I work for Niteflirt as a PSO (Phone Sex Operator) and I specialize in Erotic Hypnosis calls.


Proof: http://i.imgur.com/8WCzg0A.png?1

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What exactly is erotic hypnosis?

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The answer is going to seem rather sarcastic but basically hypnosis used to create an erotic context.

To expand a tiny bit its using hypnosis to open up the mind and open up alternative sexual areas. This can be anything from BDSM-esq control to more intriguing things like living out fantasies like a dream so they feel real in every way.

I hope that covers it, it is a rather wide question, I mean everyone has their own detailed definition dependent on their own methods/wants and other stuff.

TheWingnutSquid10 karma

So it's live ASMR porn

Manliest_of_Men15 karma

Attack Speed and Magic Resistance?

I play League too much...

HypnoErato10 karma

No such thing as too much League! I do sometimes play it during calls, but I have yet to use Magic Resistance in an erotic way...hmmm..maybe "Come show off your attack speed in my ass sweetie"

annul3 karma

sorry girl im a burst champion

HypnoErato2 karma

Yes, and let me guess you never hit last?

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I think you should know I do a lot of perpetration damage.

no_secrets_here1 karma

.... I love you

HypnoErato1 karma

Thank you!

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I guess so!

I would say there is a lot more to it than that but it is a good way of looking at it.

I mean hypnosis is a means to an end, the actual fun comes once they are under and you get to fiddle in their heads

TheWingnutSquid2 karma

So instead of putting them to sleep you control them? I can see that, your voice, although male, was pretty strong

HypnoErato4 karma

For some clients it is about control and hypnosis is a fantastic tool for controlling someone in a consensual way and helping create a feeling of powerlessness.

And thank you, its odd I don't see my own voice as strong, maybe its just because I am used to it.

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unrelated question,how does someone learn your skills?are there any books out there on how to talk to people like that?

HypnoErato2 karma

Not really, I mean I have a background in theater and Improv which is very handy as it teaches you to think on your feet and convey emotion via the voice.

I bet there is a book somewhere on talking dirty or how to be a PSO but I have never read it, nor do I think it would be that useful, each client is different and you have to just fly by the seat of your pants.

However, you have me curious and for "Phone Sex Guide" Amazon has this I have no idea if it is any good but might be worth a shot if you are desperate.

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then, how did you learn it?

HypnoErato1 karma

The phone sex you just learn on your feet, its just active listening coupled with voicing your fantasies. If you want to learn try telling your sexual fantasy to yourself, work on making it a very visceral experience by using lots of descriptors and adjectives.

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I usually wake up with a boner, not go to sleep with one.

Anyway, what was your funniest request?

HypnoErato30 karma

Ohh, plenty of funny ones.

Making someone into a throne was kind of funny, actually most "make me into an inanimate object" calls are pretty hilarious as I have to find a way of talking to a chair or something without coming across as mad.

That or the ones where people want to be treated like a pet, but the animal they pick is not suitable for a pet. I had one whose animal was an elephant, trying to talk about pet care for an elephant was funny, when he wanted to be punished I shouted "go to your kennel!...your elephant kennel" and broke down laughing realizing an elephant kennel would be the size of my house.

At least once a week I mute my mic and start giggling as the absurdity of what I do sinks in.

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D-David Tennant?

HypnoErato19 karma

I so wish!

But hey, if you want I can pretend to be David Tennant

clarkashtonsith12 karma

Ten steps ahead of you.

HypnoErato19 karma

Would not be the first time I played a Celebrity (or the Doctor) during hypnosis play!

TheWingnutSquid21 karma

Damnit I thought you were a woman

HypnoErato13 karma

An easy mistake to make.

A lot of people think I am in person as well, so you are far from the first!

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TheYelloDello4 karma

Now I'm reading all of your responses in your voice and it's amazing.

HypnoErato5 karma

Well I am glad you enjoy it!

edgeofnowhere4134 karma

Sweet jesus take me now.

HypnoErato7 karma

Take you where? I mean I could take you for coffee I guess?

SlimLazy3 karma

Thats hawt

HypnoErato2 karma

Why thank you!

