Alright guys, it's been fun, but I gotta get to bed! Gnite!

Hi, I go by Fenoxo and I've been making smutty text games for over two years now. Amazingly, my main game has gotten fairly popular, and as a result, when I decided to try and crowd-fund my next game, I raised over $125,000 (we might have hit $126,000 at this point). My stuff is fairly niche and full of descriptions of things like lactation, girls with penises, demons, furries, absurd genitalia, and the like, so be aware that it's pretty out there!

Be warned, my games can easily consume 8 hours of time and leave you wondering where the day went.

You can check out my current game at: or (requires account).

I've also been told it's up here if the above links don't work:

You can check out the fund raiser on Offbeatr (kickstarter for porn) over here:

This is my first time posting on reddit, so be gentle!

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Dr_Turkey690 karma

Dear Fenoxo,

Sorry for breaking your website.

Love, Reddit.

PS: Congratulations on your success!

fenoxo567 karma

Ruh roh! Oh well, friendly DDoS is best DDoS.

cocthrowaway373 karma

Played CoC out of morbid curiosity, stayed because I got a massive ladyboner, noped the fuck out of there when my female(?) character had like 6 tits and 2 massive demon cocks with goo for hair.

fenoxo250 karma

Glad you liked it, but keep in mind you can always reload if you get things you don't like, and generally the more extreme stuff is fairly easy to avoid, toggle off, beat into the dirt and walk away from. On the same breath, I'm sorry you didn't like some of the stuff you got!

count_funkula302 karma

Ohshit, people pay that big for that kind of stuff?

fenoxo329 karma

Some of that is likely because I do it well and because there is so much content. Some of my patches have contained upwards of 50,000 words worth of scenes.

count_funkula182 karma

I could imagine you would be successful in the Japanese market if you could get a good translator for your stuff.

fenoxo223 karma

That's probably true, but due to the modularity of the scenes and my mediocre coding, they're all hard-baked into the code, so whoever did it would need a fair knowledge of flash.

cfoust377 karma

hard baked into the code

You just made programmer-me cringe.

fenoxo280 karma

I'm a truly terrible programmer, to be honest. I make up for it with dedication.

FlashDave137 karma

I'm a Flash programming expert (7 years full time experience). Maybe I could take a look and help you improve/organize it.

fenoxo273 karma

Your brain would implode.

The last professional coder to look at my code said it gave him migraines so bad they induced temporary blindness. I don't mind you taking a poke at it if you like - just shoot me an email ([email protected]) requesting it.

Acct235095155 karma

God dammit, Fen. Did you kill offbeatr again?

fenoxo137 karma


dwlgamingult87 karma


fenoxo74 karma

The idea is that each kind of ship has a limited volume that can be used up, and the number of followers you can bring with you at any time is relative to the space in your ship not used for guns. Strapping in an oversized engine would raise your ship's agility, but you might not be able to bring your harem/friends onboard!

dwlgamingult37 karma


fenoxo72 karma

Unique. There have been discussions about combat pets for certain classes (sentry bots), but I don't want to do drab, nondescript NPCs. It's more fun when they have personalities and quirks for you to play with.

Iwokeupwithoutapillo76 karma

Oh my God, an AMA I actually have interest in. Uh, shit, need a question...

Uhhhhhhh, okay! Fen, what's your favorite color!

fenoxo85 karma


Iwokeupwithoutapillo52 karma

Yessss. This is so awesome. Can I ask another? What's your favorite food! And movie! And, uh, book!

fenoxo86 karma

I like lots of foods! Can't really pick a movie. Same for book. Anything scifi/fantasy is good. I thoroughly enjoy Stephen King's gunslinger novels.

elcidthehero63 karma

Out of all the requests you've gotten for additional corruption of champions content, what do you remember as being the weirdest one?

fenoxo146 karma

It's hard to judge weirdest, but bone-melting ass-moles come to mind.

fenoxo100 karma

Oh, and for fun, here's something awful an artist friend of mine doodled of it (NSFW, obviously)

SnowdriftK938 karma

I haven't played in a while. Did you actually add these?

fenoxo108 karma

No, and I won't.

