used to take me 20 hours a week now takes a minute. Something else we're working on is a script that will let us automatically resize, crop or watermark any of our photos depending on where they are being used. Another recent project was taking advantage of all the APIs of various social networks so that it is not such a manual process to get news of our latest scenes out to the public. I'm still active on those sites, just not as much work.

TheBoldManLaughsOnce6 karma

I'm sorry, I was going for the pun! But since you typed all that out, I'm going to read it twice.

JesseSwift7 karma

Oh hahaha! Whoops! Fuck, I hate when I miss things like that. I need to step up my game.

tylerbackwards39 karma

How do you feel about the recent video on the front page; lesbians reacting to lesbian porn. ?

Edit. Link; http://youtu.be/PJvYprLDcRs

JesseSwift61 karma

Good video. It'd exactly what I'd expect. Lesbian porn is written for the guys, not the gals. Obviously lesbians probably don't, but there are actually a ton of women who enjoy male gay porn.

entperson54 karma

Lesbian here, and the consensus is that most of us enjoy gay male porn. It has a lot to do with authenticity.

JesseSwift23 karma

You know, I think I have heard that before but do not know enough lesbians myself to explore it more. I even believe authenticity was the word that was used.

dancesontrains29 karma

I've actually known a few lesbians who enjoy watching m/m porn (without any desire to sleep with men themselves). Sexuality is very weird.

JesseSwift17 karma

Indeed, sexuality is very hard to explain. I can imagine there are lesbians who are into m/m ... I just do not think it would be as many as straight girls who are into m/m porn. I would imagine that for the majority of lesbians, watching gay porn would be the same as asking me to watch lesbian porn.

Se7enUnicorns9 karma

I love me some male gay porn, which is why I want to thank you for the best AMA proof ever.

JesseSwift11 karma

Haha you're welcome!

kingjevin37 karma

I was going to ask you a question, butt fuck it.

JesseSwift19 karma

It took me a second. I was going to reply with a snarky comment about wasting your time and then I saw it and laughed.

Behemothgears36 karma

what does the set smell like?

JesseSwift49 karma

Like someone below me said... sex. You don't notice it when you're in there... you only notice it if you leave for a few minutes and come back in.

trickiericci13 karma

"Like someone below me"

JesseSwift10 karma

Ha! I did it again without even realizing it.

Fufalcon30 karma

Hows the money in the porn industry? Are you able to live comfortably with whatever income you make.

JesseSwift24 karma

I make enough to live my life, but nothing extravagant. Solid middle class income.

bunnytrox28 karma

Banana or cucumber?

JesseSwift69 karma

Depends on if you like a curve. Also, a cucumber is going to give you more enjoyment if you prefer something thick.

I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some kind of obvious joke. I googled and found this. WTF?

themoonchild21 karma

It's a fake news site. Similar to The Onion.

JesseSwift96 karma

Ah, that would explain it then. So also like Fox News?

bartha24 karma

More of a statement- I'm reading your responses and noticing how bold and confident you are about what you do. Props to you. You're a champ.

JesseSwift29 karma

Thanks. And thanks for getting Queen stuck in my head. Queen stuck in the head of a queen. How appropriate.

CrimsonComet23 karma

Why do all the gay dudes in gay porn say they are not gay?

JesseSwift40 karma

Some really aren't. Many are bi but play up the straight thing for popularity. There are quite a few gay-for-pay guys out there with six kids who are trying to support their families. Its the exception, not the norm. The ones who say they're not gay on camera may have a "no labels" policy off camera... they'll say they just really like sex -- with everyone -- so they do not fit into the labels society doles out. The whole gay-for-pay thing though fascinates me and I've changed my opinion a few times on if they really like cock.

CrimsonComet34 karma

just a bunch of straight guys having sex with other straight guys for money. Gotcha.

JesseSwift22 karma

I always say I wouldn't fuck a girl on camera for some cash... so I really don't get it myself. Sexuality is very fluid though. I guess there is a Kinsey Scale for a reason even though I am a 6. Maybe some bi-curious guys use it to explore their sexuality? It is a topic I've spent a lot of time thinking about and don't really have any solid answers. I know gay-for-pay guys that will go out to a gay bar if invited, have a great time with all of his friends and then go home to his girlfriend without ever hooking up. They seem totally straight in every sense of the word and usually need straight porn playing on set to get off. I also know gay-for-pay guys where I think "come out of that closet."