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What is the strangest reaction you have gotten to the hypnosis?

HypnoErato37 karma

Ohh...I get a few priceless reactions.

Having it called "The Devils Work" or satanism is possibly my favorite. That or the people who hear and refuse to look me in the face sacred I will become Hypnotia and eye ring them into robbing a bank or something.

The strangest was an RL one. Met a guy, we went back to his, did the dirty, you know how it goes. Next morning he insists he is not gay, I giggle and point out we just slept together but its okay if he wants to explore. He then dives out the bed and points at me Phoenix Wright style and basically screams "You hypnotized me!" and I tried to explain that I hadn't and even if I did it does not work like that but he kept shouting "I am not gay! You hypnotized me into it!" so I had a 10 minute conversation with me trying to explain I could not turn him gay and that wanting to explore is fine with him screaming at my every minute or so. After that I just gave up and just let him think what he wants to think.

beatrixkiddoh8 karma

that sucks, sounds like he cant come to terms with the truth.

HypnoErato13 karma

Yeah, it happens a bit. As I tend to act and dress in a feminine way I find a lot of guys who are bi-curious but too nervous to admit it, sleep with me as they can try to rationalize it away with "but he looked so much like a girl, even dressed as one". This guy used the hypnosis to further try and shift blame onto me. I pity them, I come from a very conservative area and it sucks being taught what you are is wrong.

SurLaVerge3 karma

Dude that is so sad!

Just tell them that you actually hypnotized them to be straight, and they just forgot. Then offer to change them back to normal if it doesn't work out. Voila!

HypnoErato5 karma

haha, I love that plan!

I would rather them learn to accept what they are. If I could hypnotize people into being gay or being attracted to me, I would not be wasting my time with random people I meet when out in the city!

SurLaVerge4 karma

Oh snap! Right in the reality!

Really though don't therapists employ hypnosis for this kinda stuff all the time? Therapize them so hard! /Britta

HypnoErato3 karma


I guess so, It can help people getting through mental blocks and help people think differently about things and themselves. But it cant help you break through stuck fast denial.

beatrixkiddoh2 karma

Man, that must be really, really frustrating. Ughh I would pity em too.

HypnoErato3 karma

It can be, but I can understand it and I like to think that in a few cases I have helped people realize that having bi or pan sexual urges and acting on them won't destroy the universe.

beatrixkiddoh1 karma

Yeah Im sure, its sad how many people are raised to believe their feelings are a sin. You are a really positive rad individual. :)

HypnoErato1 karma

Thank you! I try my best to be open to all things

beatrixkiddoh1 karma

as do I. :)

HypnoErato1 karma

Best way to be!

HairyEyebrows3 karma

Actually that sounds scary. A screaming man.

HypnoErato9 karma

It wasn't that scary, I mean he was one of those people that just looked adorable as he screamed, it made me want to pat him on the head and give him a cookie.

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mrdude8178 karma

Is this you?

HypnoErato3 karma


The room I work from is nowhere near as nice as that one!

Pignore4 karma

How much money do you make doing this type of work?

HypnoErato8 karma

It varies rather dramatically depending on the month. My usual minimum is About $200 and the maximum I ever made is $1000. That is not including the various gifts and tips (often called Tributes) I might get sent.

Puninteresting2 karma

"Tributes" seems to be an odd choice of phrasing. Any story behind that?

HypnoErato3 karma

That is an interesting question...I have no idea. It is just the phrasing the sites I work for always use. I wonder if it could be a link to the classical feudal system?

xSaltandSugar1 karma

What are the tributes?

HypnoErato3 karma

Cash gifts given before or after a session. Much like a tip in the restaurant industry.

cp51844 karma

Has erotic hypnosis ever worked on you? How would you describe it? What happened?

HypnoErato11 karma

It has, I sub to it quite a lot!

How would I describe it? Well trance is different for everyone, but for me it is this floaty experience, like I am just light and made of nothing but air. My thoughts tend to slow to basically nothing and nothing seems very important. Much like how it feels to meditate, I am not thinking about anything, everything is just flowing past me without being thought of.

