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I can definitely understand. Holding onto anger takes energy. Forgiveness is saying, I'm not going to be angry anymore, I'm not going to live my life based on the past.

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Honestly, I'm still traumatized by my csection where they struggled for 15 minutes to get my spinal block to work before putting me under. I was terrified the whole time that they were going to start the surgery... Probably didn't help that I was lying flat on my back and still feeling contractions.

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How'd you end up in Tyler? My friend is a reporter for the local paper there.

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My cousin discovered she had MS while walking her dog. Her leg stopped working - that's how she described it anyway. Took 3 doctors to diagnose.

We think my family has a history of neurodegenerative disorders. My grandfather was ill for 10 years before he died and no one knew what was wrong. Still don't. Can you imagine - you're losing control of your body and doctors are just like, uh...

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I have found this to be true. I went to high school in a very conservative area. I had a few friends that I suspected were gay - all but 1 were very homophobic. It made me sad for them; I felt like they were internalizing the hate.