My name is Joiee, and I was on the TV show 'The Worlds Strictest Parents' - Ask me anything!

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UPDATE 19/5/13 - Hey guys well I think I'm pretty much done with this so probs not going to be answering any more questions. I think we've covered all bases and some of them are getting a bit repetitive!

If you wanna keep up to date with what I'm doing you can check out my blog at - if not then, have a nice life guys and thanks for the q's, I had fun! x

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choc-ice33 karma

Was the representation of your home-life at the beginning accurate?

mrjoiee102 karma

yes and no really. They seemed quite determined to portray me as someone with a bit of a drinking problem, showing me drinking beer at home, implying that's what I do everyday. In reality, I was getting ready to go to a party that night, and it was only one glass.

They showed my parents driving me to the party, and me sat in the back of the car downing cider with a 6 pack of beer next to me. I bought those beers for my friends, but the way it was edited, you were led to believe they were all for me...

choc-ice26 karma

Cheers for the response,

Do you in any way feel that your parents are responsible for your wayward behaviour? I only ask because it's an accusation often levelled against the parents of troubled children.

mrjoiee34 karma

No problem :) Yeah perhaps. I was the youngest and I kinda got away with a lot. I was really sick when I was a baby and my mum nearly lost me, so from then on she was kinda overprotective of me. That's probably what led me to rebelling, but I think it's a lot to do with the people I was hanging out with too.

WNW35 karma


mrjoiee17 karma

hahaha you're funny. Either way, those days are over!

Crusty-Ballsack33 karma

Were the cameras literally following you everywhere you went?

mrjoiee45 karma

From the minute I woke up in the morning there'd be a camera guy up already, ready to film my reaction. There were times we were allowed to just chill in our own rooms or whatever undisturbed, but we mostly followed a schedule whilst we were there (visiting certain places on certain days) so of course the cameras were there for all that.

PolskaPrincess19 karma

Aside from the culture shock from India, how were your new "parents"? Were the rules over the top? Did it change how you treat your parents and life now?

mrjoiee37 karma

The mum's English speaking wasn't the greatest, so I struggled to understand her some of the time. I didn't like her initially but by the end of the stay I'd warmed to her a little.

Ashwani (that's the dad), I didn't like at first either, but after spending some time together (including some one on one time which didn't make the edit) I came to realise he's actually a really good man and a great father!

The rules - some were a little ridiculous (like they tried to make us dye our hair and take out our piercings, neither of which were ever gonna happen!) but then I was aware of what TV show I was on, the whole point is that there's gonna be a lot of strict rules. I think I broke nearly all of them at one point or another haha but most of the kids that go on this show do the same I find!

I've come to respect my parents more, definitely. I don't live with them anymore but we're still close, like my mum calls me everyday and me and my dad are on better terms than we used to be! I think that's just part of growing up though, my stroppy teenage years have come to an end :)

GrapeRello18 karma

How fake is this show?

mrjoiee42 karma

well I'm not an actor if that's what you mean, and nor were the family. Certain scenarios are orchestrated to bring out the most drama and confrontation, but the reactions are all pretty genuine.

flukz32 karma

So what you're saying is it's a television show produced using non-actors edited for dramatic content? Like a reality show?

mrjoiee22 karma

that's correct :)

MANCREEP17 karma

Are you the dude with the blonde hair?

mrjoiee15 karma

I am indeed!

fuckoffimbritish12 karma

Are you glad you went on the show?

mrjoiee17 karma

Sure! It was a one of a kind experience. I got to visit India and see behind the scenes of what goes into filming a reality show like this one.

Monkeyboy81-30 karma

Most importantly you got to see Indiana! Lucky you...

mrjoiee20 karma

India, not Indiana! haha :P

Jocuur10 karma

Why and how did you go/get on the show?

mrjoiee16 karma

it started off as a bit of a joke between my family/friends and I. I downloaded an application off their website (they were casting at the time) sent it off, and didn't think much more of it. It all kind of went from there!

tregregins10 karma

Did you change your ways for the good of mankind?

mrjoiee19 karma

haha as if the future of mankind depends upon me behaving? :P

Um well when I came back home I actually went even more off the rails for a little while, but I mean.. this was like 2 years ago now, I was just a kid then. I'm a lot more responsible and mature nowadays, but I think that's just part of growing up. I wouldn't put it down to the show or the family.

