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Hi Elijah - do you pronounce a scone as 'scon' or 'skone'?

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MW2 OST is one of my favourites ever. 'Extraction Point' pretty much gets me up in the morning, whilst Inception puts me to sleep! Thank you for all the hours of entertainment you've given me.

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Pretty jealous of you. I lived in Kowloon City (no relation) around that time and I never got to go and see it. As an adult, I'd absolutely love to go now if was still around. My question is where did you move to after KWC was demolished, and what happened to the communities after?

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Two questions:

Firstly, how do members of the band feel about their records going for silly money on ebay?

Secondly, tomorrow, Ghost will be doing an Infestissumam Art Gallery & Signing event in LA. Are there any plans for any other similar events with other lithographs for those who can't make it?

Other than that, keep making great music, Infesstissumam in its entirety is incredible!