CrimsonComet10 karma

So no one knows?

JesseSwift23 karma

No one except them. Our sexuality is very black and white for many of us, but not all of us.

CrimsonComet10 karma

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

JesseSwift18 karma

You're very welcome! I love discussing sexuality as I find it to be a fascinating subject.

Jedditor21 karma

I shoot gay porn. (and do loads of other things) AMA!


JesseSwift17 karma


sph_throw17 karma

are black guys bigger on average?

JesseSwift55 karma

I feel like the answer to that is yes. I also feel like gay guys in general are bigger on average. Although I am behind the scenes, I've had a ton of sex in my private life and 90% of gay guys seemed to defy all of that stats. Except that one guy... he was the complete opposite.

comparedtotrees37 karma

He totally knows who he is, too, if he reads this. Poor dude.

JesseSwift26 karma

It's been so long he wouldn't make the connection. Let me just say that I was reminded of an outie belly button. It was seriously that bad. As a good as close to female as possible while having a dick, I faked a headache and got myself out of there.

Delight_Sparkle17 karma

Might sound odd, maybe; but where could I go to audition in gay porn?

JesseSwift21 karma

There isn't really an audition...you just upload photos and details about yourselves and companies will decide if they think they can use your services and will reach out if they can. Best thing to do is apply to the companies individually (most have a modeling link on the bottom of their site), or go through an agency such as FabScout.

_Flippin_43 karma

What? You mean there is no couch?

JesseSwift17 karma

Oh there are plenty of sleazy producers out there... I just choose not to associate with them. This is a business and word of shady business travels wide and fast. It quickly becomes apparent who you want to stay away from.

Delight_Sparkle3 karma

I see. Thanks for the info. :)

JesseSwift5 karma

You're welcome!

snidecomment6916 karma

So when you're filming do you get aroused or is it hard to enjoy watching because you are concentrated on working? I feel like if I was a porn director I would feel very awkward

JesseSwift22 karma

No, I do not... although it was a fear of mine going in. Most of the time I'm staring into the monitor on the camera so it feels the same as watching it on a computer. Looking up and seeing it for real is a totally different feeling... but it is not arousing to me. Very much concentrated on working... and these people are also my friends, which frames things differently for me. Our sets are not awkward at all. In fact, there is a lot of laughing. It's better when everyone is in a good mood. There is a lot of joking around and laughing when we're not filming... and when we are. So many times we've had to re-do something because everyone starts cracking up.

HeallunRumblebelly39 karma

Yeah, who'd ever get aroused looking at a computer monitor, right guys?

JesseSwift8 karma

Haha I was just trying to contrast the difference of how sometimes it doesn't even feel like I'm in the same room as people fucking.

andruca16 karma

I assume you're gay so heres my question;

If someone gave you a bag of dicks and you had to suck said bag of dicks, would you

a)Pull one dick at a time out the bag

b)Just grab the whole bag of dicks and start sucking

I know its a weird question but when people scream: "Eat a bag of dicks" I wonder how the most appropriate way to eat the bag would be.

JesseSwift36 karma

I'd want to savor the flavor and prolong the experience for as long as possible... so I'd eat one dick at a time.

andruca11 karma

Wow didn't expect an answer, cool!

JesseSwift7 karma

Think of it being the same as a guy enjoying eating pussy. It's the same, but the opposite.

Twrecksgh8815 karma

Is the ol' tale true that one MUST do gay porn before you can do straight porn?

JesseSwift41 karma

I've never heard that. The straight side of porn can actually be extremely homophobic and shun guys that have shot gay porn. Both producers and models. They do it for all of the stereotypes you can probably imagine. Don't even get me started on that... I can rant about it forever.

mkautzm22 karma

The straight side of porn can actually be extremely homophobic and shun guys that have shot gay porn. Both producers and models.

This seems really bizarre to me. I always was under the assumption that those in the industry would be way more open about the idea of sexuality than your average joe, but apparently, I'd be wrong. Bummer :(

JesseSwift23 karma

You'd think, but nope! It can be very weird. Keep in mind there are plenty of open-minded people in this industry. There are also many close-minded people. I'd say it reflects society in general more than most would imagine.

Scooby0714 karma

Do you plan on doing porn forever, or what kind of career would you do next?