I have done lots of stuff with it. I have been given lots of very fun suggestions, possibly one of my favorite was a friend convincing me I was a neko-girl maid and that the reason I had come by her house that day was to clean it (as opposed to just drink coffee). I then spent an hour dusting her house (because when I spring clean, I spring clean!) before she convinced me I had a slightly naughty tail that was going to try and distract me from my work by rubbing itself in some rather "intimate" places.

The other fun one that springs to mind is the time one Dom basically gave me the suggestion that everything sentence he started with the phrase "Its obviously" would be true, and that I would make a logical explanation for why it was true. We then proceeded to have a trivia quiz (which we had made a bet on) and he kept giving rubbish answers but convincing me they were correct. The one that sticks out is "If I have one melon in my fridge and go to the store and buy another melon, how many melons do I have? Still 1 as the melons combine to form a super melon". Of course to me it all made sense and I was so silly thinking it was 2, he then got cocky and told me "Its obvious you are a massive fan of Twilight". He still likes to mock the 15 minutes I spent fawning over Edward..

I could do a whole book on some of the fun times I have had subbing to hypnosis, I have a lot of stories.

main_hoon_na1 karma

When you are in hypnosis can you snap out of it really easily, or is it a more strict form of control?

HypnoErato4 karma

Easy to come out of.

It is based on trust, you have to trust someone for it to work. It is also based on what the person wants. For instance when one of my playmates hypnotizes me, I can try and "break out of it" and I will often fail, because for me, resistance and my inevitable failure is part of the fun and I trust my partner to have my best interests at heart.

If I was to play with someone and they did something I disliked or was against I would pop out almost automatically.

So really both answers are true, if you want it to be strict control and you trust the person you are playing with (which you should) then it can be super strict. But at the same time your brain will always act to protect itself and by extension you, so if something happens that you don't want to happen, your brain will quickly and easily pop you out.

beatrixkiddoh4 karma

Have you ever helped someone who has problems with their sexuality. Like have you ever hypnotized someone to help them have an easier time with some sexual block or problem? I know there is hypnosis for problems like pain or focusing, so this is why I am asking. Hope that makes sense.

HypnoErato5 karma

It does make sense.

No I have not, thats more in the realm of Hypnotherapy and that is a very different thing that requires not only being able to hypnotize but being able to help with problems. So I shy away from all of that stuff as I am just not qualified.

On the other hand I have sort of helped people, I mean some people use the hypnosis as a way to experience things that they may be too nervous to do alone or without the easy "I was hypnotized!" excuse. So I have indirectly helped people come to terms with their own fantasies.

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HypnoErato1 karma

I have absolutely no training in the traditional sense. I am self taught from a selection of books, seminars and just training under much more qualified people. I know a lot of people with Hypnotherapy qualifications who dabble in Erotic Hypnosis and some do work as phone sex operators. Most states don't need you to prove anything to advertise as a clinical hypnotherapist, let alone regulate the qualifications you would need to use it for erotic purposes, so I think as long as you can actually hypnotize someone, how you learned and the qualifications you have are unimportant.

I mean I think there is a market there, hypno-fetish is growing at quite the rate and there are a load of dedicated porn sites with that as the central premise. If you can adapt your style to work within the fetish market then go for it, I mean the hypnosis is the same at the core, it is just the suggestions you give that are different.

dizzylilpenguin2 karma

Do you ever use your mad hypno-skills to try and change the topic when someone is creeping you out? (like if they have a weird fetish that grosses you out and you don't want to talk about)

HypnoErato3 karma

I would not call my hypno-skills that mad (though some of my ex-lovers may disagree). You cant really use hypnosis that was but you can use some psychology to get a similar result.

But not really, I want that person to keep talking about that fetish as it is the reason they are calling me, the longer I can keep them on the line the more money I make.

Mostly if a client is creeping me out I resort to just ignoring them and saying "yes" "oh?" "tell me more" whenever they stop talking, most of the time the client isn't actually paying attention to what you say, they just want you along for the ride, so as long as you make it sound like you are listening it is all good.