Visuttaja9 karma

Would you go see your host family (or whatever it is) again? :)

mrjoiee19 karma

I don't really plan on visiting India again. It's too much of a culture clash, I mean what would I even do there if I was to go see them? haha

But never say never! We left on good terms, so I wouldn't object against seeing them all again.

diemunkiesdie9 karma

Just finished watching it, here are all my questions:

  1. Are you friends/in contact with Shola?
  2. What was your relationship like with the kids while you were there? They only really showed your relationship with the parents.
  3. Have you kept in contact with the host family or their kids in any way?
  4. Do you know if the host family even sees the episode?
  5. Was the camera crew Indian or did they follow you from Britain?
  6. How long after filming did the show air?

mrjoiee13 karma

  1. We still talk sometimes via Facebook and Twitter which is cool, and we both live in North London now, but I've not seen her in person since the show, no.

  2. The kids were sweet. Sahej is a right handful though, he kept trying to steal my camera haha and he was always crawling on the furniture, jumping on tables and stuff lol. The girls were nice enough :)

  3. I email back and forth with Ashwani a few times a year that's about the extent of it

  4. They've seen it :)

  5. The main crew was British, and they travelled with us. When we got to India there were a few more members of the crew joining us who were Indian and had a better grip on the culture

  6. I think it was about 4 months, but it felt like forever aha! Waiting for it to air was annoying but hey-ho! :)

diemunkiesdie7 karma

Thanks for the responses! Since they saw it, but did not discover the alcohol while you were there, did you ever get a reaction from Ashwani in the emails to the drinking?

I thought it was funny that the older girl tattled on y'all for smoking the second y'all walked back in the house. Did she keep doing that or was she cool afterwards?

mrjoiee8 karma

no he never really mentioned it. I thought they might not wanna speak to me after the show aired and they saw I'd been lying to them but I guess seeing me pour it away was enough for them :)

Ugh she was the worst of the lot, always snitching on us at any opportunity lol. Shola used to get so pissed off with her, I just found the whole thing amusing haha

Lenkz7 karma

Has your life changed since you went on the show, and what are you doing now (Education/Working etc.)?

mrjoiee20 karma

Somewhat, yes. I'm known as 'that guy that went on Worlds Strictest Parents' haha! People recognise me in the street occasionally when the episodes been recently repeated but I've never had any hassle off anyone over it.

I studied art and design for 2 years at college. I'm living in London with my partner at the moment so that's forced me to grow up quite a bit, not being able to rely on my parents for money so much and that.

I've had a few part time jobs but I'm out of work at the moment (although still looking!)

Other than that, I've been writing a book for a little while now and I have my own blog over at - I update pretty regularly so if anyone's genuinely interested in my life at the moment I invite you to check it out :)

cslewisster4 karma

The dad on the show seemed like a straight out amazing dude. I really enjoyed the fact that he insisted am argument be completed and worked out before everyone leaves. Was that all just editing magic or was he really like that?

mrjoiee5 karma

no, he was really like that. He's an awesome guy :)

sabatagol4 karma

Does an invisible zebra has stripes?

mrjoiee12 karma

an invisible zebra has invisible stripes I would've thought...

kilzy24 karma

I know this isn't a question, but I really enjoyed watching you two become more mature over the hour.

mrjoiee2 karma

thanks :)

tunacans4 karma


mrjoiee6 karma

My parents mentioned I should go on it but only as a kinda joke. I applied myself, not thinking anything of it really and before I knew it I'd been chosen and was on the next flight to India haha was a pretty mad few weeks beforehand!

