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Dacvak2615 karma

This AMA is Confirmed.

ImJustRick2429 karma

My major crush on Kari is also confirmed.

biblebeltapostate1476 karma

As a lady, I'm all about Tory. Helloooooooooooo nurse.

KariToryGrant1918 karma

Tory: Ah shucks.

Grant_Imahara2414 karma

My time to shine, and I can't think of a single damned thing to ask.

KariToryGrant2260 karma

G: Carpe diem

PenPenGuin2324 karma

If Discovery suddenly said "Hey - you guys can have $300 million for a budget, but it has to be a single episode," what myth would you take on?

Conversely, if you had to go "I made this show in my garage" webisode level budget, what would you test out?

KariToryGrant2906 karma

$300M question- T: "What would happen to someone in the vacuum of space?" NOT IT. K: Brewster's Millions G: Can you build a giant Pacific Rim style fighting robot. NOT A MYTH, BUT I DON'T CARE.

sweezyonyourbeats2466 karma

Grant, I see a very successful kickstarter opportunity here

KariToryGrant2059 karma

G: I think about this a lot, too.

KariToryGrant2106 karma

K: We HAVE a garage-level budget so you already see what we would test.

Smunny2266 karma

Kari, are you at all creeped out by how many dudes that are obsessed with you?

KariToryGrant2878 karma

K= Depends on the dude

J_Eldridge2165 karma

Grant have you ever thought of building a working iron man suit?

KariToryGrant2893 karma


jameselectronbond2034 karma

Jamie and Adam were said to not have been "great friends" outside of the show. My question is, do you all go out for drinks or to eat ever or is your friendship strictly "on the set?"

KariToryGrant2668 karma

K= WE actually like each other. We go out for lunches and dinners. Usually there is wine involved.

moneyballin222001 karma

I remember hearing rumors there is going to be a "Breaking Bad" episode, any truth to this?

KariToryGrant2622 karma

G: Confirmed.

jzzsxm1993 karma

If the Byron, Belleci, and Imahara were units of measure, what would they measure?

KariToryGrant2770 karma

K: The Byron would be a measure of cheesiness on the pun scale. T: The Belleci would measure units of pain. G: The Imahara would be a measure of a robots potential destructiveness.

thisonehereone1979 karma

What is a myth you would never attempt to bust?

KariToryGrant2789 karma

T: Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel K: Home made silencers. G: Running with scissors.

LawBobLoblaw1559 karma

Surviving a nuclear explosion by hanging out in a fridge?

KariToryGrant2139 karma

Tory: I would love to test this one. Don't know where we could test this one.

Baydude981856 karma

What is the thing you hate doing most on the show?

KariToryGrant2844 karma

K: Safety meetings. G: Re-telling the same joke on camera multiple times. T: Too many explosions... JUST KIDDING.

Z1nt1854 karma

1-10 . Rate Jaime's mustache .

KariToryGrant2616 karma

G: 1e6 K: Meh, a 7. T: I give it an AWESOME.

boltingorc1839 karma

who draws the myth diagrams on the blue surface at the beginning of every myth?

KariToryGrant2301 karma

G: One of producers Eric Haven. He draws his own comic book.

musicguy23411765 karma

When have you ever had the thought cross all of your minds, What in the actual HELL are we doing?

I have loved this show since day 1. Can't wait for this season!

KariToryGrant2368 karma

T:Everyday K:Everyday G:Everyday

CheezeCaek21651 karma

Who was hurt the most severely in the history of the show between you three?

KariToryGrant2216 karma

G: Kari has broken her knee, I sprained my ankle, and Tory has had seven stitches in his knee.

r4-g31644 karma

What profession would you all have gone into if Mythbusters hadn't been such a hit?

KariToryGrant2335 karma

K= I would be an artist... probably a starving one. G: I'd go back to working in the movies. Except that there aren't many practical effects houses anymore. So I'd probably be starving too.

KariToryGrant2342 karma

Tory: If I do survive the rest of my career on MB I am going to move into directing low budget horror and sci fi movies. My soul with be starving.

iepartytracks1545 karma

It's the zombie apocalypse and you can choose only Adam or Jamie to join you against the horde, who do you choose? Note: the one you don't choose will be coming for you in zombie form, and will have retained 75% of their human intelligence.

KariToryGrant2278 karma

G: Jamie. K: Jamie. T: Jamie. Because he's a robot and therefore impervious to zombie attack.

KariToryGrant1715 karma

K: I pick Jamie for his diabolical weapons. He is one sick puppy in the best way possible.