I am pretty hard to creep out as well, I have met some creepy people and after a few of them you just get used to it.

Sman69692 karma

What are you wearing?

HypnoErato1 karma

t-shirt and jeans.

Honestly, that answer is the one I always give to that question.

Sman69692 karma

Oh you dirty boy you lol

HypnoErato1 karma

Haha, I don't get asked that question as much a you would think.

Sman69692 karma

I wouldn't even know what else to ask a phone sex guy/girl. I've always been horrible at dirty talk though I guess. Do you have to talk dirty much and if so how the hell do you come up with stuff that doesn't make you feel stupid and start laughing lol.

HypnoErato2 karma

I get a lot of shy callers, just remember it is your fantasy and just run with it!

I have to do a lot of dirt talk and I just improvise and go off what I have heard or read myself. I am going to be honest I often feel stupid and I do have mute mic hot keyed to space bar as I regularly have to slam it to mute the mic so I can burst into giggles.

Sman69692 karma

Lol man I couldn't do your job just because I'd be hitting space every couple seconds I'd sound like Christopher Walken.

HypnoErato1 karma

This. guy. is unfucking believable

After a while you get used it and it all suddenly seems normal.

blazethatshits0n2 karma

guy or girl?

HypnoErato7 karma


But I self-identify as gender fluid. But biologically male.

AreYouKarl2 karma

Is that you Karl?

HypnoErato4 karma

I wish I was Karl, maybe I was in a previous regeneration?

AreYouKarl3 karma

I have RES tagged you as "Not Karl".

HypnoErato1 karma

Fantastic, I hope my RES tag remains that way!

bubbavic1 karma

This was a pretty cool AMA. Thanks! I actually learned quite a lot.

You mentioned you're self taught. I've always been interested in learning. Where would you suggest I start? Books to recommend?

Follow on question, do you use the same techniques to self-hypnotize? Is that even a real thing?

Thanks for being awesome. =)

HypnoErato2 karma

Why thank you!

The issue is there are loads of super in depth clinical books (which deal with stuff you will never need to know in this line of work) or the utter rubbish stuff that says it can make your boobs turn into alpacas or whatever. However, once you filter that there are lots of good books out there. Here are a few I suggest:

Also the ASCH Bibliogrpahy has some good article links for you to check out.

And I should plug our very own /r/erotichypnosis while a load of it is pretty advanced it often has some great tips.

Also if there is a group near you go check them out, the people tend to be nice it lets you get personalized advice.

For the follow on, I don't self-hypnotize intentionally. However, I did recently realize how often I trance when doing stuff. When I study or present in front of people I tend to trance out and I recently spotted I do it when I am stressed. I guess its because I have been under so much my brain is just used to it and knows that a trance state is useful for my work and stress levels so just drops me into one as needed.

It is very real and I know a lot of people who use it to great effects, I have just never got into myself, however, that is just personal preference.

VonAether1 karma

/r/EroticHypnosis exists, for those who want to know more.

HypnoErato1 karma

Yes it does! And it is pretty awesome!

TheLavinGamer1 karma

What's the weirdest thing that has been said to you?

HypnoErato1 karma

hmm there are a lot that are odd due to context, one that sticks out is:

"You are such a manly little daddy darling rapist"

[deleted]1 karma


HypnoErato2 karma

-I love most inductions and I love to experiment and mix them up. I do love the confusion induction especially one that relies on an action I am involved in (a confusion induction during a board game is hilarious).

-The site has rules on what content is allowed and I have to follow those. I have very few rules of my own and to be honest few callers would follow rules even if I had them.

-Most of mine are more dominant but I still get a lot of guided fantasy calls, it tends to happen in arcs, so some weeks lots of one and some weeks lots of the others.

-I do sessions for any gender or sexuality. One advantage of hypnosis is the fact I can adapt to whatever the person needs. I do get a lot of feminization requests from both genders and it is quite a wide topic so each is totally different (and most have their own name).

And its okay, ask away, I don't me talking about it!

fatlazar1231 karma

Do you ever get prank called

HypnoErato2 karma


Mostly because if you are paying $2-$3 a minute to prank call then the prank really is on you.

