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Did the concept for the band exist before any of the songs were written or was it tailored to compliment the music?

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The band "Man Or Astroman?" at one point had 4 different bands touring as "Man Or Astroman?" at the same time through the US and Europe, have you thought of branching out the Ghost ministry that way? It would be an excellent way to spread the gospel and bring the end of humanity that much faster.

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from San Francisco here, Hail Satan & Ghost! ...It's been a long time since I had obsessed about a record and then "Opus Eponymous" hit me. I connected with it in every aspect, the same way I connected with "Master Of Puppets" or like "Sabotage", so thank you for showing me I was not so jaded and still capable feeling like that, and thanks for just making a damn great album. I have a deluxe "Infestissumam" on pre-order and can't wait.

When you, Papa Emeritas II had been introduced I was thinking Ghost was bringing in an additional vocalist, and since so much of the vocal is harmonized (and none of the Ghouls sing) it would've made sense and been kinda cool. I was wondering if there was a story behind the change from Papa I to Papa II?