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You're a personal hero of mine, Penn! (I'm a poor judge of character)

What kind of TV shows do you watch now? (If you want to be popular, Breaking Bad is a good start) Movies?

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Is the no-drinking bet going to actually happen? What's your motivation for proposing it?

glglgl tho

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Jay, your advice has been good so far as you recommended me to Film Critic Hulk and that dude is amazing so I thought I'd try my luck again.

I am professional poker player who is in college with my eyes on film. I think I would love to do documentaries, even though I'm aware I wouldn't make much money.

I'm sure you learned so much throughout the course of making the film, so if you could go back to give yourself advice from when you just started BRF, what would you say?

I loved BRF by the way and my dad liked it too. It helped him understand "my world" a little better.

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Has anyone ever requested something you refused to do?

Awesome AMA by the way. Never knew this existed.