Slendyla_IV1 karma

Wait, you're not female?

HypnoErato1 karma

Nope. Not biologically anyhow.

timberwolvesguy1 karma

Do you have any "regulars"?

HypnoErato2 karma

I have about 12 regulars that each come back to me for specific reasons.

iheartgiraffe1 karma

What equipment do you use? Like what kind of headset, is it a landline or VOIP? Do you have other personas or just the erotic hypnosis?

HypnoErato1 karma

my set up is basically my basic as hell Gateway laptop with a Samsung headset mic.

I use a VOIP basically I run the number through several google voice accounts. So you call the number, google voice 1 redirects to 2 which redirects to 3 which then sends the call to Skype.

Doesn't everyone have many personas. I have one I use for Youtube and LARPS (and often jokingly flip between their voices and have arguments between them). I mean I have done many things under different names and I also have different named head spaces that I sometimes slip into during BDSM play, but on the site I keep one persona that does the domination and the hypnosis.

ztauby11 karma

What got you started in doing it? and how much do you make off it?

HypnoErato1 karma

A friend, we had a bet about people finding my voice sexy and I lost and part of the bet was doing phone sex.

It varies per month from $200-$1000 and some gifts here and there.

SuckMePlz1 karma

PLz res pond

HypnoErato1 karma

I guess I could, last time I raised a pond I flooded the whole knot garden.

rape_baby1 karma

Did you ever read http://mcstories.com for inspiration?

HypnoErato2 karma

I do, or a good laugh at some of the stories. I mean I have used some of the ideas here and there and my playmates tend to regularly send me links.

eastcarolina361 karma

How does one get into the industry?

Also, "Can you work from home?"

HypnoErato5 karma

Most people sign themselves up. I got into it after joking with a friend about the job and saying that no one would find my voice anywhere near erotic. We had a bet that if so many of her friends liked my voice she would get me a contract for her company (another Phone sex company). Turns out her friends loved my voice and thus I had to sign up as per my end of the bet. If you want to get into the industry yourself just look around for a company, most are petty easy to get into, it does help to have an idea what fetishes or activities you are super good at doing (as some companies prefer to have you specialize).

Yeah, you mostly do work from home, some companies have an actual call center but online ones like NF are decentralized so all of the operators work from home.

TranceGemini1 karma

Do you just, like, Google around for that sort of work? Or is there a database? I'm super curious!

HypnoErato1 karma

Google gets you some results and there are some adult networking sites have listings of them (I think fetlife has a group for it?).

Most of it was done for me by the friend, I just had to pick a performer name and write all the descriptions so I never had to do any of the looking.

TranceGemini1 karma

Thanks for replying! You're fab. :-)

HypnoErato1 karma

More than welcome! I having a lot of fun with all of you!

SafeSanity1 karma


HypnoErato2 karma

No. The only time I would hang up the phone would be something that broke site rules (Underage children ect.)

Some things have disgusted me, but as they are legal I keep talking. I just take a live and let live approach, it is not my place to judge other peoples sexual interests. I just keep going and make a mental note to have a long shower afterwards to wash the filth off.

main_hoon_na2 karma

What's the weirdest (as in the one that's weirded you out the most) request you've had?

HypnoErato3 karma

Defiantly the guy who wanted to be made into a pair of shoes and then crushed under foot as I walked "wearing" him. Once he hung up I had to have a very strong cup of tea and sit in silence for a little while to get over it.

kiscel1 karma

Hi thanks for doing the AMA. Few questions.

  • If you pull in $200-$1000 a month, what is your day job?

  • You said it started on a bet. Do you continue because you enjoy it or is the extra pocket cash the main reason?

  • Best/most interesting Tribute you've received?

HypnoErato2 karma

More than welcome! Glad to give an insight into a less well known profession.

  • My day job is student. My other day job is your generic student retail job so not really that exciting.

*Part of the bet was staying at it for a while. The extra money is nice, I mean even with the other job I don't make that much money so the income helps me live a more fun life. And it is a fun job, it leads to some quite interesting stories and frankly it is rather easy, I mean how many other jobs can you do in your pajamas while in bed?