PrettyTerry61 karma

There is that big a market for text games? It hasn't declined with the ease of access to videos?

fenoxo137 karma

I think it largely has, but I've managed to tap a niche that can't really be tapped as well with graphical assets. By utilizing dynamic body-part descriptions in an intelligent way, I can handle players being everything from goo-girls to centaurs with a brace of tentacle-penises.

And I can do that while still having things mention that about the PC in sex scenes without TOO much effort on my part (relative to rendering it all in 3d or getting art of it).

GreatThunderOwl25 karma

By any chance, do you enjoy really steamy fan fiction? I think I'm getting that vibe.

fenoxo89 karma

I generally avoid fan-fiction to be honest. I'd rather read original steamy stories!

However I may have enjoyed the odd WoW sexfic.

Asirr5 karma

Eventually you reach a point where normal porn doesn't work for you. Then you start getting into the fetish stuff and after a while you become desensitized to the point where that doesn't work either. That's when you realize that you have become so desensitized that the stuff that works for you is only possible in the confines of your imagination. So instead of watching videos we create our own videos in our head based off what we are reading via text games.

fenoxo19 karma

Man, I still love POV blowjob videos, speak for yourself!

Heroofdyrst53 karma

Hey Fen! Just wanted to say congrats on the huge success of TiTS.

Where did the idea for CoC come from? Did you just decide that there weren't enough games like that out that and you would be the first to do it on that scale? Or was it just something you wanted to do in your free time for fun?

fenoxo61 karma

I saw some Belial game with a mutate button and such and I figured it would be way better if it was pared down into some more reasonable transformations and built up more, so I gave it a go. As for the why, I really wanted to produce some porn to give back for all the stuff I had been mooching for free off the internet.

CrypticRandom48 karma

How much grinding will there be? CoC had a huge amount of it, which sometimes made random encounters annoyingly hard to get (Ceraph in particular took forever.) Will there be more or less grinding, and will followers and whatnot require you to sift through hordes of space imps. If so, I may have to clear out a huge chunk of my time due to the insane addictive power of your games.

fenoxo65 karma

I think the more spread out exploration mechanic will allow for less "over-crowding" of areas. I feel like the sweet spot is 3-4 encounters per area, and CoC has gotten a bit bloated in that regard.

Of course, being an RPG, there will be still be grinds, but I'll try to keep them fun.

Kaleaon47 karma

Have to say congratulations, and that I enjoy playing CoC on my Nexus7, its a fantastic game. I was wondering if you have any plans to make any gay mates for characters at all, or will your next game be mostly herm/hetero relations?

fenoxo62 karma

I haven't laid plans to any, but I'm totally fine with doing gay stuff. I'm going to have a poll up for my next big CoC project later today, I hope, so if you like dudes, I recommend voting for Arian the mage!

leaderdom35 karma

First you break records in fundraising on Offbeatr, then you break offbeatr's servers with an IAmA! That or offbeatr chose a terrible time to go down. Also, your CoC link goes to a directory to .swfs, did you mean ?

I do have a question! How did you get the word out about CoC when you first started writing it? How did you get those first fans in before its popularity grew?

fenoxo47 karma

I did! Fixed it! I literally just made it and posted it on two places I frequented at the time (futanari palace and furaffinity), and it just kind of exploded from there. I did zero advertising, really. Word of mouth did it all.

This is probably the first time I've really advertised my work myself.

HalcyonAndroid34 karma

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for CoC, congrats on the offbeatr, and can't wait for TiTS.

Edit: guess I'll ask something too. Uh, any plans for implants, prosthetics, fuckable robots/AI/cyborgs, transhumanism stuff in TiTS

fenoxo33 karma


HalcyonAndroid19 karma

Sorry to be a bother, but a question occurred to me after I hit the submit button so I put in an edit.

fenoxo32 karma

9" hydraulic penises are probably going to be a thing. Third (Rubi's writer) has discussed potentially doing a robot girl you can find in a junkyard and rebuild to spec. I want to do an AI hologram with haptic feedback in all the right places.

I don't have all the TFs mechanisms worked out yet, but I would expect to see some robot stuff.

Malincar29 karma

Good to see you're still doing well, Fen.

