We are Ghost: Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls. Our sophomore psalm, Infestissumam, is out tomorrow here and streaming free on Pitchfork.

Ok ya'll,

We to cut it here. Thank you all very much for contributing with all your questions and for being so supportive of our band. We enjoyed doing this and we hope to do it again sometime soon.

Sorry for those whose questions were left without reply.

See you on the tour!

Malicious wishes

/A Nameless Ghoul

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Hailchaos99 karma

Hello, you horrible beings of the unlight. Several questions:

  1. The new album seems slightly more… 'happy' than Opus does. Was this intentional (to reach a broader audience), or merely a natural progression?

  2. I've heard Erik Danielson of Watain mention being close friends with you; are there any plans to tour with them? If not, is it ever a possibility of happening? Also, make this happen.

  3. With the large amount of people you all must work with, how difficult has it been to try to maintain anonymity?

  4. Are you theistic satanists, or do you have any affiliation with the TotBL?

Infestissumam is an excellent album, and Year Zero is pure gold - keep doing the Devil's work!

NamelessGhoul97 karma

  1. It was a natural move on this album, but we might go in a different direction next time.

  2. Never say never, but right now there are no plans to do so. We are good friends, yes.

  3. We hand out a lot of bribes. Where do you think that whole advance went?

  4. Within the concept of Ghost, the literal expression is based on traditional biblical goat worship.

NamelessGhoul68 karma

Ok ya'll,

We to cut it here. Thank you all very much for contributing with all your questions and for being so supportive of our band. We enjoyed doing this and we hope to do it again sometime soon.

Sorry for those whose questions were left without reply.

See you on the tour!

Malicious wishes

/A Nameless Ghoul

[deleted]59 karma

Hey guys,

Been a big fan for a couple years and saw you open for Mastodon and Opeth last spring in Toronto. Fantastic performance.

My question:

Given that you try to maintain anonymity, how do you manage to hang out with bands on tour and not end up with your names publicized? Do you tour with bands who agree to keep the info to themselves or do they even get to meet you "out of character"?


NamelessGhoul117 karma

We rely on them not to expose us. If we would stay in character all the time, we would go COMPLETELY insane.

FaerieStories52 karma

Do you have any funny stories about your anonymity causing misunderstandings or confusion? For example: is it hard for the nameless ghouls to recognise each other when in-costume? How do you deal with that?

NamelessGhoul114 karma

After 120+ shows together we've gotten to recognize whatever little body language there is.. Several of us were friends before the band, so we knew eachothers' individual moving patterns. But we have some funny stories about how we have miscommunicated on stage.. Especially when we might have a new or stand-in crew member, not used to the lack of normal gestures that goes on onstage.

onwardtomanagua39 karma

So excited for this AMA!

First off, the new album is incredible and completely flawless.

My questions:

  1. In the video for "Year Zero," was the person who lifted the robe one of the Ghouls, and if so, was it really Papa Emeritus II? Please answer for the ladies who may or may not fantasize that it was ;)

  2. Do you feel like playing outdoor festivals where you may be unable to have the same elaborate stage backdrops may make it more difficult for the audience to get your message?

  3. Where did you find the amazing choir that we hear on Infestissumam?

Hail Satan!

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NamelessGhoul65 karma

  1. Of course it's Papas. But we are all very well endowed. Of course!

  2. Playing outdoor festivals is a very different thing from doing our own, indoor headlining shows. The latter being more in tune what we do of course, but playing those festivals is one of those necessary evils required in order to take over the world.

  3. Los Angeles.

raginghessian31 karma

Did the concept for the band exist before any of the songs were written or was it tailored to compliment the music?

NamelessGhoul69 karma

Sorry for holding everybody up. Ok, now.. The concept came to shape pretty early after the first songs came together. The material spoke in overtly satanic manner, painting a picture of the theatrical concepts of what was to become Ghost.

megustaajo21 karma

Following up on this, how did Papa come about, and not another Nameless Ghoul as the singer?

NamelessGhoul105 karma

For us, and therefore everybody else, being able to "understand" the concept of the band - it needed a face. First we wanted it to be completely faceless, but the human psyche needs a focal point. So we got our own Eddie, singing.

lullabysk30 karma

Hello! Today is actually a year since I first saw you all live. My question is: When you give autographs what do the nameless ghouls sign as? thank you! <3

NamelessGhoul66 karma

We actually have our own individual stamps that we use for signing records and stuff like that. Papa signs with his autograph though.

DrSamLoomis24 karma

Any chance you will perform some of your covers on tour (Here Comes the Sun, Marionette, etc.)?

