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I don't see why not! Seems like a ruff job but someones gotta do it! Just do me a favor and don't get caught up in any of that puppy scandal stuff.

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I see from other comments that you have mostly built the product yourself and scaled to a fairly large user base. No small feat!

Have you ever worked with a designer especially around the user experience of the site?

How do you personally decide when a feature is “good enough” to be developed/ released and how do you then track it’s performance? Have you ever removed features that you were excited about but fell flat for the users?

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As a mutter of fact, I think that puns can be the highest form of humor, but on the other paw these aren't the most well groomed.

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Thanks for the insight! Follow up Q!

  • It seems that some friends know about your after hours job and gender fluidity. Do other friends/family know either?

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Awesome, keep on doing your thing!