Hey Reddit!

We are Fighting Gravity, finalists from America's Got Talent. We started as a group of fraternity brothers from Virginia Tech with no dance experience and have since performed our show around the world!

Check out our performances here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P-RXohKepp4

We are currently in development for a full length show in New York City and plan to open this fall. We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to spread the word, pre-sell tickets and give away tons of goodies. We're still just a bunch of broke college students and need your help to make our dream a reality!

Support us on Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/11jBoSM

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/HvaSdnv.jpg

https://www.facebook.com/FGravityFanpage https://twitter.com/fgravity

EDIT: Back to work, thanks for all the questions, follow us and support our show! http://kck.st/11jBoSM

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BlaziKenJennings54 karma

Are you going to continue using the Glitch Mob in your performances?

TheFightingGravity59 karma

Absolutely, we love their work and will continue to collaborate with them as much as we can, can't wait for their new album!

SuburbanWhiteBoy47 karma

You're my favorite act to ever be on the show! I have a few questions.

How did you originally come up with the idea?

What's your favorite scene to perform?

Thanks so much!

TheFightingGravity33 karma

Thank you, SuburbanWhiteBoy!

We originally created the show for a philanthropic talent show, and found much inspiration from youtube. Blacklight theater and the kabuki style have been around for a while, and we wanted to give it our own style!

We love to perform the skateboard scene, but anytime we have a good crowd makes it a lot more fun.

ojonttu3 karma

I'm from eu and honestly haven't heard of you guys before this ama. Those clips from talent were amazing! How many people do you have in your crew?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

Thank you! We began with 13, but our crew continues to grow

fluffy_cunt25 karma

What will you do if you don't get funded?

TheFightingGravity38 karma

cry, cry, drink and cry some more. We have always been good at being broke, we're pretty resourceful, so probably more couch surfing and ramen noodles. Not gettting funded will definitely make things more difficult though.

Phaenon19 karma

Wow. Your performances are amazing! When did you guys come together as a group? Also, how long does it usually take you to put together a show? Much love, -Phaenon

TheFightingGravity21 karma

Thanks Phaenon, glad you like them! We were all fraternity brothers at Virginia Tech and in 2009 we performed for a talent show at Virginia Tech. Putting together a show takes a while, its hard to say, but we're constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts. It's been a learning process to say the least. Our skateboard routine for example was a minute and a half, and took us a month to develop.

upsidedownpancake16 karma

Do you miss the college experience at all or is what you're doing now just so much more awesome you don't think about it?

TheFightingGravity49 karma

College becomes a little less fun when your body has to recover for a week after a night of drinking. Most of us are still taking classes, but we've taken so much time off for the group that the four year plan has become more of a seven year plan.

"plenty of people go to college for seven years." "yeah, they're called doctors."

lbkhippy13 karma

Phi phi, brothers.

TheFightingGravity9 karma

phi phi brother!

orangesprinkles8 karma

On America's Got Talent, what was the whole process like? How long did you have to practice before shows. Was most of the choreography done in that time, or did you have numbers lined up that you would only have to practice perfecting them?

Also, did you get to meet the judges off-screen at all? What were they like?

TheFightingGravity14 karma

We had about a month to work on our first two performances, and less than a week once we were doing the live shows. We never really had numbers lined up but had ideas for basic concepts. It was definitely stressful and spent 14 hour days on set and weekends. As untrained dancers, practices were long and tedious.

We did get to meet the judges, they were awesome, Howie and Sharon were awesome! Piers was there too...

orangesprinkles10 karma

Howie and Sharon seem like awesome people. Piers seems like a person.

I went to highschool with Brett so I followed you guys pretty closely on the show. My mom bought T-shirts and everything, so you'll always have support in this household.