*Most tributes come off my Amazon wishlist so nothing is that interesting. I have to be careful as the wishlist needs to suit the persona I play on the site. The best was possibly the class textbook I was sent, it saved me $150 and a trip to the campus book store.

kiscel2 karma

Thanks for the insight! Follow up Q!

  • It seems that some friends know about your after hours job and gender fluidity. Do other friends/family know either?

HypnoErato7 karma

My family don't know at all. My family are very traditional and I doubt they would like it. They have seen me playfully cross dress at Halloween but even then it was obvious they didn't approve and found it weird.

Most people know of the fluidity, I am lucky to be in a very accepting school and city so I do wear clothing that could be seen as female gendered in classes and at other functions. I don't talk about my after hours job much because that does tend to weird people out more however most people know, or have worked out that I am active in the kink and fetish scene around the city.

Most of my friends outside school know about my work as a pso, a lot of them are kinky anyhow so they are pretty hard to shock and most of them have had some experience with some part of the adult entertainment industry.

kiscel2 karma

Awesome, keep on doing your thing!

HypnoErato1 karma


Kraig-meister1 karma

What is the weirdest request or conversation you ever had(i know they were all weird but you know what i mean)?

HypnoErato4 karma

That is a toughie.

Scat always weirds me out, no offense to anyone, but I just don't get it. What was weirder was the guy wanted to hear me on the toilet. Now I can't defecate on command so I was unsure how to do it. Lucky I had the remains of my dinner (Noodle soup) next to me and basically dropped some of the noodles into the broth from a medium height next to the mic and the client could not tell the diffidence!

That or the guy who had a fantasy about being turned into a pair of shoes and then slowly dying as I walked in them as my feet were crushing him to death with every step. That left me very weirded out.

Kraig-meister0 karma

do you hate your job? hah

HypnoErato3 karma

Actually no, I like it.

I mean it is perfect for me as it works around all my other commitments in life and it is very easy, its just talking so I can multitask while I do it. The joys of a headset mic means I can do papers while working with clients.

Kraig-meister1 karma

Do you do it from home or is there a building full of phone sex operators?

HypnoErato1 karma

I do it from home.

But some companies do have call centers where 50 or so people work on the phones.

Kraig-meister1 karma

That's cool you can do it from home. Doesn't sound to bad just creepy people lol. How did you get the job?

HypnoErato1 karma

Well the friend I made the bet with did most of the work, I had to fill in a few forms here and there and program up a loose page in HTML

wellthatsjustpeachy11 karma

Have you ever hypnotized someone to have an orgasm thats never had one before ? Have you ever used hypnosis on your SI to make them better in bed or another way ?

HypnoErato2 karma

I have given people orgasms on command, but never to someone who has never had one before.

And all my SI's tend to get hypnotized for either silly reasons or for erotic reasons. Its also handy when you are apart for a while. I mean the joys of orgasms on command is I can be half way across the world on skype and still give them!

wellthatsjustpeachy11 karma

you must be a great boyfriend ! Orgasms over the phone is something everyone should learn !

HypnoErato1 karma

blush Well I try my best and I have yet to have any complaints!

(And thats not because I hypnotized them all to be unable to say anything bad about, because I would never do that)

pillage1 karma

Have you ever tried to subconsciously mention the Holocaust to make your customers last longer?

HypnoErato3 karma

haha, no I have not.

I do regulate my breathing to subconsciously keep them away from climax however.

MattDaBeast1 karma

Has anyone ever requested something you refused to do?

Awesome AMA by the way. Never knew this existed.

HypnoErato1 karma


I only ever refuse to do things that I deem self-destructive. So I had one client who asked to be hypnotized to have unsafe sex so he would get an STD. And I have had a few others ask for files to make the compulsively eat which I turned down for pretty similar reasons.

kiasuten1 karma

Do you work with female clients?

HypnoErato1 karma

I do!

While males are by far my most common clients I do have quite a few regular female clients

kiasuten2 karma

Thanks for the AMA!

