Proof: [NSFW] (Mods approved before I blacked out anything) Edit: To clarify, the dick pics are all post-surgery taken today, with the exception of the one with the surgeon working, that was on May 1, 2013.

In May of last year I was having sex with my girlfriend and fractured my penis. This fracture resulted in what is called Peyronie's Disease, which is basically a plaque buildup that causes a bend in the penis.

The first attempt at addressing my peyronie's was a series of 12 injections of Verapamil which is designed to break up the plaque and eliminate most of the bending. This didn't work. So, last week on May 1, 2013 I had penile surgery to remove the plaque and replace it with tissue from a cadaver heart.

tl;dr: I fractured my penis, had 12 injections in the penis that didn't fix it, and finally had surgery on it last week.

Ask me anything!

Update: I know it's cliche, but holy cow front page! I just arrived home so I should be able to keep answering questions. Keep 'em coming.

Update 2: Thanks again for all of the questions and comments. You all have been such a positive influence on my day and a welcome distraction of the pain I'm currently going through. I am done answering questions for the night, but I'll see if I can't get to a few more of you all tomorrow. Thanks again!

Update 3: I am back this morning answering questions and since I have nothing to do but wallow in the pain of my recently surgically repaired penis, I should be here most of the day. Thanks again to everyone who has shown interest and offered well wishes, it has really meant a lot to me and it is helping to keep me focused on something positive.

Final Update: Looks like most of the questions have been answered. I went through and read every single comment and I really do appreciate all of you who stopped by. I will probably do an update post in a few months since there seem to be quite a few questions regarding the recovery that I am just not far along enough to answer yet. Thanks reddit!

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Aquagoat1874 karma

As an organ donor, I would be proud if my heart repaired some dudes broken Johnson.

Wolfhound_Papa1091 karma

Me and you both :)

meshugganah1660 karma

In your best estimation, how many people touched your penis during that whole ordeal?

Wolfhound_Papa1807 karma

Probably around 15 or so. It's hard to say who handled it during the operation so that's where it gets dicey.

DMRage761 karma

... I cringed when I read 'dicey'

Wolfhound_Papa644 karma

Ya I suppose that wasn't the best word choice, aca.

Fa_Q_2428 karma


Wolfhound_Papa775 karma

Asleep. It ended up being about two and a half hours I was in there.

u8eR263 karma

More than I'll ever have. :(

Wolfhound_Papa604 karma

Positive thoughts brother, I have faith in you.

Lethums1453 karma

What exactly happened during sex that caused this? Is there anything that you think we should be conscious about when we have sex?

Wolfhound_Papa2095 karma

We were doing it doggy style and she was a being a little overly helpful thrusting back on me. On one of my out-strokes I slipped out and then she pushed back as I was pushing in and then it popped (fractured).

Big take away is that I now warn all of my male friends to be EXTRA CAREFUL on the in-stroke.

laticiasbear1977 karma

you just ruined doggystyle for me. now I'm terrified of getting my Johnson fractured.

Wolfhound_Papa1588 karma

Safety first!


did you finish before going to the hospital?

Wolfhound_Papa1603 karma

Oh ya I finished. Didn't make it to the hospital for a couple days. Just stubborn thinking it would get better.

Wolfhound_Papa1281 karma

Oh ya I finished. Didn't make it to the hospital for a couple days. Just stubborn thinking it would get better.

Chamboo499 karma


I just clutched my wang and fell out of my chair while cringing after reading this.

Wolfhound_Papa385 karma

Nope, definitely not a myth. Most people I've talked to think the same thing though until I tell them my story.

Orangemen478 karma

My girl was on top of me once going at it and she slipped out, and came back down full speed. Felt my dick pop as well. Hurt like hell and I didnt even break mine, nor did I finish. I dont know how you pulled that off haha. I pretty much went into the fetal position for a couple minutes.

Horrible pain. Gad youre better and back at it!

Wolfhound_Papa906 karma

Ya, I mean it was some pretty awful pain but I was so close to finishing that Thor had already made his mind up about it, injury be damned.

Cavemansol466 karma

Swinging Thors hammer eh?

Wolfhound_Papa598 karma


someswedishgirl2 karma

Penis safety wise now in hindsight, if you'd aborted the sex and went to the hospital right away could that have helped in not having all this horrible things happen?