Have you noticed any changes in the way you were treated? Did people who hadn't talked to you in a while suddenly want to be your friend again? You all seem pretty down-to-earth, and I feel like you would handle your fame well, but did you feel like people were ever just excited by the idea of associating themselves with "Fighting Gravity From America's Got Talent"?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

thank you for your support! there were definitely some little changes, especially in our hometown, but for the most part the size of the group and the anonymity of the show kept us "in the dark." Some people were more excited than others, but we are always glad to hear positive feedback from our fans. its what keeps us going and working hard.

neanderhummus8 karma

What is your earliest childhood memorY?

TheFightingGravity19 karma

Brett - standing on top of the powerbox outside my house, butt naked, jumping off and pretending I was superman. babysitter in pursuit. Gregg - stepping on a beehive. that sucked. Travis - passing out in a bowl of cereal and almost drowning. Caleb - somebody stole my nose. never got it back.

Nubboi7 karma

Hey guys, congratulations on all your success so far! I went to Virginia Tech so I'm a big fan. Are you guys doing this full time, or do any of you currently have other careers as well? Or are you guys all still students at Virginia Tech? What is your favorite place to eat in Blacksburg? Who are some of the most famous people you've met? Good luck and keep up the good work! I'll be sure to contribute to the Kickstater.

TheFightingGravity14 karma

Thank you! A few of us are doing this full time, some have gone back to school at VT, all of us are still broke

West End's london broil is where it's at!

We've met some amazing people: Snoop Dogg shortly before his transformation into Snoop Lion, Epic Meal Time, JLO, Will.I.Am, and the king himself Lionel Richie, just to name a few.

ocxtitan9 karma

I think Snoop Lion should have pressed B to stop the evolution...

simpleatom3 karma


EdYOUcateRSELF2 karma

Wait for his final form!

ocxtitan2 karma

This isn't even it!

TheFightingGravity5 karma

Snoop Lion evolved into Snoop Liger!

QuixoticElixers6 karma

When will there be new videos and/or performances up for us to watch?

TheFightingGravity5 karma

We're posting clips from our development process with clips/teasers leading up to opening this fall. Follow us on facebook and twitter to stay updated!

QuixoticElixers4 karma

follow up question, will your show be an off-broadway production similar to a blue man group style?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

We will have a very non-traditional venue and show style, similar to BMG

Butt_Crust6 karma

Hey, you guys are awesome! I remember watching the performance on tv and being absolutely stunned. I noticed that you use a lot of tracks from Glitch Mob, I was wondering what other artists you feature in your show.

TheFightingGravity5 karma

we listen to tons of electronic music, and will have a lot of variety in the show (including lots of Glitch Mob). As for others, we (might) use zeds dead, butch clancy, bassnectar, adventure club, pretty lights, just to name a few.

farmerfrugal6 karma

Who was the most inspired to create this group and do what you do?

TheFightingGravity8 karma

after the talent show, we didn't have any plans to take it any further. it was on a whim one night that one of our guys (at about a [7]) decided to send the video in to AGT. A month later we got a phone call, and got invited to audition in new york!

pfb2506 karma

How many pancakes can you eat in one sitting?

TheFightingGravity21 karma

At a [10] we can finish 15, normally 3

703hokie5 karma

Did you guys bring on three professional dancers as your leads in the white? I think I saw some asian guys on there that weren't with you at Tech.

TheFightingGravity7 karma

there were actually two asians on the crew during AGT. the group has evolved to use professional dancers as some members have decided to go back to school.

50_cal5 karma

Phi Phi K A!

TheFightingGravity5 karma

Phi Phi!

stealthismatt5 karma

I feel like i could only watch about 15-20 minutes of this before i was bored. How do you plan to make an hour long show or so that keeps the audience engaged?

At americas got talent, do you all talk shit about each others act behind their backs while they perform?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

We're adding a lot of new elements (kittens, narwhals, etc.) and am planning to bring on a director and choreographer... On the show we only had a week to create, develop and rehearse, but our full length show has been in development for over a year

We actually formed great friendships with the other contestants on the show, and have worked with many of them since. Any shit talking was all in good fun, except for Murray.

nunchukity5 karma

Dancing has helped ye with chicks, hasn't it?