Follow up question: Is there a more common fantasy among men (or among women) that you've become more familiar with providing?

HypnoErato2 karma

More than welcome!

One of the most common I get is the basic "you hypnotize me and then control me" scenario, so I am pretty good at that one now.

Foot fetish scenarios seem to be popular with guys so I had to learn how to do those (as I see my feet as functional tool as opposed to an aesthetic object).

I tend to find my female clients have much more varied and creative fantasies, but that may be due to the lower sample size.

kiasuten1 karma

That's interesting, I didn't realize foot fetishes were so popular. I was once dating a guy with a foot fetish. I valued all the extra attention and love my feet received!

HypnoErato2 karma

Yeah, I am surprised how common it is!

Its not something I do in person with my partners, I think its because I love to hike so my feet tend to be pretty banged up and really ugly.

[deleted]1 karma


HypnoErato1 karma

Oh, that is a hard question.

I guess I have to hero worship Milton Erickson as everyone does, he is the farther of modern hypnosis.

On the erotic side I have to say there are few, a lot of people are pretty unethical, I always love a lady who calls herself "The Mistress Of Hypnosis" I cant vouch for her files or ethics but I love how she speaks she reminds me of my old dictation teacher who basically put a full stop between every word.

Also there are some people I know in the area who I utterly adore as both hypnotists and people, I must say the erotic hypnosis community has been great for me and introduced me to many friends who I could never be without.

throwaway9871310 karma

I personally thoroughly enjoy Kasha Shakti, Mistress Zaida, and sometimes Mistress Carol.

HypnoErato1 karma

Ah! I have heard all sorts about those. I have heard bits from Zaida (I always thought her name was said a zaa-da as opposed to the zAIda she says it as) and I heard Kasha was doing some files based on Religion but never checked them out myself.

I must say I don't ever get chance to interact with any of those girls, if they have a clubhouse I am totally not allowed in, which is a pity, I would not mind chatting with them at some point, they sound like interesting people.

puss_parkerswidow1 karma

Strangest thing you ever heard? I was an operator in the 80s/90s and for me it was "Hold on, while I get my fake beard."

HypnoErato2 karma

haha, that is a good one!

One of my favorites was a guy who was obviously in the room with his wife at the time and it was obvious he did not want her to know. So he was speaking in code and now and again his wife would ask what he was doing and you would hear him shout "Nothing dear!"

puss_parkerswidow1 karma

so many of them...another favorite wanted me to pretend I was "Ice" from American Gladiators, and that I was using my powerful thighs to crack his back.

Another question for you: In the 80s/90s, it was all on the phone. I made a decent wage and worked from home during the 80s. By the late 90s, prior to web cam sex, it was sweat shops in basements with cubicles and it paid little. It was a room full of women and a couple of guys who could sound like women when callers were not requesting men. We read books, drew pictures, gave each other manicures/ hair styling, and most of us were pretty bored because it boiled down to the same story about giving a blow job over and over for most of the day. What are the working conditions and pay in your experience now? It sounds to me as though you may enjoy your job a bit and like the fact that you are helping people. Is that so?

(Yeah- helping 'em wank is still helping, and some people do not experience a lot of intimacy for many reasons - it is helpful, and I always tried to be kind- which I think OP does too.)

HypnoErato2 karma

Okay, I had to Google Ice (I thought it was Vanilla Ice for a second) and that is very very weird.

Well I work from home, I use a voice over ip set up so all my calls come into my computer so I would say my working environment is pretty nice! I have my bed and all my stuff. Of course my room might not be what my clients expect based on the character I play. It is handy as it means I can do my normal school work while I hang around waiting (there is a lot of waiting even today). Pay wise its interesting. I get to set my own per minute price and the company takes a cut. I get more per minute than a lot of people for my "specialist skill" also there are not many guys doing Erotic Hypnosis so it means I can charge a bit more that the generic blowjob story guys and girls. However that is balanced by the fact I get less callers for that kind of stuff so I do have to do the basic stories at times.