RobotSandwiches1534 karma

If you three were in a brawl with another TV show gang who would you fight? What would be your weapon of choice?

KariToryGrant2910 karma

G: Joel McHale and the cast of Community. K: Why would you fight Community? G: Uh, so we could meet them?

KariToryGrant2737 karma

T: Girls on HBO. My weapon of choice would be HUGS.

mandrous1527 karma

Which Myth went "the most wrong"?

DStoo2495 karma

Which Myth went the "most wrong" that didn't involve a cannon ball going into a residential area.

KariToryGrant2246 karma

G: In Deep Sea Diver, we used a human analog made of meat. Our neighbor turned off the freezer truck overnight and it rotted. When we did our experiment, the smell of rotting meat....

KariToryGrant1800 karma

Check out the non-dairy creamer cannon episode. We almost started armageddon.

KariToryGrant1489 karma

So this is us. G = Grant K = Kari T =Tory #duh?

steve5991429 karma

What are your favorite high speed shots of something other than an explosion?

KariToryGrant2325 karma

Adam getting slapped

KariToryGrant2302 karma

G: Drunk Adam falling off the treadmill.

JaysonthePirate1427 karma

You guys often do alcohol related myths, and don't seem to have any problems drinking for the show. If marijuana becomes legalized, will you consider tackling any weed related myths? If so, which ones?

KariToryGrant1987 karma

K,T: Sure, if it is legal.

tromboneboyman1386 karma

What props from the show are you guys allowed to keep? And which would be your favorite you have been able to keep?

KariToryGrant1961 karma

G: The sword swinging machine. K: The Green Hornet car before we destroyed it. T: Buster.

TurdBurgleson1342 karma

What's the most useless thing you've created that you're the proudest of?

KariToryGrant2150 karma

K:Giant hamster ball T:Rat Rockets! G:Pulling off socks robot

plenty_of_sandals1285 karma

So what do you guys do when you're not blowing stuff up?

KariToryGrant1993 karma

K: Black powder art. T: Making zombie movies. G: Building props and robots.

interwebman1277 karma

Who decided that anything involving the chance of physical pain or horrible disfigurement should be done by Tory?

KariToryGrant2077 karma

K: Tory volunteers.

KariToryGrant1387 karma

G: We had a vote. 2:1 for Tory.

TheShiz1231244 karma

If you could break one law of physics for a day, which would it be and why?

KariToryGrant2053 karma


showstopping1226 karma

Hey Tory, thanks for speaking at Rider University a few years back.

I asked you then about the myth that's result shocked you the most. It was bulls in a china shop. Has that changed?

KariToryGrant2127 karma

T:New one. Elephants are actually afraid of mice. True fact.

ziggo01165 karma

The separation between Kari, Grant and Tory vs. Adam and Jamie has always left me kinda sad - you guys don't seem to work with them very much in the episodes anymore. Why is that?

KariToryGrant1701 karma

Tory: The reason we broke into two different teams is so we could tacle more myths. We do have an all hands on deck myth coming up. It's the premiere show May 1 where we retest Jato rock car.

KariToryGrant1142 karma

G: It's hard to coordinate the logistics of having the two teams work together. At any given time, we're both working on two or three myths each.

timtim3661155 karma

What is your best "Got recognized in public" story?

KariToryGrant2357 karma

K: People sometimes think it is ok to talk to me in the bathroom stall.

KariToryGrant2958 karma

G: Oops. My bad.

Damianapawn1147 karma

How often does Grant play with Deadblow, his robot from battlebots?

KariToryGrant2026 karma

G: Deadblow is lying lifeless under my bench at work. But he WILL rise again.

phaseshift421077 karma

How much creative input do you guys have when it comes to what gets filmed and what actually makes it to air? If you had more control over this how do you think the show would be different?

KariToryGrant1537 karma

G: We get to see a rough cut and comment on it. Then it goes back to editing. Personally, I think the editors have a tough job. There's LOTS of footage. T:We actually have a lot of creative input. We have story meetings where we literally go around the room and throw out crazy ways to test our myths.

Lifetakestime1068 karma

What inspired you as children to love science? TV shows?

KariToryGrant2191 karma

G: 3-2-1-Contact. T: Fireworks on 4th of July. K: I like fire.

KalioManjante180 karma

You guys are like the new Bloodhound Gang!

KariToryGrant429 karma


Venom_Raptor1045 karma

  1. How long does it take, from start to finish, to test a myth?
  2. What did you do before mythbusting?

KariToryGrant1408 karma

Tory: We have about 10 days from start to finish.

