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If the Byron, Belleci, and Imahara were units of measure, what would they measure?

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Far better than the Morgan Freeman AMA

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Your pro membership is the first pro membership I've ever purchased for a website, it's awesome!

I've been looking around for a long time to find a site that will easily let me post images, titles, and short blog-like captions and descriptions and all the other photo places are just too cluttered.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, and keep it fast/easy and I'll forever be in your debt, thanks!

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Good answer! A group of friends and I collect celebrity answers to this question, it's good to have you aboard. If you were so inclined to ask anybody during your next film we'd be happy to add them to the list. Here are some others we've collected.

  • RL Stine (Author of Goosebumps) = "Screams" (via book signing)
  • Evan Mathis = "Power" (via Reddit AMA)
  • Nicholas Negroponte = "Measure of perspective, not IQ" (via guest lecture)
  • Stephen Colbert = "Ball" (via live taping)
  • Jon Stewart = "Knish" (via live taping)
  • Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) = "Energy!!" (via meeting in Seattle, particularly frightening due to the double factorial)
  • Eran Ergozy (founder of Harmonix) = "How fun it is to work at a company" (via phone interview)
  • Steven Sinofksy (Windows lead, Microsoft) = "Blogging words per minute" (via meeting in Seattle)
  • Barack Obama (US President) = I tried my best, http://www.technologyreview.com/article/416796/if-the-obama-were-a-unit-of-measure/page/3/
  • Kari Byron (Mythbuster) = Cheesiness on the pun scale (via Reddit AMA)
  • Tory Belleci (Mythbuster) = Pain (via Reddit AMA)
  • Grant Imahara (Mythbuster) = Robot's potential destructiveness (via Reddit AMA)
  • Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) = 1 degree of potential awesomeness (via Reddit AMA)

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If the Lawrence were a unit of measure, what would it measure?