JesseSwift25 karma

I actually do! I found the porn industry because I wanted to work in it. I didn't just happen upon it by accident ... I made very deliberate moves.

FluorescentGray1113 karma

Also, that guy with tattooed hair on his head? Why is he in everything? It's so distracting.

JesseSwift13 karma

Haha, wait, wut? Imma need a link!

akerbaker11 karma

This always confused me, how easily or difficult is it for straight guys to do gay porn. I mean with the erection and stuff. Is money enough motivation factor?

JesseSwift29 karma

Self-identifying straight guys in gay porn can be all over the map. Some come in, get the job done with no problem and go home. Others you end up spending hours while waiting for them to get hard or deliver their cum shot. Very much prefer the ones who just get it done. Some will ask for us to play straight porn, which we find disrespectful to all of the gay guys there to film gay porn. They can use their phone for that. Some of the straight guys can make extremely awkward comments if there is a female on the set working behind the scenes. Fluffers are not real and the girl is not going to expose herself to you so you can do your job. There are some amazing supplements out there that help with erections... and who knows who does what on their own time. Porn itself pays good by the hour, but few are busy enough to make it a full-time career (they'll become over-saturated very quickly). What can be very lucrative are club dancing gigs... so a lot of people in the industry (both on the straight and gay side) will use porn to raise their visibility to earn more through feature dancing.

andruca11 karma

Are you "top" or "bottom" or you just dont give a fuck?

JesseSwift59 karma

I am what I call a medically necessary top. Crohn's Disease is a bitch.

andruca10 karma

Why the fuck did i just google that? Anyways, that sucks man. What's the weirdiest shit that has happened to you on set, or wherever

JesseSwift15 karma

Thankfully, I do not have most of the symptoms you'll see on Google. I stopped counting at 50 surgeries though. I have a more odd and complex version of Crohn's. I did have the typical symptoms when I was younger.

Anal sex can be quite messy. Think along those lines as I do not wish to be too graphic. However, don't think too hard as it's not that bad. Nothing falling out if that is where your mind is wandering...

andruca8 karma

No as in, whats the craziest/weirdest shit that has ever happened to you on the job/industry?

JesseSwift8 karma

Sorry, the second part about anal sex being messy was in relation to shooting gay porn, not to my personal life. Since anal sex is unpredictable, there have been many times we've had to stop for everyone to get back on track.

Edit: that's the weirdest stuff that happens on set. I remember the funny stuff more than the crazy/weird stuff.

feralkitten4 karma

I'm not a doctor or a sales rep, but have you heard of remicade?

I have an auto-immune disease like Crohn's but it attacks my eye AND joints rather than my intestines. I went from having to hold onto furniture to walk, to running a 5k within a span of few months, and most of that time was just getting my endurance back.

(i don't want to break any reddit rules by giving medical advice, but i figured i'd let you know what worked for my auto-immune disease.)

JesseSwift5 karma

Yup! I was actually one of the first users of remicade. It worked great for many years but then stopped being effective for me.

feralkitten5 karma

I'm hoping this doesn't happen to me as well. I was told it loses it's effectiveness. I've kind of gotten used to walking...

JesseSwift3 karma

Sometimes taking a few months break in between infusions (even longer than the usual 7 or 8 weeks) worked for me.

321_blastoff11 karma

jack off* all trades

JesseSwift10 karma

It should be that! Sorry for the typo!

jesuswaffles10 karma

Are you gay?

JesseSwift31 karma

So gay. Even though most people don't seem to realize it until I tell them.

jesuswaffles21 karma

are you gay gay, gay gay, gay gay, gay gay, or "gay" gay?

JesseSwift39 karma

I like teh cock a lot... so why can't I be all of them?

kornholyoyo21 karma

you sir are awesome keep it coming

JesseSwift16 karma

Thanks :)

jesuswaffles11 karma

gay gay is like your average gay, gay gay is like the manly gay, gay gay is the feminine gay, gay gay is the closet gay ('cept on the interwebs) and "gay" gay is just a facade for attention, popularity, et cetera.

JesseSwift15 karma

Depending on the day I am either gay gay or gay gay gay. It's not even 11 AM and this makes my head hurt thinking about it! :)

jesuswaffles4 karma

Good to know my goodest of sirs. I'll know add gay gay gay to my sexual orientation vocabulary

JesseSwift33 karma

How will you ask someone in person though? "Are you gay bold gay end bold gay?"

novaguy2810 karma

Is GAYDAR a real thing? If so than can you pick out normal straight looking guy's and say "oh yea, he's gay".