Good luck with your penis!

Wolfhound_Papa2 karma

No. Once the injury happened the result peyronie's was pretty much guaranteed. This is what the doc said.

someswedishgirl2 karma

Will your doodle look "normal" again? Will the swelling under the head go down or will there always be some bulging going on there.

My phrasing of all that might be entirely mad. I don't have penis injury vocabulary.

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Everything is expected to go back to close to normal.

Mrs_Tapir371 karma

How did your girlfriend react to that? I would be so mortified!

Wolfhound_Papa700 karma

Initially we didn't know it was fractured, like most people we didn't that was possible. She feels bad now, especially with all the pain I'm currently going through.

Mrs_Tapir565 karma

Well, she'll have to kiss it extra better now ;)

Wolfhound_Papa1630 karma

The doctor said she is going to have to help me "milk it" once the stitches come out.

procrastinating_work338 karma

Hmmm, I think we need pics of the ass that did this to you.

Wolfhound_Papa629 karma

Ya, for science right?

CaptianRipass190 karma

This is the one thing that petrifies me

Wolfhound_Papa324 karma

It should. It definitely should. Always use caution.

Lethums73 karma

Wow. Thanks :p I hope the best for you.

Wolfhound_Papa109 karma

Thanks a bunch. This AMA has been a welcome distraction so far. :)

Dominic_Santini1362 karma

So, how's it hanging?

Wolfhound_Papa2328 karma

Short, shriveled, and swollen.

VonStrangle1321 karma

Op is just showing off his huge wang.

Wolfhound_Papa1088 karma

My favorite comment yet, aca.

davey_darling780 karma

Ok, that's the second time you've used 'aca' so now somebody has to tell me what it means.

Just realized that googling it would have been faster than typing out this comment.

Wolfhound_Papa1421 karma

Audible chuckle achieved. It's a more manly version of lol.

aidsFTW1071 karma

When was the last time you came?

Are you worried that you might drown your fiancé with the worlds largest cumshot once you can finally jizz again?

Wolfhound_Papa1119 karma

We had sex last Monday night. We both laughed at the second part, she says she is worried.

drum_playing_twig549 karma

Just curious. Is this how it went down?

Wolfhound_Papa596 karma

I'm at a grill out with strangers so I can't go to the link at the moment.

rocker767889 karma

did they make it bigger?

Wolfhound_Papa1911 karma

I jokingly asked them if they could during one of my preop appointments and they weren't amused even a little bit. My urology office is full of some tough customers when it comes to comedy.

hector922066 karma

I'm guessing dick doctors quickly stop finding dick jokes funny.

Wolfhound_Papa1057 karma

Ya I figured as much and have them a pass on not laughing at my witty jokes.

Hollytheninja779 karma

When you fractured it did you hear anything or just felt it?

Wolfhound_Papa1790 karma

There was a pretty good pop, both audibly and physically. I could feel my face go white from the pain, but I managed to power through and finish. Afterwards my fiance asked me what popped and I showed her the new bulge I was rocking in my penis.

TheRedditDoctor2266 karma

So you're saying you finished with a broken penis? Jesus Christ, somebody get this guy a medal or something

Wolfhound_Papa1474 karma

I haven't had a good laugh like that since the surgery. Thanks.

ProperSauce215 karma

was the surgery funny?

Wolfhound_Papa380 karma

Not even a little.

blakopf173 karma

Why didn't you stop?

Wolfhound_Papa635 karma

I was so close I didn't want to have blue balls on top of it all. It was literally only a couple extra strokes.

Wolfhound_Papa1181 karma

There was a pretty good pop, both audibly and physically. I could feel my face go white from the pain, but I managed to power through and finish. Afterwards my fiance asked me what popped and I showed her the new bulge I was rocking in my penis.

Rockmytubesocks620 karma

You know what, I'm glad you posted this twice. I upvoted you both times because you deserve it for finishing with a broken dick.

Good on you, brother. Good on you.

Wolfhound_Papa383 karma

Thanks :)

DoubleHammy569 karma

Can you still have sex?

Wolfhound_Papa877 karma

Not right now. The doctors say the recovery is about 2 months before I can start getting back to any kind of sexual intercourse. There is also a 30% chance of some type of erectile dysfunction as a result of the surgery, but time will tell.

