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Did you mean to say that your friends are literally on separate islands?

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Fuck yeah Emily.

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Absolutely, and a lot of the time the lookup will already be cached on your ISP headend.

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I heard Trump supporters are low energy fascist slaves willing to give up their freedom in exchange for using his hair piece as a wubbie to hide under to protect them from Muslims and black people. A lot of smart people are saying this.

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Darth Maul has a total of perhaps 4-5 minutes of screen time in a film that was widely panned. The promise set forth in the trailers has been seen as a "total rip" by some. The fact he gets unceremoniously cut in half by a padawan after dispatching a skilled Jedi is... interesting.

Now to my question: Why the hell would anyone make a game revolving around this failure of a Sith?