JesseSwift27 karma

I think it is very much real. The meterosexual trend started throwing a lot through the loop though. I also feel like there are varying degrees. My gaydar is not very good while my boyfriend's seems to be spot on. What I do absolutely believe is that the more homophobic a guy is, the more likely he is to be deep in his own closet. I don't get the people that obsess over homosexuality (like Fred Phelps) ... if you're not gay, why would it even concern you?

Rex8ever6 karma

I have found this to be true. I went to high school in a very conservative area. I had a few friends that I suspected were gay - all but 1 were very homophobic. It made me sad for them; I felt like they were internalizing the hate.

JesseSwift9 karma

Totally. I don't run around thinking about straight people having sex and yelling "breeders" at them. What they're doing doesn't really cross my mind all too often so I'm always curious why what I'm doing always crosses theirs.

ilikepie1219 karma

This isn't about porn, I'm just really glad you answer almost all the comments :)

JesseSwift11 karma

It's fun!

FluorescentGray119 karma

What are your thoughts on the recent rash of suicides among gay porn actors, like Arpad Miklos?

What are your thoughts on bareback porn and how does your studio keep actors healthy/minimize STIs?

JesseSwift11 karma

Suicide in general has been way up since the great recession. I've never seen the connection myself. Wasn't Arpad the one who had the immigration issues with his partner? I do not believe it had anything to do with gay porn... just happened to be the suicide of someone well-known.

Both our content manager and I will not shoot bareback. We do buy content from other producers as well, which a small percentage is bareback (but even that less-so these days). On the production side we are condom only. Plus there is testing to play it extra safe even though a condom is always enough for all of us in our personal lives. We do not dictate what our production partners do.

Snarfler9 karma

are you bike curious?

JesseSwift26 karma

Not curious. I've already ridden a bike and I liked it!

xdiegofuego8 karma

What percentage of guys who are in "gay for pay"/str8 boy goes gay/etc etc. are actually straight? Whenever I see that in porn, sometimes it's painfully obvious that the actor is certainly not straight.

JesseSwift8 karma

I'd say majority are bi. I have no idea on percentages. There are some that I genuinely believe are straight... and then some that are so obviously gay. It gets complicated because some guys strictly prefer a relationship with women, but like a little cock every now and again. What would that be classified as? Some would call it bi, but I always envision a bi person as being able to have a relationship with either sex.

senile-felines2 karma

WELL, sounds to me like their romantic orientation and sexual orientations are different. I would call someone who will happily have sex with a man or a woman but only desires a romantic connection with a woman "heteroromantic bisexual".

For instance, I'm asexual, meaning I don't experience sexual attraction. However, I'm romantically attracted to men, so I classify myself as "heteroromantic asexual".

Human sexuality is just really complicated but also really cool and fascinating.

JesseSwift4 karma

You bring up a good point. Just like transgender and transsexual are two different things. That is why we should not force people to put labels on unless they are OK with it. Like I'm gay, I'm OK with somebody calling me gay because that is what it is. It's not so black and white for everyone. I feel like I've had periods in my life where I've been asexual. Or if not asexual, just not sexual at all.

ValenteGaming7 karma

Is it much different to straight porn from a business stand point? Another AMA stated the best way to get into straight porn was to work with a girl who would exclusively work with you, is gay porn more like 'this guy is reasonably attractive and can suck a dick, he's hired.' or is there more thought process behind it?

Also, do gay porn stars get paid more than straight (male) porn stars?

Thanks for the AMA.

JesseSwift14 karma

From a business standpoint it is identical to straight porn. I could go work with any straight company tomorrow and not much would be different than gender. In straight porn, the girl is the main focus. In gay porn the guy is the main focus, so we are looking for the same thing in a guy that a straight company would be looking for in a girl... looks, personality, sex skills, etc. We just happen to have two stars, like lesbian porn. Gay porn stars do get paid more than the "stunt cocks" in straight porn. A lot more. In line with what a girl staring in straight porn would get. You're welcome!

Texas_Hammer6 karma


JesseSwift15 karma

I dare you. Go for it. Dooooo it!

Thisryanguy5 karma

Does your, or any of the actors pay change depending on the type of porn they shoot and what they do in it?