I was thinking of trying to use flash to make something resembling a game, though it would probably be some sort of TBS rather than a smutty text adventure. Any advice?

fenoxo30 karma


Malincar20 karma

Turn-Based Strategy.

fenoxo33 karma

Hrmm, so much of TBS depends on the positioning element. Sadly, I don't think my expertise applies as well to that genre of game. One thing I DO think is important regardless of genre is planning. Plan. Plan. Plan. PLAN! Trying to shoehorn new features at a later point is way worse than planning for them at the get-go. When it comes to coding, planning is paramount.

Sedlina28 karma

if you had to name 5 reasons why your game C.o.C. is as successful as it is. What would those be?

fenoxo61 karma

Tough one! Fills a niche that wasn't well filled before. Constant updates. Quick bug fixing. Sourcing writing from the community. My inability to take more than a day off at a time.

Lazydrunk55 karma

  1. Urta
  2. Amily
  3. Helia
  4. Isabella
  5. Lottie

fenoxo44 karma

I only wrote 2 of these!

FrighteningWorld26 karma

Hello Fen! It has been several months since I have played CoC, mostly because I wanted to do a challenge run for myself. I wanted to wait until you finished the endgame so that I could try to do a full on virgin run of Corruption of Champions.

This brings me to my question. Will there be alternate endings based on how you have played the game?

fenoxo37 karma

The plan is a definite yes, but sadly, I wasn't pulling in the money to work on the endgame - everyone wanted more followers and CoC was filling beyond what it's framework could handle.

So, I'm going to switch over to TiTS. I hope to sneak writings for the CoC endgame in on the side so that I can someday take a month off from TiTS and power through giving CoC a proper finale.

goodwor24 karma

Why didn't you ever try just only putting up endgame on the donation list? It was always surrounded by characters people wanted, but it's not like they hadn't been waiting a while for those anyways. Could have stood to tell them they'd have to wait a while longer while you finished endgame.

fenoxo22 karma

If there's no choices, then there's not really much reason for people to put their money up for it. However, at this stage, it doesn't matter either way, and CoC will have to slow burn.

Chizwick25 karma

Will there be a character viewer for TiTS as well? Also, where can I get a more-updated CoC character viewer (which Loeri is currently working on)?

fenoxo38 karma

The plan is to have Loeri port the CoC one that's being developed.

Sadly, she hasn't been around or worked on it much this month, which throws a wrench into things. I plan to pay her for it, so hopefully she gets back and finishes it soon.

TwelveAngryTables25 karma

How did you decide to become a writer? Was it a childhood dream, or did you go "Why the hell not!" and start writing about dicks?

Obligatory gushing: In CoC I really like how all the sex is balanced with both humorous and serious deviations(Shouldra's story in particular is one of my favorites). It gives your actions in the game a deeper meaning and makes the world more dynamic in comparison to other RPGs.

fenoxo47 karma

This is actually kind of funny because I struggled with writing in school. I always did a lot of reading, but writing was something I always had a tough time with.

I set out to make some porn to give back for all the free porn I had mooched off the 'net, and quickly realized I couldn't art for crap. At that point, I figured I could combine writing and code to make something neat enough that it would overshadow my poor writing.

It turns out fixing typos and grammar issues over and over again eventually helps you stop making those mistakes, and I would say I'm an "okay" writer now. There are plenty of folks who write better, though.

Thanks! Shouldra was written by a guy name Shamblesworth, so I can't claim credit for her. It's a shame her author and I couldn't really get along but he has a decent talent for smut-crafting.

Sedlina24 karma

There are some alpha versions of an interface with images around. Will you support images for certain elements on your T.i.T.S. project, like a fan art display for scenes or npc (as long as they fit the transformations)? found them =>

Also in C.o.C. the player can breed an entire army with npc’s and followers. With limited space on a player’s ship - how are you going to handle offspring in T.i.T.S.?

fenoxo30 karma

The current idea is to have some kind of station funded by a trust the PC's parent left them that all the children are whisked off (when applicable).

ThatGuyWithAnAccent24 karma

I can't believe I just played that for like 3 hours

fenoxo34 karma

I've heard wayyy worse.

abhinavram22 karma

When I saw the title, I knew who the submitter would be lol. Anyway, how long do you spend a day working on these games, and have you ever considered hiring an animator or something or do you like to leave things to the players imagination?

fenoxo31 karma

Too much! It really varies, but generally I spend about an hour or two fiddling with emails and then at least 5-6 hours on the game proper most days. I also tend to stream playing games for those who want to watch. Some days I've spent as much as 10-12 hours straight plowing through a big project (like the recently released Sand Witch Dungeon).

