Grant Imahara

Grant imahara by gage skidmore
is an electronics and radio control expert, best known for his work on the American television show MythBusters.

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G: Oops. My bad.

KariToryGrant2910 karma

G: Joel McHale and the cast of Community. K: Why would you fight Community? G: Uh, so we could meet them?

KariToryGrant2906 karma

$300M question- T: "What would happen to someone in the vacuum of space?" NOT IT. K: Brewster's Millions G: Can you build a giant Pacific Rim style fighting robot. NOT A MYTH, BUT I DON'T CARE.

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K= Depends on the dude

KariToryGrant2844 karma

K: Safety meetings. G: Re-telling the same joke on camera multiple times. T: Too many explosions... JUST KIDDING.

KariToryGrant2789 karma

T: Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel K: Home made silencers. G: Running with scissors.

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K: The Byron would be a measure of cheesiness on the pun scale. T: The Belleci would measure units of pain. G: The Imahara would be a measure of a robots potential destructiveness.

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T: Girls on HBO. My weapon of choice would be HUGS.

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K= WE actually like each other. We go out for lunches and dinners. Usually there is wine involved.