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I verbally instructed my husband on Chicken & Dumplings one day. He nailed it- and later he amended it: dumplings stuffed with gargonzola cheese.

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This is my absolute favorite Bill Mauldin cartoon. It's relevant to the subject.

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Hank, Willy, Toby, and me all like the weed.

Edit: I'm that weed smokin' fan you're unacquainted with.

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I'm hoping that even one person reading this AMA right now will think twice about seeking answers in religion, and that their kids will never be forced to go to church and live like this. I know that's an unrealistic hope, but I'm still having it. I think about my own parents when they were very young. They had parents who were religious on Easter and Christmas or something like that. They were not forced to attend church every time church was open, yet they did that to me and my brother. I feel like they did it because they were young and inexperienced, and suddenly parents. I think fear led them to church, and that fear kept them there and made them force upon me this warped mindset that I have fought against for over 40 years now. I understand that we all seek answers somewhere, but I think we place our trust in others and use up all our doubt on ourselves sometimes. I think of the church deacons and elders I knew, and I am thinking of con men, embezzlers, perverts, and deluded fanatics. My parents were so naive that any older man in a suit could have told them that they had to do the Hokey-Pokey six times a day if they wanted to get into Heaven and they would have made me do the fuckin' hokey-pokey six times a day.

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Strangest thing you ever heard? I was an operator in the 80s/90s and for me it was "Hold on, while I get my fake beard."