LadStankfoot21 karma

What's your take on the state of CoC as it stands now? How much has it differed from your "original vision" of what the game was to be, and did you originally intend to start accepting fan-written content when you began work on it? Additionally, did you originally mean for these fan contributions to become such a large part of the game's landscape or did the focus just gradually shift?

fenoxo37 karma

Oh man it is so much bigger than I intended. Tel'Adre was cut from the design document pretty quickly. It was just going to be the factory -> the end dungeon and only the first four exploration areas.

The focus has certainly shifted - I had no plans for true follower-style NPCs like Marble and Amily at first, but the writing was so good and it just made too much sense to turn down. This is one of the reasons that TiT's design has been changed to focus more on accumulating characters like that.

CaptainKreepingDeath20 karma

Long time fan of CoC, from before followers were even a thing. When Marble popped up, I silently accused you of ripping off Nimin, and when Amily popped up, I forgave you.

Anyway, what -if any- regrets do you have about CoC? Anything you wish would have turned out differently? Anything you just can't go back and change, because doing so would break everything?

fenoxo25 karma

My games actually came first - I even gave Xadera my code to look at, but X decided to build Nimin from scratch.

There's definitely been some drama I wish I could have avoided and things I could have done differently. As for things in game, I wish I had a better items/spells system.

Perfect_Booty20 karma

No real questions here, but I just wanted to thank you for CoC. It has given me and my friend many hours of fun copying and pasting each other our progress.

fenoxo20 karma


SharpieShark19 karma


Will CoC ever be considered "done" by your standards?

fenoxo30 karma


QDestroyer18 karma

Hello Fen! Ever since I found CoC, i've been watching your blog closely for updates because I can't get enough; so thanks for that!

My question is: Do you plan on adding more transformative items? How about having tattoo's and makeup added?

fenoxo28 karma

Z wrote up mouse transformations and raccoon transformations, so they are likely to be the next big thing!

whowaitwut18 karma

One of my least favorite things about CoC was essentially willingly TF'ing yourself. Will there be more involuntary TFs in TiTS, and any chance of having the cost to cure SSTD's be adjustable as sort of a difficulty setting?

fenoxo31 karma

The SSTD's should be curable for sure. Involuntary TFs can be a real pain and a boner-kill, and I'll try to keep them as balanced and treatable as possible while still allowing folks that like involuntary TF to enjoy them.

OneDeer18 karma

Are children and pregnancy going to be a part of TiTS? If so, are there any plans for unique children, ala Kid A?

fenoxo20 karma

Yep! Though I'm not sure about unique children, though.

OneDeer7 karma

Will they at least be present in some form (visiting, taking with, whatever) or will they be more of a "scamper off into the sunset" like Amily's litters or any of the generic children? Or do you just not have that planned out yet? :|a

fenoxo22 karma

There will probably be an option to check out the station and your assorted children, and if anyone wants to write some cute scenes that take place there, that's all gravy.

Juni22118 karma

Where did all the great content that was planned to be put in go? Like Phylla, for example. Also, just curious, why the abundance of cocks?

fenoxo24 karma

I actually just reviewed Phylla the other day and green-lit her for coding whenever. Her author isn't a native english speaker, and even with help from other people, it took a look of work from Z to get what is in the game up to snuff. I couldn't get him to give the rest of the document the same treatment, so it kind of languished.

If the demand is there, I'll see about trying to finish it. Gonna have a poll up later today with what my next CoC project should be while I wait on TiTS.

Zakams16 karma

For TiTS, have you ever thought of having CoC as a world you can visit? A game within a game, in other words?

fenoxo33 karma

I have an discarded it. I would prefer TiTS work on it's own merits. Though, I do plan to offer a character import for TiTS that will let you port over a CoC character.