Hail Papa!

NamelessGhoul45 karma

Right now, on our US tour, we are focusing on the originals. But we will alter the set as we go, and whatever we aren't doing on this tour - We'll do on the next run. It's so much more fun now, having more material to chose from.

moasweden22 karma

Hello! Are you thinking of releasing a live-DVD?

Take care and see you in Sweden this summer

NamelessGhoul40 karma

During this tour cycle we hope to have the opportunity to shoot one proper. It needs to be done after a few legs, when the show is really fine-tuned, playing preferably two nights at the same place. And all that jazz.. Needs to look and sound amazing..

photojacker22 karma

Two questions:

Firstly, how do members of the band feel about their records going for silly money on ebay?

Secondly, tomorrow, Ghost will be doing an Infestissumam Art Gallery & Signing event in LA. Are there any plans for any other similar events with other lithographs for those who can't make it?

Other than that, keep making great music, Infesstissumam in its entirety is incredible!

NamelessGhoul33 karma

  • Sometimes it feels kind of sad that whenever you put something out with the intention of "giving something to the fans" (unfortunately not handing it out for free though), and in the end it almost feels like a lot of fans end up being sort of ripped off. That is not our intention, but it is out of our control.

jmar21021 karma

Where is your church located? Also, come to San Antonio.

NamelessGhoul54 karma

In the deepest crypts of Linkoeping, Sweden.

Manligheten18 karma

Ave Satan! Does the nameless ghouls symbols mean anything in particular? Thanks for another great album!

NamelessGhoul48 karma

They represent the four elements (wind, fire, water, earth) and the fifth (ether).

quinnofspades16 karma

After streaming Infestissuman in its fullest a few times, I realized it sound much "less metal" than Opus Eponymous and a little more like the 70's psychedelic rock, which is awesome too. My question is, was this change of sound something intentional or did it just came naturally in the studio?

NamelessGhoul50 karma

The idea of Ghost, musically, has always been to be playful and not be too conscious about what genre this or that riff would be from. Of course there are some dos or don'ts, but we try to be open minded. This modus operandi was the same on the two albums, but I think that "getting away" with a lot of the shit we pulled (from a metal underground mind set) on the first album, gave us the courage to take it one step further on the new one.

mattmaiden16 karma

Hey Papa and Nameless Ghoul, just wanted to say I’m a big fan I think I saw you guys live five times within one year, and look forward to hearing the new material live in NYC in May. I was skeptical that anything could compare to Opus Eponymous, but now that I’ve listened to it about 15 times I think Infestissumam is the superior album. Congratulations on how it turned out.

  • What are some of the bands/acts that you drew inspiration from?
  • Ghuleh/Zombie Queen has a very distinguishable surf rock influence, are there any other genres you ghouls are enthusiasts of that you try to incorporate into your sound?
  • Fenris and Lee Dorian almost immediately took notice of how unique of an approach you took on a retro metal sound. Can you describe what it was like working with them and how they helped your career?

Thanks for doing this AMA, as long as you guys continue the path you are on, you will continue to be one of my all time favorite bands.

NamelessGhoul47 karma

  • We are inspired by many bands and genres, mostly leaning against some sort of rock/metal base. You know, the classic rock bands from the 1960s and 70s, as well as a lot of film music and mid 80's extreme metal.

Anarcho_Hippie14 karma

Will you be coming to Florida?

NamelessGhoul44 karma

We will for sure, but unfortunately not on this run. What people need to realize is that the way tours are being routed is not always based on what we want and when we want it. It is a matter of multiple circumstances and just because a certain city or territory is being left out on a tour doesn't mean that we don't care or that we have forgotten. We hear ya..

GlenBentonsForehead13 karma

Hello Ghouls and Mr. Emeritus. Big fan of you. Hope all is well in Hades.

  1. Do you have any advice on how to get the smell of incense and sacrificed goat off of clothing?

  2. Would you ever consider revealing your evil true beings to the world, or will you forever be shrouded in the mystique of your robes?

Also, what does Infestissumam mean?

NamelessGhoul27 karma

About revealing ourselves: As long as we don't change our way of performing and posing the band publicly, there shouldn't be too much of a problem if we would be recognize by some people..

Smerphy12 karma

Were Mercyful Fate an influence on you?

In the past many bands have been criticized and protested against due to their satanic lyrics and imagery, do you think there’s a reason you haven’t received the same negative attention?

What movies have inspired your band as a whole?

NamelessGhoul37 karma

Yes, some of us are old time fans of both Mercyful Fate and King Diamond and obviously any band that you like might have a rubbing off on what you do yourself.