AdaptbutKeepnTouch3 karma

Has the experience changed you in any way, better or worse?

mrjoiee3 karma

Yeah it's given me a greater insight into reality TV and something interesting to talk about. I'm certainly no worse than I was when I took part, I've done some growing up for sure!

bethmorgan163 karma

Do you keep in touch with the person who went with you?

mrjoiee4 karma

We live really close by now but no I haven't seen her since the show. We reconnected via Twitter a while ago though so we have spoken recently :)

second_to_fun3 karma

Do you think that you are too old to be easily "shaped" by the host family? It would seem you are old enough to make your own decisions.

mrjoiee3 karma

I'm 20 now but I was just turned 18 when I did it. Yeah it was kind of annoying being treated like a kid again haha but that's life. I AM pretty set in my ways, but I mean I went into it with an open mind and a willingness to try new things so I wasn't completely stubborn in that regard!

second_to_fun4 karma

That's a pretty good view to have in life. Those who aren't willing to try new things will probably miss out on a lot of life. Still, did it frustrate you to see that they were portraying you so badly?

mrjoiee6 karma

My friends and family know the real me, and people that have seen it and then got to know me say I'm really not the way they tried to make me out to be. But I mean... I'm not bitter about it or anything. It's an entertainment show at the end of the day, and I think I was pretty entertaining :)

blazethatshits0n3 karma

did you get paid?

mrjoiee3 karma


anonymous1234212 karma

No compensation for your time?

mrjoiee4 karma

they paid our expenses

urbanK073 karma

Did you and Shola ever bang?

mrjoiee14 karma

no, but one of the camera guys told me that on a previous episode they'd filmed in this series, two of the teens did end up having sex! I don't know which 2 but it certainly makes me wonder

Tanis_Nikana3 karma

Two things: first, you're adorable. Second thing is, I run a subreddit called /r/feminineboys that you may or may not like. :3

mrjoiee1 karma

thanks will check it out

king_walnut3 karma

I've not watched your episode, but I have watched a few others. My question is, what would it have taken for you to have the producers agree to send you home? In a lot of episodes, the people start screaming "I'M GOING HOME, TAKE ME HOME RIGHT NOW" but then that never happens.

mrjoiee5 karma

The girl I was with had a big row with the parents and they threw her out. She was begging the producers to let her stay in a hotel for the night but they wouldn't let her even do that, so the chances of them booking her a flight home? doubtful!

(for the record, she apologised to the dad and he eventually let her back in)

king_walnut5 karma

Haha, I wonder how many shows they've had to abandon cos the person's literally ran away or even booked themselves on a flight home.

Was the curry good in India?

mrjoiee3 karma


yeah it was lovely, the food was one of the highlights actually :D

superjoe962 karma

-Do you keep contact with any involved still?

-Would you consider bringing up a child the same way your hosts did?

-Were there scenes where the crew suggested how you react so you have a neat humanising moment complete with piano score?

mrjoiee1 karma

I email Ashwani occasionally and speak to Shola on facebook/twitter from time to time

No, I'd be a much more liberal parent I feel!

haha no! But they'd question us in a way to try and provoke a certain response a lot of the time

superjoe961 karma

What would they ask?

mrjoiee8 karma

Uh it's kinda hard to give an example, but the biggest suggestion was that I pour my alcohol away. The director was really quite pushy with that one. She tried to talk me into confessing to the host family that I'd smuggled in alcohol and been deceiving them but I flat out refused.

We came to a compromise and I agreed to pour what was left of my booze away, to stop her from nagging me more than anything.. in the edit it's as if I had some kind of sudden epiphany, decided to quit drinking and change my ways, but in reality it really wasn't like that!

I guess she'd already made up her mind by that point she was going to edit me as the 'troubled alcohol dependant' teen, and she needed that scene to make better TV, but whatever, it is what it is...

