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We rely on them not to expose us. If we would stay in character all the time, we would go COMPLETELY insane.

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After 120+ shows together we've gotten to recognize whatever little body language there is.. Several of us were friends before the band, so we knew eachothers' individual moving patterns. But we have some funny stories about how we have miscommunicated on stage.. Especially when we might have a new or stand-in crew member, not used to the lack of normal gestures that goes on onstage.

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For us, and therefore everybody else, being able to "understand" the concept of the band - it needed a face. First we wanted it to be completely faceless, but the human psyche needs a focal point. So we got our own Eddie, singing.

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  1. It was a natural move on this album, but we might go in a different direction next time.

  2. Never say never, but right now there are no plans to do so. We are good friends, yes.

  3. We hand out a lot of bribes. Where do you think that whole advance went?

  4. Within the concept of Ghost, the literal expression is based on traditional biblical goat worship.

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Sorry for holding everybody up. Ok, now.. The concept came to shape pretty early after the first songs came together. The material spoke in overtly satanic manner, painting a picture of the theatrical concepts of what was to become Ghost.