TheFightingGravity7 karma

A good amount of our fans are suburban mothers, so yes.

WeeHairyHaggis4 karma


You could up your game to beat these guys

TheFightingGravity1 karma

We've contacted the lighting designer for that show, and respect their work immensely! They've definitely inspired us to look into new technologies, but not so much their music

Surf3143 karma

I'm sure you guys know this but your act is essentially one of the oldest magic tricks in existence. Do you ever look at the history of magic acts for any inspiration?

TheFightingGravity2 karma

magic is all about the presentation. we definitely look to the history of magic for inspiration, and try and add our own style to it. creativity has a lot to do with adapting old ideas, changing it, molding it, and making them your own.

Miogato3 karma

Have you guys been ask to performe as a background act for some bands?

TheFightingGravity6 karma

Yep, we've performed alongside the Far East Movement, Will.I.Am and Jennifer Lopez's bubble butt

lets_go_hokies3 karma

Just wanted to say hello from Virginia Tech! Have you guys ever considered coming back and doing another show here in Blacksburg?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

absolutely! we're really focused on our full length show at the moment, but as soon as a tour is lined up, VT will be on the list for sure. go hokies!

dontsweattt3 karma

What is your planning process like for creating new material?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

Smerk serm wreer and tern ern the blerk learts...

No, haha, usually begins with brian storming the illusion/concepts, finding music to match, and yelling at each other for a few hours until something clicks

GoHokiesVT3 karma

Hey Birdcage!

TheFightingGravity2 karma


Decathlon443 karma

How do you think your lives would be currently different if you had won AGT instead of only placing 3rd?

Do you feel like singers shouldn't be allowed on AGT as they already have so many platforms to make a splash unlike the GREAT and TALENTED variety acts like you guys?

TheFightingGravity4 karma

We've always enjoyed variety acts a lot more, but can respect a singer who can perform well.

If we would have won, the million dollar prize after taxes, split 13 ways would have been enough to cover rent for a few months. Life changing.

recklessconsumption3 karma

First time I've taken the plunge and funded a kickstarter. Best of luck and phi phi k a!

TheFightingGravity4 karma

Thank you thank you thank you!

thecrookedcomedian2 karma

How did you guys get into this stuff?

What ha been your coolest experience so far after AGT?

Would you consider doing a performance at my High School?

TheFightingGravity1 karma

it was on a whim we decided to audition for AGT after a talent show at Virginia Tech. We got inspiration from multiple sources, and adapted ideas to make them unique. Our coolest experience has been traveling the world to perform. China, Viennna, London, etc.

transporting 13 people plus prop shipping gets a bit pricey...but if you're serious, email us!

Philobus2 karma

Obligatory Chive On!

TheFightingGravity0 karma

KCCO For Life.

mats212 karma

If there was one member of the group that you would like to see kicked by a horse who would it be and why?

TheFightingGravity0 karma

Probably our manager Mike, he can be a real buzz killington sometimes

Naggers1232 karma

Apparently Nick Offerman's really big on kabuki, you should try reaching out to him

TheFightingGravity1 karma

Will do, big fan of his work, thank you!

iridepolarbears2 karma


TheFightingGravity2 karma

phi phi!

VaporMaverick2 karma

did you ever shake howie mandels hand?

TheFightingGravity2 karma

We adhered to the fist bumps only rule, figured it was best to have Howie on our side

the_jerks_is_us2 karma

Definitely the best act on the entire history of the show! You guys remind me a lot of The Blue Man group, but unique in your own way. Have you guys ever considered adding live musicians to your performance instead of playing back a recording?

TheFightingGravity4 karma

We've never really considered having musicians playing live, but we have talked about having a DJ live on stage with us. Definitely something that we're gonna keep talking about.

