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Hey Grant! I met you a few years ago after I had cancer. I was the dude who worked at reddit and came by to meet you and the rest of the build team. I gave you guys some reddit stickers, and you stuck one on the toolbox in the Mythbusters shop. You were super nice to me and said you hoped my recovery would go well.

Just wanted to let you know I'm almost 3 years in remission. :)

Hope you're doing well, too!

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This AMA is Confirmed.

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Hah! That totally made my day. :)

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I can vouch for this guy. He made an awesome one for me and shipped it to me, no charge.

By the way, ILY, that lase you made me sits proudly on my desk. It's one of the coolest things ever. <3

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Edit: I've removed this post. All future discussions regarding this subject will be between me and reddit.