Random-as-FUCK15 karma

How are you today?

fenoxo45 karma


seithon14 karma

Congrats on the progress so far Fen :) I don't suppose you'll be looking for an assistant editor would you ?:D

fenoxo22 karma

I'll likely put out a call for editors next time I have a buncha scenes on the menu, but really, finding errors that snuck into the game and reporting them are the best way to get on my radar for that!

waffleconecake14 karma

I have enjoyed this game for quit a while now but from the start my only concern was the massive number of waifus and lacking of male NPCs that you can actually fuck with out either making them a girl, demon, or rape. All I am really asking is for you to consider finding a good gay/bi writer to function as the main judge of male on male porn to see if it is worthy enough to be in the game. I know you are straight and that stuff isn't of your interest but the fact of the matter is that a large enough portion of the fans of the game do like m/m so I feel this would only help the game over all.

fenoxo20 karma

I can't MAKE people write me gay stuff. You might be interested a much more male focused game over here though:

And yes, I do plan to support male NPCs in TiTS.

Critwrench14 karma

So Fen, is there any more Kitsune stuff planned? If not, why?

fenoxo22 karma

Not at present. Wedge Skyrocket, the author of the Kitsunes has been MIA for quite a while.

latticusnon14 karma

Do you frequent /d/?

fenoxo28 karma

/d/ was a huge influence on the game.

LordBunnington13 karma

You mentioned the use of Capital Ships in the Endgame if you hit 150K, How many Ship classes will there be in TiTS? what does upgrading ships give you?

also, will the bonus game from the 130K goal be available for non-gold members, or is it exclusive to gold members only?

fenoxo21 karma

The ship system hasn't been completely plotted out, but I plan to have you start in a small ship that can hold two people and gradually upgrade to something Millenium Falcon/Firefly sized. The upper end I planned to go to would be something Normandy like, but I don't think I'll have full ship exploration ala Mass Effect. More than likely the ship UI will simply be broken up into the various tasks you can do onboard with options to visit the crew currently onboard.

Without having the $130,000 game nailed down, it's hard to say, but if it's multiplayer I'd like to do something where gold subscribers have an edge but everyone plays together. If it's single player, I'd likely try to work it on the staggered release plan I have with TiTS. Not everyone can/will pay for porn, but I want to share it anyhow!

jxbobak13 karma

Did you put in any Easter Eggs? If so, which are you favorites?

fenoxo35 karma

Team fortress 2 in the mountains, Kiha talking like Steve Urkhel to name 2.

Nieer13 karma

Hey Fen,

You offer a life time gold sub for $80 donation, will you offer that after the offbeatr is done?

fenoxo17 karma

I do not plan to.

SpartanXIII12 karma

Firstly, congrats on getting over $100,000. I would have chipped in but sudden costs near to the end means I can get the level I'm hoping for.

Anyway, my friend (Who isn't a reddit member and is also a fan of CoC) is wondering if there's going to be any more helia stuff? Maybe something regarding a Helia/Isma Threesome (Fire and Water, as he put it).

fenoxo18 karma

No plans for a threesome between them right now. Her author (Savin) is working on an expansion to bring the Milkbath girl from the Sand Witch Dungeon back to camp as well as a version of Hel for TiTS.

LightningNinja211 karma

So Fen, you have repededly said that you do this as your full time job and that you live off of the donations that people give you. Do you really make that much from that and also on a slightly related note, how did you do your taxes for this?

fenoxo23 karma

I paid taxes like any self-employed person. Wound up owing a decent chunk of change this year.

LightningNinja28 karma

Also, how do you like Reddit so far?

fenoxo13 karma

Lurked here a good long while actually! I enjoy it quite a bit.

comradechrome11 karma

Hey Fen, long time reader, first time donor. Just some random questions that came to mind-

  • Where are you from?
  • How much tax do you have to pay on something like this?!?
  • Have any favorite characters from popular media?
  • How am I going to explain this donation to the the House Committee on Un-American Activities?

fenoxo25 karma

*East Coast USA

*Iunno. I'll find out near tax time, I bet!

*TV: Family Guy characters are pretty great, Videogames: Anyone from bioshock infinite or TF2


MagnificentThree10 karma

Who would you say your favorite writers are? Who do you think is the best? Any that left that you miss?

fenoxo27 karma

I don't get nearly enough time to read anymore, but Stephen King is a big big favorite here lately. I've also enjoyed Robert Jordan's works, even if the guy that took over after he died manages to keep a more even pacing to the action. George RR Martin is also enjoyable, though I feel he goes out of his way to pull melancholy vibes from me.

MagnificentThree14 karma

I was referring to the writers for Corruption of Champions, Fen.

fenoxo29 karma

Derp! I'm tired, been up since 1AM.

