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Thank you for saying this! My husband was a finishing carpenter and made furniture, cabinets, etc. Nobody buys that stuff anymore. Our house is filled with furniture made my him and people are impressed, but still go buy crap from IKEA. Makes me sad. Mindsets need to be changed in a lot of our marketing/buying.

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Has anyone been accidentally swallowed by one? I've always wondered this.

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Thanks for answering that! It's just a silly question that I ALWAYS think about when I see a picture of one.

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How do you deal with dancing for a person that creeps you out? (If that has ever happened) (Hands you a sprite. )

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Sorry to hear. I know, I had it for 11 years before being diagnosed. The "tut tut, you have your period" pissed me off like mad. The final straw was when I had vaso vagal syncope at work. I thought I was dying at that point, and nobody cared/would help me. They caught it, finally, because I found a different doctor. She removed lesions on my intestines, diaphragm, abdominal wall, everywhere! Along with a 7" cyst and my ovary, because scar tissue blocked it.

My ? is does your girlfriend have any autoimmune diseases? 15 years later, I now have thyroid problems.