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Not poop.

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There's a difference between wrong science and technobabble. Technobabble is just saying random science words to explain something, with the understanding that it's not based on any real science and is essentially magic.

Wrong science is stuff like the 10% fallacy, the human batteries from the Matrix, etc. Wrong science is when you use something well known in an incorrect way.

Many people become annoyed at wrong science because it commits the cardinal sin of breaking immersion. There is no reason to use it when technobabble would suffice.

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Zuckerberg is a fucking idiot who no one should take seriously.

The actual problems with being over 30 in the IT industry:

  • You will demand more pay
  • You will want to work reasonable hours
  • You might not be as up to date with new developments due to working on the same system for 3 years at your last job

People over 30 have more experience, but they also want to be treated like human beings. The second part makes them less hire-able than kids straight out of college.

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Ron Swanson is just a character played by Nick Offerman, who isn't nearly as stoic.

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So you know how to pick a watermelon, but do you know how to eat one?