JesseSwift8 karma

A solo will pay a lot less than a duo. Extreme fetish stuff will typically pay more, but a threesome wouldn't. Bareback (which I will not shoot) typically pays more... some studios will pay double your regular rate to shoot bareback. My pay stays the same no matter what I do.

TaxCunts5 karma

Would you consider yourself a size queen?

JesseSwift9 karma

Yes, I do, to a point. Too small is too small. Too large is too large.

exexdoctor5 karma

Recently my girlfriend, who is a urologist, and I have been talking about prostate stuff. Seems like prostate stimulation almost immediately results in ejaculation.

So how often during scenes of anal does the receiver orgasm from the prostate and if so does it affect the scene so you need to start over?

JesseSwift10 karma

Not very often at all, but that would be considered a great thing and we certainly wouldn't start over.

srfsdr4 karma

How's the prevalence of meth and other stimulants in the gay porn industry?

JesseSwift13 karma

I feel like the use within the industry mimics usage patterns outside of the industry. The thing about meth (former addict myself, the 26th will actually be 11 years sober) is that prolonged use breaks down your body and your usage becomes pretty obvious. We personally would never book someone that appears to be on meth. Now did they party last weekend? We have no idea. They must be sober on set though... and attest to that. Other stimulants are hard to say because the usage of them may not be so obvious. One stereotype about gay people that I do believe to be true is that the majority like to party, so I would not expect those in the industry to be different. Being that I am sober and do not discuss drugs with other people myself, people usually do not discuss it with me. (Maybe I'll do another AMA on Sunday about my sobriety... I'm digging this AMA thing).

HuhDude4 karma

What do you think about gayforit.eu etc?

JesseSwift14 karma

Sites like that do create quite a challenge. As the industry matures, people steal and competition becomes stiffer you have to work much harder and smarter for the same dollar. There is probably no worse feeling professionally than coming across your work that costs thousands to produce and see that people are giving it away for free. We do strongly enforce our copyrights so we are not as affected as much as those who don't.

comparedtotrees8 karma

..Did you write all those double entendres on purpose, or...?

JesseSwift50 karma

They come naturally.

AnnoyingOptimist4 karma

But can you knit?

JesseSwift30 karma

I'm not that gay.

The_Prince15133 karma

what is the porn record for amount of dicks in a butthole at the same time?

JesseSwift13 karma

haha I have no idea. You looking to beat it? ;)

The_Prince15139 karma

Haha well I'm pretty straight, I just like trivia....

JesseSwift1 karma

Would be cool if the answer is 69.

Pr0n13 karma

What kind of rifle do you use?

JesseSwift15 karma

Semi-automatic. It holds a few loads but takes more to shoot.

MagneticPsycho2 karma

What is the process of STD testing and management like for your company? Is it different in gay porn than in straight porn?

JesseSwift6 karma

Same as straight porn. It is easier just to use one of the companies that cater to talent testing as they're able to return results way faster (same or next day depending on the draw time) than anyone else ever would.

USER-2415439031 karma

Do you usually film in one continuous shot or does the director interrupt you sometimes to tell you what to do next? Also, do you decide position changes yourself or do you have to follow a strict script?

JesseSwift2 karma

Unless someone needs some time to regain their composure, the cameras are usually always running. An hour to an hour of half of footage gets edited down to a scene. Sometimes there is a lot of starting and stopping, other times not... just depends on the day. We do love it though when it does just all flow together nicely. Sex positions are pre-determined. We'll explain the four or five positions they'll be doing, even have them try them out (sometimes clothed) so we can figure out our shots. When we're shooting, rather than stopping to move, someone will say "switch to the next position in 30 seconds" and the models will go on as if they never heard it and make the switch in a bit. This allows us to either edit out the audio or just cut it altogether in editing.


Speaking of piracy in the porn industry, what are your thoughts on actions like those of Liberty Media or similar outfits suing people for downloads through BitTorrent sites?

JesseSwift3 karma

First, let me preface this by saying that I love their work. Secondly, while I do not pay too much attention to what others are getting up to, I do believe that there are still too many people to go after people that profit from piracy. I get the whole "you can't sue an IP" argument. I personally keep my wifi on lock down and understand that not all do. Piracy seems so simple, but it is actually quite a complex problem. I personally advocate for going after those that are trying to make money off other people's content.