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I would think this would seriously/conflict mess with a woman's concept of victimhood in a rape. Do they normally feel guilty if they orgasmed during what is a violent act? Do they think it diminishes the illegality of the rape, or the culpability of the offender, or (oddly enough) do some of them find themselves harboring secret desires for it to repeat itself, as awful as it likely was and as more awful as the next one likely would be? I would think some serious therapy above and beyond the "normal" rape therapy would be in order.

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Good luck to you - I have some AMAs out there as I have the same thing (not mets to the liver, though - mine are to the lungs). About 10 years older than you.

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You're from Canada, I knew it!

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You can contact me privately if you have any quesions. I won't hijack your AMA by pointing to mine, but basically it's been surgery followed by chemo on FOLFOX, then FOLFIRI regimens, now on a modified chemo regimen, punctuated by problems with platelets et al. It requires a readjustment to life, but oddly enough I felt energized by the sense of focus (although that wears off sometimes). I hope you do well with it. The technology and techniques have come a long way.

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That sounds horrible; and if your daughter was born in '09 then she was only three or four. I don't condone attraction to, say, pubescent 12-15 year olds but at least I can wrap my head around it, but a 3 or 4 year old? That's just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Something's messed up and I hope ALL of you are getting help.