_____rs456 karma

They prescribed you Sildenafil (viagra) but you can't have sex?

Wolfhound_Papa937 karma

It's a very low dose right now. The goal of it at the moment is to stimulate good blood flow during the recovery process.

DoubleHammy179 karma

But I'm guessing this doesn't affect you having kids correct?

Wolfhound_Papa386 karma

Regardless of any eventual ED, the doctor has assured me I will be able to have kids.


Not right now. The doctors say the recovery is about 2 months before I can start getting back to any kind of sexual intercourse.

We had sex last Monday night. We both laughed at the second part, she says she is worried.

Am I missing something or are you contradicting yourself?

Wolfhound_Papa236 karma

The surgery was this past Wednesday, May 1. We had sex on monday, April 29.


Oh I see, my mistake!

I have one legit question though; do you ever wake up in the night from a painful boner after the surgery?

Wolfhound_Papa280 karma

Every night so far, multiple times. It's the worst part.

cowsgomoo98554 karma

Was the size reduced in any way?

Wolfhound_Papa770 karma

The doctor said it's going to be like a centimeter or two shorter, so not a whole lot.

cowsgomoo98445 karma

How big was it to begin with?

Wolfhound_Papa1200 karma

Last time I measured it erect it was about 7.5".

IVIagicbanana311 karma

Damn boy. I'm sure having a little bit shorter isn't going to matter much then.

Wolfhound_Papa1212 karma

When they initially told me about the shortening that would come with surgery I told them, "aww that's all? My fiancé will probably thank ya!" The docs didn't even crack a smile.

IVIagicbanana282 karma

People need a sense of humor in their lives. It makes living life better when you can laugh at just about anything.

Wolfhound_Papa347 karma

Ya, I'm not mad at the situation at all. If anything I have a cool story to tell now.

jakimovskik2 karma

2 cm shorter is about .8 inches, or about 9.5% of total length. Not a whole lot, but for most guys .8 inches loss would be tragic.

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Ya. I recognize that while I'm not swinging a tree trunk by Any means, I definitely blessed.

mozrila522 karma

HEY! YOU WERE MY REDDIT SECRET SANTA! HOLY SHIT! Proof Thanks for the Creeper Mug!

Wolfhound_Papa254 karma

Hey, fancy meeting you here. Hope you enjoy the thread :)

Shawoowoo337 karma

You have big balls. O.O

Edit: I find it funny that one of my top comments is about ball sacks and I'm a woman.

Wolfhound_Papa374 karma

Thanks. I never really thought much of them so that means a lot.

chance__284 karma

How did you piss? Did it hurt?

Wolfhound_Papa548 karma

It hurts like hell right now (The surgery was just last Wednesday). I have been peeing into one of those plastic urinal thingies you get at the hospital.

The thing that hurts the most is getting an erection right now. Those photos are from today so you can see how swollen it is. Any time I start to get hard it feels like my penis is being torn apart. Worst. Pain. Ever.

chance__285 karma

Man, I wonder if they have pills so you don't get a boner.

Flaccid Pills.

Wolfhound_Papa391 karma

I can say 100% that they don't. It sucks because it seems like I get an erection EVERY time I start falling asleep over the last two nights. It's so bad I am actually afraid to lay down.

CapnKill208 karma

Know the feel, had my second cock op about a month back and it's fine during the day, soon as I fall asleep I'm up for ~2h a night in crazy amounts of pain.

Wolfhound_Papa209 karma

How soon before the swelling goes away and I get regular sleep again?

CapnKill186 karma

A while. I reckon I'll still be in pain sleeping for about another month [having had the op on Apr 2nd]. Meanwhile my gland is swollen a bit still and I can feel something in the cock is swollen a tad. Prepare for the long haul!

Wolfhound_Papa250 karma

Ugghhh. Well at least I know I can say I feel your pain.

jiemeli47 karma

I got some viagra. Want some?