JoelQ1035 karma

When will you test time travel as a myth?

(Will it be in an upcoming episode? Or do I need to check previous episodes to see if it's now become a part of those previous episodes, retroactively? Thanks.)

KariToryGrant2014 karma

K: We are doing it right now in Season 14 T: Kari, I'm stuck in 2016. Get help.

KariToryGrant2226 karma


Bambi531001 karma

Grant. We know you hate creepy crawly things; especially when they touch you! What was your least favorite time that that happened on the show?

KariToryGrant2044 karma


Rjurden911 karma

How did you guys find your selves working for Jamie? Was it chance? Fate? Classified ad?

KariToryGrant1422 karma

G: Jamie and I first met when he came to do a commercial at ILM. He said: "I hear the resident radio control expert." I said: "I'm just the leper with the most fingers. (reference to The Two Jakes) We've been friends ever since.

kunomchu879 karma

Grant, do people mistake you for that asian guy on walking dead? When Walking Dead came on, I kept thinking you were glen. I'm asian and no I don't think all asians look the same.

KariToryGrant1357 karma

G: I've been mistaken for him twice!

comment23793 karma

Grant, how long till you make your premiere in "The Walking Dead"?


KariToryGrant1543 karma

G: As soon as I can convince Steven Yuen to do a job-switch day.

jiddiotic773 karma

What creeps you out most about Adam?

KariToryGrant1450 karma


goodguygroose715 karma

Do you guys use your powers of Science for activities other than Mythbusting (i.e. best pranks ever?!)?

KariToryGrant1074 karma

K: Artwork, practical jokes T: pranks

cheeseflakesman704 karma

How does your job on the show affect your personal relationship with your families and friends?

KariToryGrant1459 karma

Tory: I've learned to tell my mom about any dangerous stunt I do after the fact. She worries that I'm going to get hurt. Thanks mom.

BoomLiam567 karma

Have you guys met the president? Because I know Adam and Jamie did. It must feel pretty awesome to host a show that the President enjoys watching with his family :D

KariToryGrant984 karma

G: I met the First Lady at a science quiz-bowl event in Denver with Jamie. We haven't met POTUS. Yet.

WombatWhisperer372 karma

This question is for everyone:

How did you find your love of science? Was it always your favourite subject in school or did something happen that made you realise you really love it?

Thanks for doing this AMA. I absolutely love the show.

KariToryGrant1207 karma

Tory: I was always naturally curious about how things worked and I loved to build things. I remember as a little boy I wanted to either be a stuntman, an actor or a scientist. Now I get to suck at all three.

ObiWanBonogi350 karma

Are you looking forward to any new technology that will soon become available or soon become cheap enough for you guys to use in your busting?

KariToryGrant993 karma

G: I want flexible LCD panels. Now. Not for the show. Just for me.

becs223335 karma

What's your favorite movie?

KariToryGrant768 karma

K: Blade Runner T: The Godfather G: Star Wars

MisanthropicMark318 karma

Grant! Do you still do Battlebots-esque things?

KariToryGrant531 karma

G: I was just at Robogames last weekend catching up with a bunch of old BattleBots buddies.

Kingtswasey280 karma

Tory, when did it become the norm to make you the man to do all the painful experiments?

KariToryGrant521 karma

Tory: I always said "yes" to the crazy stunts on the show and then it just stuck.

sambalaya262 karma

All 3 of you and Adam and Jamie are competing in the Hunger Games. Who wins and why?

KariToryGrant604 karma

G: "I volunteer as tribute for District Hyneman"

jkerman259 karma

What is the most fun thing you guys did for this season? P.S. Thank you for being so awesome over the years. Very few shows get better with age!

KariToryGrant433 karma

Tory: I got to race a real Indy car! Can you believe they let me? Grant: Jatto Rocket Car Kari: Hanging out with the Deadliest Catch captains.

KariToryGrant286 karma

G: To be more specific, I had a great time at the JATO revisit. We had the whole crew together, and it felt EPIC.

onewiththebeard237 karma

Grant, How did it feel to lose to Sean on TableTop after having such a strong start? Also how was the TableTop filming experience in general?

KariToryGrant328 karma

G: I WUZ ROBBED! But seriously, it was fun shooting TableTop. Exactly like game night at a buddy's house but with occasional breaks for camera.

DangerousDac237 karma

So Grant, when's Geoff going to get some legs and/or a second working arm? Or anything. My point is, Geoff is awesome and needs more awesome.