Adjatha and Savin are two that come to mind, but I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Quiet Browser and Lukadoc do great work for example.

I miss having Gats around more. Abraxas did great stuff, and Wedge Skyrocket has amazing art AND writing. There's so many good folks that have come and gone, and I do with more of them were still around, particularly now that I'll be able to offer some monetary recompense. Oh, Symphonie is a big, big one! Dominika's scenes are great!

Thisusernameistake10 karma

Here's a question on a particular part of TiTS: With the hologram room, you said the player will be able to put in additional simulations, right? Well, I was thinking: what if other people could put in simulations, or just viruses that change other simulations in the hologram room? Much like Exgartuan or the worms, it could be removed if you wanted it to, with a little work... but maybe you wouldn't want it to be removed. Is this possibly going to be a thing?

fenoxo19 karma

I could see that being a thing.

Thisusernameistake9 karma

I just remembered something that's been bothering me forever:

In CoC, what happens on day 365(or 366)?

fenoxo21 karma

Nothing right now. The idea of having a character come through has been bandied about, but nothing has come of it yet.

david-me9 karma

Any plans for an Incest game or expansion pack?

/r/incest would love it.

fenoxo23 karma

Not really, but there is a fair bit of incest in game already.

Schnoofles8 karma

Got any ETAs or plans for Dominika?

Also, what are some of the major gameplay mechanic differences we can expect when going from CoC to TiTS?

fenoxo17 karma

A more definite movement mechanic, fast travel points on certain planets, removal of corruption mechanic, potentially multi-vaginas.


Why do you make text-based smut games, not using real images? Also, why are they popular?

fenoxo33 karma

Transformation is a big focus of the games, and for every mutation, it would require exponentially more art. Basically you can't do the stuff I do and have art.

mog0078 karma

Would you rather fight 1000 duck sized horses out one horse sized duck? Also, any plans for that sort of decision based fight in CoC ot TiTS?

fenoxo41 karma

Horse-sized duck, hands down. Horses have lots of leg issues with four legs, so to have that amount of weight on two frail, easily damaged legs seems the way to go. One good hit to the knee, and I'm good.

woodrobin7 karma

Firstly, congratulations on the success of the Offbeatr campaign, and welcome to reddit!

I really enjoyed writing content during one of the open edits (I believe it was the drider and bee oviposition PC scenes vs minotaurs). I had a couple of questions:

  1. What is a good way to contribute content to CoC (especially fleshing out existing content as opposed to creating entirely new NPCs)?

  2. Essentially same question, but for TiTS.

fenoxo13 karma

  1. Write it and post it up on the forums under event submissions. Emailing me to get my attention to it can help as well. Patience is good because I am all kinds of busy and have oodles of smut to organize and implement at any given time. Obviously answering any calls I put out for writing on the front page are good too.

  2. See above (It'll be about the same).

EmperorG7 karma

Good work so far Fen! Question: if you can only carry a limited number of either friends or weapons on your ship, where do your friends and extra weapons that can't fit stay at? Some intergalactic locker?

fenoxo22 karma

Followers that aren't onboard will likely return to their home or dwelling of choice, or failing that, their local spaceport.

poldarnman7 karma


fenoxo17 karma

The guy that has been porting CoC should be able to port TiTS the same way (unless I convert to Javascript, in which case it should work regardless), so yes, it should be a thing!

TheShroomHermit6 karma

What fetishes do you refuse to touch?

fenoxo12 karma

Loli, scat, gore, vore, watersports, necro, and probably some things I forget.

irksdar6 karma

Hey Fen are you considering adding the Izmael expansion for Izma? I'm not much of a fan of the whole bro aspect, and dislike Izma but the scenes seem hot as hell and I'd love to have a superfit swimmer follower that's full male. It seems all finished up to, the doc.

fenoxo11 karma

I actually have a friend yelling at me about adding it pretty much daily. I'm gonna toss up a poll later for the next CoC project I embark on.

Fenrakk1016 karma

How do you plan on managing menus in TiTS? CoC had a limit of ten options on the screen, will you just increase that limit for TiTS or add more sub-menus to keep everything orderly?

fenoxo11 karma

There will be a back/next button for scrolling through menu pages. This should let me have menus that can fit as many options as I can imagine.

bathinginreddit5 karma

What are these games? I don't get it.

fenoxo19 karma

Word porn.