8772 karma

Did you meet Gemma from S2 Ep5? She was hot.

mrjoiee2 karma

No, I've never met her, but I have seen her episode. She IS stunning though, I agree :)

AreYouKarl2 karma

Are you Karl?

mrjoiee2 karma


seriouslylikewhat1 karma


mrjoiee0 karma

yes they got paid expenses and a small fee I believe.

brucegoosejuice1 karma

Why were you wearing an American flag?

mrjoiee0 karma

just for fashions sake, I liked the look of it

emilyyork1 karma

If you had an opportunity to do so, what sort of advice would you give to kids/teenagers who are living like you were before the show?

mrjoiee1 karma

I don't think there's any advice I could give. I know I wouldn't have listened at that age. People change, and I think it's OK to make mistakes, because ultimately you learn from them as you grow older.

qI might have a bit of a wild child past, but I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for that. Those experiences taught me a lot and I'm a stronger, maturer, more well rounded person today because of it! :)

Cupcakesboy1 karma

1# Did you get pay'd after you got picked to be featured on the show?

2# Given the opportunity would you go on a reality show again?

mrjoiee1 karma

  1. No. Expenses were paid and that, but nothing more. I saw it as a free holiday at the time, I was just excited to be picked for the show haha yknow what I mean? I didn't care if they paid me or not I just thought it would be fun!

  2. Possibly, but I'm definitely more wary of how things can be edited to look now, and I accept that 'reality' TV is never really the full true reality!

Topicale1 karma

I've never seen the show - can you explain the premise? Apparently they ship somebody off to a family in another country?

mrjoiee0 karma

yeah they take two 'troubled' british teens and send them to another country to live under new rules imposed by a supposed 'strict' family. Drama ensues!

FatChunk1 karma

How did you feel looking back at the episode once it was aired on TV?

Did you get a new opinion of yourself, or did you find you were portrayed in the wrong way? Has it made you think about how you can be a better person looking forward or changed how you view life?

Thanks for the AMA!

mrjoiee1 karma

Well my family, my friends and I all thought it was fucking hilarious how far they went with trying to make me look like an alcoholic. Binge drinking might've been a minor issue at the time but they blew it way out of proportion in the edit.

I thought I came across quite well, a few moments were really cringeworthy and hard to watch for me, but I'm at peace with the whole thing now and just accept it for what it was .

I'm grateful for the opportunity and it definitely gave me some food for thought, yes. Like I don't take family for granted so much these days and there's more to my life than staying out and partying.

No problem, it's been nice to reflect on the whole thing actually.

thelordofcheese1 karma


mrjoiee7 karma

Sorry I was just showing somebody something on ChatRoulette, I'll come in a minute!

mrjoiee1 karma

Hey guys well I think I'm pretty much done with this so probs not going to be answering any more questions. I think we've covered all bases and some of them are getting a bit repetitive!

If you wanna keep up to date with what I'm doing you can check out my blog at - if not then, have a nice life guys and thanks for the q's, I had fun! x

lordweiner271 karma

I thought it was hilarious when your parents said that they thought rural Wales would be an idyllic place to raise a child. Mainly because teenages need things to do and to be around people rather than being stuck in a field. What did you think about your move to Wales at the time and now?

mrjoiee2 karma

I grew up there so it was all I ever knew. The thing about it was, it used to get so boring. Transport was shit and there was fuck all to do, so I got in with kind of a bad crowd, started drinking, partying and taking drugs. I live in London now, much happier here.

treade1 karma

Are you ashamed of how you behaved?

mrjoiee1 karma

It's cringeworthy to watch back some of it, but no I don't see why I should feel ashamed.

Generalisation0 karma

One of my from a few years ago was on this program too. He said it was pretty faked and scripted somewhat as a result - is this the case? The show always seemed to be so overly dramatic from a viewer's point of view.

Did you keep in contact with the family after?

mrjoiee1 karma

can I ask who your friend was that took part out of interest?

mrjoiee0 karma

that's interesting. No I mean they'd sometimes ask you to repeat yourself if they didn't catch what you said the first time round, or do something again (ie. walking into the shot) but most of that's just for camera angles etc. the bulk of the show is real

redditerate-2 karma

After this AMA, have you fully exhausted your 15 minutes of fame?

mrjoiee6 karma

always room for 15 minutes more, my friend!