KariToryGrant403 karma

G: Geoff is the way he is for a reason. TO PROTECT MANKIND. Giving him a set of legs? Not a good idea for humans.

memeranglaut234 karma

Hi guys. Thanks so much for doing this AMA! Greetings from Malaysia BTW.

The burning questions i have:

  1. Which myth is the best one you have done so far?
  2. For Tory: Which one is more painful - the bike flip or the hair burn episode?
  3. for Kari: What is your opinion on making science more approachable to young kids, of both genders?
  4. For Grant: Is robot building part of your contract? I mean, you have robots every other episode?
  5. for all: How do you guys plan for a myth? DO you include the two other gentlemen in the loop or its M5 vs M7 now?

Hope the questions are ok!

KariToryGrant273 karma

K= Making it fun. Get your hands dirty.

KariToryGrant259 karma

G: It's a fringe benefit.

SlicesOfLife209 karma

Tory, loved that faceplant! I can watch that clip over and over!

KariToryGrant481 karma

Tory: You are one sick puppy.

jigarwho173 karma

I'm watching the Phone Book Friction episode on Discovery right now and happened to look on Reddit and find this IAMA! This is the episode where you guys explode the dummy shark with dynamite. Very cool! Who cleans up the mess afterwards? :)

How do you guys find various topics to myth bust? Are there any topics you want to get to that either you haven't gotten a chance to do or can't do for whatever reason?

KariToryGrant344 karma

K: When we started we did all the clean up ourselves. I remember the look on Tory's when he realized that he quit ILM to scrape chicken guts off the ceiling. Turns out it was worth it.

scruffy01152 karma

Mythbusters seems like the dream job for me, and most people I know.

Is it as great as it appears to be?

KariToryGrant286 karma

Tory: This has been the best job I've ever had and I feel so blessed. We have you and all of our fans to thank.

Mrerucha152 karma

Is that a small bust of Grant next to him in the proof?

KariToryGrant268 karma

G: Actually, that is an anatomical model that just happens to looks like me.

arbadak147 karma

Where did you guys go to college and what degrees do you have?

KariToryGrant266 karma

G: Got a degree in EE from USC. A looooong time ago.

pharasyko127 karma

What is your favorite science-related TV show outside of Mythbusters?

KariToryGrant445 karma

G: DOCTOR WHO. Oh, wait...

KariToryGrant287 karma

K: Dark Matters on Science T: Breaking Bad

RobiWanKenobi125 karma

So, will there be a Breaking Bad episode? How awesome was it to shoot that episode?

KariToryGrant221 karma

Tory: This was probably one of my favorite shows. You're going to love this show. It airs 7/10

Chad_Worthington_3rd110 karma

This is more directed towards Grant, but I wouldn't mind some input from all:

If Battlebots were to make a big comeback what kind of robot would you build for it? I mean in terms of movement + weaponry.

Love you guys and love the show!

KariToryGrant179 karma

G: Something with a kinetic weapon. These days it' all about damage. Spinners are the way to go. They're absolutely wicked.

quattrophile97 karma

Welcome! Love the show. There are a few episodes in which I've heard many people cry foul of the results, claiming that most likely for legal reasons you skew the results. The one I hear the most is that you guys proved you can't beat a speed camera, whereas the members of Top Gear UK managed to beat a speed camera with exactly that - speed. Not really a question, more of an outreach for assurance that the conclusions are actual science and not some Discovery Channel lawyer's "modified" results.

KariToryGrant186 karma

We are always willing to revisit our myths if they are controversial. Our results aren't "modified".

klajor90 karma

Some of your myth tests are rather dangerous, even risky. Have you ever had a serious injury from testing a myth?

KariToryGrant81 karma

Tory: I went to the emergency room once on MB for Hollywood Cliffhanger. I smacked my shin and got 7 stitches. I get hurt so you guys don't have to.

thedoctor989163 karma

Have any of you seen adam and jamie covering a myth and thought you knew a better/more efficient way to conduct the experiments? If so which ones?

KariToryGrant158 karma

K: driving in high heels

Kresterz48 karma

Who is the guy that narrates Mythbusters? Is he part of the team or a VO from Discovery?

What was your favourite myth you've busted?

KariToryGrant109 karma

G: That is Rob Lee, a Canadian guy who lives in Australia. (Australia is where the show is edited, scored, and assembled.)

drdoom23137 karma

Is there room for another mythbuster?

KariToryGrant105 karma