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If you had to kill off one main character - who would it be, and how would you do it?

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Hello, you horrible beings of the unlight. Several questions:

  1. The new album seems slightly moreā€¦ 'happy' than Opus does. Was this intentional (to reach a broader audience), or merely a natural progression?

  2. I've heard Erik Danielson of Watain mention being close friends with you; are there any plans to tour with them? If not, is it ever a possibility of happening? Also, make this happen.

  3. With the large amount of people you all must work with, how difficult has it been to try to maintain anonymity?

  4. Are you theistic satanists, or do you have any affiliation with the TotBL?

Infestissumam is an excellent album, and Year Zero is pure gold - keep doing the Devil's work!

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The bay state is proud of yous guys.