MrSparta6182 karma

Have you ever thought that other competitors seems to get through with WAY less effort in actual talent than your act? Because I felt that way watching your season.

TheFightingGravity2 karma

The show tends to be more geared towards individuals with compelling stories.. as a group we faced some big challenges, but enjoyed traveling and working with our close friends

Sealslapper692 karma

Loved your stuff! What happened to you guys after America's Got Talent?

TheFightingGravity3 karma

After the show, we went on tour with the top 10 from AGT. Since then we've done numerous performances on TV and at private events around the world. We've been in development for a full length show to debut in New York this fall. Support us on Kickstarter here! http://kck.st/11jBoSM

TheDongerNeedsFood2 karma

First of all, love your show!! Seriously some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen. Second, and don't take this the wrong way as I was in a fraternity as well, but please, please tell me you made your pledges help you with the setup for the initial shows.

Also, which one of you is Flounder, and which one is Otter?

TheFightingGravity1 karma

No, pledges didn't help set up unfortunately. We relied on our own. As for flounder and otter, depends on the day and task at hand. Seems to change all the time.

kurosevic2 karma

What the fuccccck. I've never seen any of those performances before. That was great.

TheFightingGravity1 karma

Glad you like us! we appreciate it.

bayareatrojan1 karma

phi phi

TheFightingGravity1 karma

Likewise brotha!

charliekattt1 karma

I have nothing to ask, but I want to show you my appreciation! You guys are amazing!

TheFightingGravity0 karma

Thanks for the support!

2oh8lax1 karma

Firstly, phi phi brothers. Secondly, just wondering if the talent show in 2009 was anchorsplash. My then colony now chapter had a consultant from VT and he showed us that video and it was awesome. Keep up the good work.

TheFightingGravity0 karma

Yep, it was DG's Anchorsplash, thanks for the support, Phi phi!

armlessturtleneck1 karma

Did you get any inspiration from Momix it reminds me a lot of some of their stuff

TheFightingGravity1 karma

never saw it before we started the group. they have some cool stuff though

BecklesVT1 karma

Yay! Virginia Tech! That was so awesome!

TheFightingGravity1 karma

go hokies!

vadersdemise1 karma

So are you always traveling at seven miles per second?

TheFightingGravity1 karma

All day every day. Enginerds for life

HuegsOSU1 karma

Where are you guys looking to perform in NYC? I just moved here and loved you guys on AGT. Def want to see you guys once your show is fully developed!

Phi Phi

TheFightingGravity0 karma

We're still looking into a few spaces, but it won't be a traditional theater. The whole show will be built around the space we find!

doctordaniel1 karma

You were Pikes at VTech, right? SAE down the road in TN here. Love your performances!

TheFightingGravity1 karma

Yep we were all in Pike at VT.

lilyaqha1 karma

Were there any crabby/hostile people you were competing with?

TheFightingGravity1 karma

not really, even under all the stress we were all pretty good friends.

I_Has_A_Hat1 karma

So are any wires used or is it all guys in black?

TheFightingGravity1 karma

we use magnets and magic

Be4stfromMidE4st0 karma

Where will you go when the Zombie Apocalypse happens?

TheFightingGravity0 karma

Get an SUV, find Rick and Michonne, and hopefully locate some sort of Prison fortress.

Davey_Disapproves0 karma

When will you go away?

TheFightingGravity2 karma

The day Davey Approves.

diMario-3 karma

Why fight Gravity?

Gravity is your friend. It keeps water in the Oceans, it keeps the atmosphere where you can breath it, it keeps mountains from getting too high and it keeps the Sun and the Moon in their respective orbits. Bonus: it keeps fat people from getting uppity with any sort of credibility.

Please, don't fight Gravity.

TheFightingGravity5 karma

Our next project will be called "Accepting Gravity," but for some reason it just doesn't sound as exciting. It's a bit of a personal grudge, gravity has taken many a phone screen.