Wolfhound_Papa90 karma

I actually have some that I'm taking at an extremely low dose at the moment. Doc said its to stimulate blood flow to help with recovery.

spankinit2244 karma

My apologies friend, I also have suffered a penis fracture before. Although mine did not get infected as your's did, I can honestly say i feel you're pain bro. I was having sex with my girlfriend and I heard and felt the pop like you described, the worst pain I have ever felt. I don't really have a question for you but just dropping in to say you're not alone man. Glad to hear you're doing better. But i will ask you, have you seen the Drew Carey episode where he fell down the stairs and broke his dick? When i was in the hospital, that is all I could think of, but it kept my spirits high.

Wolfhound_Papa192 karma

Thanks man. I've never seen the episode but I'm definitely going to check it out. Hey, we could start our own club!

ChicaItaliana26234 karma

Why does it look so short in all but the last one? Did they cut out a chunk?

Oh geez, that sounds horrible. But I have to ask

Wolfhound_Papa643 karma

The one from surgery they had injected it with something to give me an erection. I'm a grower not a shower.

muffintalknerdy218 karma

I had a similar situation happen but from the girl's side, and I actually am recovering from surgery right now. In November, my boyfriend was on top during sex, and at one point he pulled out and thrust back in a little too vigorously. He hit me really hard to the side and below my vagina, causing a hematoma. Eventually, this bruise ruptured and I spent 4 months at my gyno getting it cauterized weekly. When she couldn't figure out what it was, she sent me to a colo-rectal specialist. Turns out, the impact caused an anal fistula and I had to have a seton (loop from the hole into my ass) put in Wednesday. I am recovering and will have to have multiple surgeries. His penis escaped unharmed.

Wolfhound_Papa36 karma

Ouch. I definitely feel your pain. I hope things move along quickly and your recoveries are as painless as possible :)

chiefrunswithbears213 karma

After all of the injections and thoughts of surgery did you ever start o think that it might be more trouble than its worth?

Wolfhound_Papa492 karma

The second I got home from the hospital and my ass hit my bed I instantly regretted having the surgery. The pain and anxiety I have felt over the last few days is the worst I've had to endure in my life (For perspective I was a soldier deployed to Baghdad in 2007 getting shot at and blown up).

I know that in the end this needed to be done because the bend in my penis was almost too extreme to even be functional.

harmonoff160 karma

how much do you weigh?

Wolfhound_Papa210 karma

155 pounds.

IVIagicbanana152 karma


Wolfhound_Papa206 karma


takenwithapotato152 karma

On a scale of 1 to I'd rather eat dog shit, how painful was it?

Wolfhound_Papa864 karma

I'd rather eat dog shit thrown up from a herpes infested hooker's mouth.

Dgauthier17146 karma

Do you think that this experience will deter you from having sex? (Or less than frequent) since the fracture occurred during sex?

Wolfhound_Papa400 karma

Not at all. I engaged to the same girl this happened with and we are getting married next year. She is very understanding and supportive of my recovery and has even been supportive when my sexual confidence has been less than 100% since the injury.

Dgauthier17183 karma

That's great, I'm glad she is supportive. Congrats on the engagement!

Wolfhound_Papa188 karma

Thanks a bunch, I'll pass it on to her too.

PinkBootedBandit142 karma

i cringed

Wolfhound_Papa476 karma

Me too.

meltedsnake115 karma

Was the intercourse you were having particularly violent? What caused you to get the fracture. It looks extremely painful.

Wolfhound_Papa199 karma

Not really violent but we were both being pretty "enthusiastic." It was basically just a slip and some bad timing from doggy style that caused the penis to bend and fracture.

Kage52064 karma

This is terrifying as something like this has happened to me, just not so extreme as to cause damage. Just painful. I will have to be more careful.

Wolfhound_Papa82 karma

Well I'm happy for you that it wasn't too bad. Gotta watch that in-stroke!

MoFacka97 karma

I am almost certain I have seen your tattoo'd arm in a porn somewhere... Who are you really?!

Wolfhound_Papa143 karma

Just a regular guy.

mike_102978 karma

I'm going to be so fucking paranoid the next time I go at it doggy. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you'll be back in business in a couple of months!

Wolfhound_Papa71 karma

Thanks. Ya, I always try and warn people since I injured it.

MoarOranges68 karma

Dude that last dick shriveled a little.

Wolfhound_Papa128 karma

Ya, you see how small mine has gotten, lol.

Thejohnnycheese50 karma

Were you able to Masturbate or have sex at all the whole year you had your penis fractured?