Thisguy895 karma

First off congrats! It's really amazing how this kind of stuff works. I had a question about donations. I have donated $10 b/c that was all I had to give at that time but now I would like to donate more. Does the extra money combine and give me a higher tier if I donate another 10 or 15?

fenoxo12 karma

You should be able to adjust your pledge on Offbeatr.

Gandah5 karma

First off, when I saw this pop up on the front page of your site, I'm fairly certain my brain did the equivalent to this: aohspghaphgoaihohogphapohg.

Now that that's out of the way, I was wondering what made you get into coding? Also, when do you stream? Been wanting to watch, but I always seem to miss it.

fenoxo7 karma

I always wanted to get into coding and make videogames. I had kind of given up on that dream when this little hobby sort of exploded into a job! I usually wind up streaming later at night (9-10p CST) but it varies with my sleep schedule. Today I was streaming from like 1AM to seven or so.

GenGaoGaiGar4 karma

Good job on CoC.

Was wondering if you had any more info on the people who had asked about doing the second game for the TiTs site?

fenoxo8 karma

Nuku is my main consideration at present.

brikkz4 karma

looks interesting. how did u come up with this idea?

fenoxo6 karma

Sunknowner4 karma

I know, you not into gay stuff (me neither), but will there be any delicious traps in TiTS? (Like Rubi from CoC)

English not native, sry.

fenoxo8 karma

Traps are pretty great. I would be surprised if none appear. Rubi's author has spoken of a "james bond in space" trap.

megaflarex4 karma

I've devoted far too much time to CoC, I can't imagine the time I'll lose to TiTS! Also... Being a fan of dominant NPC's (especially futa!) Can we expect to see more of their like in TiTS?

SavinH4 karma

I assure you there will be PLENTY of Futa Femdom in Space in TiTS.

fenoxo9 karma

This is probably true.

I_am_salad3 karma

Hah, I was just playing CoC today. Shouldra is the greatest supporting character to ever exist in smut. Thanks for all the faps.

fenoxo5 karma

Shamblesworth and Kirbu wrote her, I just tied it all together in my pervy little world!

somadrop3 karma

Alright, I'm hoping you'll answer this.

I have a lot of interest in writing some things for your game, and have read through the instructions on how but I just could not fathom what I needed to do, exactly. It talked about sending things, but...

For anyone interested in helping write scenes for CoC, could you give us a breakdown of the process, here, and exactly what we should do?

fenoxo6 karma

Generally, if it's just a single scene, write it out and toss it my way. I think a similar question was written elsewhere in this AMA.

Basically it boils down to just writing it. Catching me in Fenchat and talking to me about it in person can help too, as I'm frequently on there and will generally answer stuff directly.

Don't be afraid to email me to discuss ideas as well - I try to answer most emails once a day at minimum, so I can usually get a response to you out within 24 hours. The best way to get my attention and backing on a project is to turn out and incredibly hot scene and pass it my way. If I like it, I'll usually bend over backwards to work with you and get your stuff in.

VictoryDeluxe3 karma

Is this a full time thing for you or just a hobby? I've seen on 4chan (/v/) that you host monthly fundraisers. Does that mean CoC is your primary means of income?

fenoxo10 karma

Yup! I've been living off of CoC for just about a year now and having a (generally) good time doing it!

syskb2 karma

Hey Fen, I remember seeing CoC threads over on /d/ quite a while ago, and I never thought it'd get this big. I'm really happy for you, and have high expectations for TITS!

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klaus6662 karma

what's you real name?

If you refuse to answer that then tell me this: where did you come up with the name "Fenoxo"?

fenoxo8 karma

I looked for something evocative of the phoenix that didn't have any google results. Fenoxo was the result!

helloworldblah1 karma

Wow, never thought I'd see you here. When I saw your name I freaked a little.

My question is p, you made a 'character viewer' for CoC, but so many common things do not have art. I can see why you might be opposed to working on it a lot, but is there anything in the works for finishing off some of the more common features that do not have art so far?

fenoxo3 karma

There's been a rebuild of the character viewer in progress for a while, though real life has intervened and stopped the person behind it from working on it abit. I hope the promise of money will get them going on it again soon.

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That too!