I do like it, I love people and sexuality has always interested me, so its a nice way to get a fun look at a cross section of various sexualities. Also as a job goes it is pretty nice, I mean I have a headset mic so I can do other things from my dishes to my schoolwork while also working and making money and even then the houses are super flexible. So for a student it is a pretty fantastic job. And I do like to help, sure it is not much, but its nice to help even in a little way and sex has its befits!

beautyxxlove1 karma

Correct me if I'm wrong but is that an English accent? Damn sexy voice man.

HypnoErato2 karma

Yes it is!

SteelyEly1 karma

How often do you get people calling to ask about how it's done in general?
I kind of find the idea of erotic hypnosis hot.
So tell me; What's your usual spiel?

HypnoErato1 karma

I very rarely do, most people know what they want when they call, I sometimes I do have to explain it to clients who want hypnosis but think it works like a Hollywood movie.

And a lot of people find it hot, me included, I worked out how to do it in the first place as it is my fetish!

In general I use the model that goes

1) Pre-talk- Just what to expect, usually explaining how it is like getting engrossed in a TV or movie or when you drive and arrive somewhere without knowing how you got there. If I feel fancy I will explain the difference between uptime and downtime trances.

2) Induction- Now this is hard, I tend to see how the person reacts and change at will, but of course I lack a lot of cues due to it being on the phone with a person I met about 2 minutes ago. So I usually use the basic relaxation induction here so the usual ideas so sinking and going down steps.

However, that can utterly change if it is with one of my playmates. I love confusion inductions (where you overload the mind with so many thoughts it just clogs up allowing you to slip suggestions in) and one of my playmates has such a nerdy mind and he reacts so well. I love to play with inductions and tend to adapt them as needed.

3) Give suggestions

4) Wake up- I use the old counting up and hand clap for this, its cliche but its very effective and gives a very firm ending which is always good to make sure nothing lingers.

I will admit, some of my induction and session work can be pretty scripted for clients, especially when they want something basic or have not talked to me before. But I love to experiment and mix it up when I am playing with a regular playmate as it is just so much more fun.

SteelyEly1 karma

Alright, I've got to get my ass up to SF just so I can meet you in person. I dig that kind of stuff.
And hell, SF is the perfect place for all kinds of fetishes.
I could crash with friends that live there if need be. ;D

HypnoErato1 karma

I would be so up for that! SF is great for fetishes and just everything, if you have a fetish SF has a club or a munch for it!

SteelyEly1 karma

Now I've just got to ride on up from SD....

HypnoErato1 karma

San Diego?

I have no idea how long that would take, my American geography totally sucks.

tjhunter6190 karma

Yeah, yeah, I’m licking your balls?

HypnoErato3 karma

Not sure I follow the question. But a lot of male callers like ball licking, in fact I never knew how prevent testes based fetishism was before I started this job. Between basic ball worship and CBT they make up a good chunk of my calls.

kiscel2 karma

Ball worship... sounds like you could be a Preist for Dogs!

HypnoErato6 karma

Ohh I would love that job!

Do I get a fancy hat? I could stand on top of a kennel and give sermons before giving each dog some water and half a dog biscuit!

kiscel5 karma

I don't see why not! Seems like a ruff job but someones gotta do it! Just do me a favor and don't get caught up in any of that puppy scandal stuff.

HypnoErato6 karma

I will try my best!

I mean I am part of the fastest growing dog religion, join us! We will give you a whole new leash on life.

kiscel2 karma

Well if its as pupular as you say; I might have to come and check out what everyone is barking about! Sounds like a Ball!

HypnoErato4 karma

Where do you get all these doggone puns?

kiscel2 karma

As a mutter of fact, I think that puns can be the highest form of humor, but on the other paw these aren't the most well groomed.

HypnoErato3 karma

Puns as the highest form of humor? Bull Shih tzu!

tjhunter6191 karma

HypnoErato2 karma

I have never seen that film, but I love that clip! That is so going on my list of movies to watch.

While I do insult some clients I would not in that type of call. The "What are you wearing?" role play type calls like that one actually require you to be nice to the client and play along in the fantasy if you want to keep them happy and on the line.