Wolfhound_Papa81 karma

Oh ya. Sex became more and more difficult over the year though as the bend got worse.

lamarlandobanks31 karma

so, how's your penis?

Wolfhound_Papa45 karma

The photos with the stitches in we're taken today. So that's pretty much the state of things right now. Painful.

robotikempire15 karma

You have beautiful hands.

Wolfhound_Papa14 karma

Ummm, thanks. :)

flyingdildos6 karma

Fuck I wish I could take the last two minutes back and not read this thread.

Wolfhound_Papa4 karma

Well at least you have a good story to te your friends later.

Abbiore4 karma

Was it functional before you had the surgery or injections post fracture?

Wolfhound_Papa8 karma

The bend of my penis got worse and worse over time until just last week it was bent kind of like you see in the surgery photo.

DiaDeLosMuertos3 karma

Is it natural to not be able to get through much of this thread? Also, my penis hooks slightly... should I do anything about it?

Wolfhound_Papa4 karma

My doc said that having somewhat of a curve is natural. The problem is when the curvature brings a risk of bending it during intercourse. If you've never had any issues I wouldn't worry about. Just be careful when you're going all banana sandwich.

ojay933 karma

Wolfhound_Papa2 karma

Aww thanks. Hadn't thought about posting there!

fear_nothin2 karma

sooo just how blue are your balls after that?

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

After the surgery? They're bruised alright.

jerlsing2 karma

So how's that penis doing?

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

It's doing painful, very painful.

RoloTamassi2 karma

Did it hurt?

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

It hurt pretty good at the time but that is nothing to the pain I am having with erections the last couple days.

mestex2 karma

Did they try and pawn you off with tablets before the injections? I'm currently on Cialix (think thats the name) for about 6 months now. I get a response with them so they aren't wanting to operate.

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

They held the surgery off until just last month when they agreed to schedule it. Apparently this type of injury, peyronie's in particular, isn't fully finished vending your unit until around a year so they like to wait at least that long.

NazelEar2 karma

So you had to live with a bent penis for a year? Wow. Why was the gap in between the injections and the surgery so long?

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

I get all of my medical stuff done at the VA and they aren't exactly quick about getting stuff done.

NazelEar2 karma

How embarrassing was it having to let your friends and family know what had happened?

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Not at all. I'm not embarrassed about my sex life, I have it pretty good so it was just another story really. My family have always been open about stories like that too so that made it easier as well.

wx4tcc2 karma

Do you have any pre-op pics?

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

I'm sure there's some floating around somewhere. I don't have any though.

Lawson123452 karma

did u jerk off when it was broken

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Ya. Especially toward the end it was easier to masturbate than have sex because the erections were so crooked and not as hard as they used to be.

hpgrad2 karma

If I may say, you seem to have a quite good looking penis (which is a bit weird to think from the photos you have provided...). Glad you're better!

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Thanks. Still in the early days of recovery but keeping my chin up.

meshugganah2 karma

How did that first trip to the ER go? Really awkward, or were you in so much pain that it didn't really matter?

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

My first trip was to the urologist. It was a little awkward but had to get the little guy taken care of.

rockph3nom212 karma


Wolfhound_Papa4 karma

It was my fiancé and she feels horrible about it. She has been super supportive through the whole ordeal as well.

Brownsugarz2 karma

Is it even possible for you yo attempt jelqing later on in the future? Next to kegels, those are good exercises for stimulating blood flow to the penis and make it bigger lengthwise and girthwise.

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

I've never heard of it. I'll have to check it out.

CraaazyCat2 karma

How much did it hurt? Does it work?

Wolfhound_Papa3 karma

It hurt a while bunch. I'm only a few days post op right now, but my doctors are confident that I'll gain full use back.

CraaazyCat2 karma

YAY! I have never felt so happy for a stranger's penis!

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Thanks :)

SamuraiKrunch1 karma

Did you have them put in a little extra during the surgery? I heard they can do that

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

I asked if they could but they laughingly declined.

GordieLaChance1 karma

Dude, NSFL tag this shit. That last pic was brutal [yeah, OK I just kinda realized you lived through it but still...].

Good luck in your recovery.

Wolfhound_Papa1 karma

Ya I figured I wouldn't get too many opportunities to get a photo of the inside of my penis. May as well take advantage.