I'm a German director, producer and screenwriter, whose work includes several films adapted from video games. My most recent release is the movie, "Assault on Wall Street" starring Dominic Purcell is about a man taking on the system for all he lost in the financial crisis. You can see all of my movies here. I'll be answering some responses in video and will update my bio with each video. I'll start answering questions at 5:30pm ET. Ask me anything!

Here is proof

UPDATE: Here is video proof

EDIT: I answered a few questions in video which I'll post in the thread and below:

Uwe Boll's Favorite Movie to Direct

Postal Sequel Takes No Prisoners

Working with Dominic Purcell

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Release_the_KRAKEN125 karma

Aren't you that guy who makes shitty video game movies and then tries to box with people who think you make shitty movies?

BollUwe162 karma

not anymore ....now i make good movies and still box people i dont like

drps12 karma


Release_the_KRAKEN23 karma

Ahhh! Maybe I'll make a shield out of his unsold movie merchandise!

BollUwe33 karma

good luck

PraetorianFury60 karma

Hi Uwe, I've seen a lot of your work and I've got a few questions...

  • You have directed some of the worst rated movies of all time. How do you manage to keep getting employed as a director?
  • How do you live with yourself knowing that you're ruining millions of people's dreams?

Thanks for doing this AMA, we've all wanted to meet the man behind the monster.

BollUwe121 karma

I think I did bad movies but also very good movies like RAMPAGE, STOIC, POSTAL, DARFUR and now ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET ....
A lot of people like my movies and buy my movies worldwide //// But if your dream was destroyed by making me HOUSE OF THE DEAD ...then your dreams are wrong

aboutblank18 karma

I've heard he gets butthurt with that type of question so I doubt he'll answer.

I thought Rampage was good, in that I can't believe he directed it.

His other movies would be ridicu-tainment if you're a highschooler when you watch them.

Betcha 17 y.o. me would have loved Bloodrayne 1/2 because tits.

BollUwe22 karma

watch DARFUR and TOIC r soon ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET and then judge again

bradfink250 karma

I copied the plot of "Rampage" word for word for an English assignment at college where we were supposed to write a crime thriller. I figured the average suburban white kids would have never heard of your work.

The entire class, including the professor hated it. It was the only example in the class of the killer getting away with it. People today are a shame.

A fan, Brad

BollUwe55 karma

an interesting experiment

CrawfordShepard39 karma

Which critics would you most like to box these days?

BollUwe16 karma


fuzzbunny2137 karma

Is there a reason you direct so many films that are based on video games?

BollUwe209 karma


Smoothandburble36 karma

How did it feel to punch Lowtax?

BollUwe69 karma

good ...he was the biggest asshole from all of them

donkeymancer35 karma

How do you go about obtaining financing for your films? With your track record it seems like that would be a challenge.

BollUwe19 karma

It is ...9 out of 10 movies loose money ...but we have subsidies. deferrals etc/

Narkolepse34 karma

Can we get some PROOF that is not just a link from an unverified twitter account with 156 followers?

BollUwe53 karma

we just shot me on video. EDIT: Here is video proof

Dymarob30 karma

How do you feel about all the universal hate and criticism you get about your movies?

BollUwe81 karma

i want to be loved and i want oscars ...7 /////

WINBLADE30 karma

I dont care what people say, my friend and I got stoned and watched rampage and loved it. Keep doing what you do!

BollUwe87 karma

thanks...finally knows how to watch my movies

marcSuile26 karma

Being German, what is your take on how germans are usually stereotyped/portrayed in American films, i.e., as the bad guy, or very straightforward/straightlaced individuals, heavy drinkers, etc. etc.

Thanks for the AMA!

BollUwe36 karma

normally they play the bad guys /////but its great that Christoph Waltz is a new german guy in great movies from Tarantino

drps12 karma

You guys are usually the bad guys. You and Russians.

BollUwe13 karma

of course

miloais24 karma

When will you do the world a big favor and stop making 'movies'?

BollUwe86 karma

when the last watcher of my movies is dead

insanefreeman22 karma

How come there are movies that you directed that have fantastic acting and great directing, and on the other hand you have Bloodrayne? Do you put in less effort to make a movie like alone in the dark then when you do a movie like "Max Schmeling"?

BollUwe17 karma

i think its the script and the subject matter...MAX SCHMELING is a great story ...BLOODRAYNE not

Quackers2422 karma

Hi Uwe. You've done alot of films based on video games. If you could do a movie based on any video game, what would you choose and why?

BollUwe44 karma

GTA ... i love doing a NC 17 movie

Quackers2417 karma

Who could you see being the perfect leading guy in a GTA movie? Gotta be someone that enjoy's a good bit of violence..

BollUwe36 karma

woody harrelson

coolbro222 karma

What exactly happened with the internet critic boxing matches? Lowtax has said he was given the impression that it was going to be for show and that he wouldn't get beaten up as badly as he did. What actually happened?

BollUwe53 karma

he and the others got beaten up. you really think i fly people up i hate and then dont pummel them in front of over 1500 people in an audience ... they had 3 month to train

funky_duck19 karma

How many movies have you made that did not involve tax loopholes and require foreign film tax credits?

BollUwe52 karma


dyskgo19 karma

Are you ever going to do a comedy like Postal again? I thought it was hilarious.

I also just wanted to say you are my favourite director of all time...and I'm not being sarcastic or anything. I really respect that you keep on making movies even with so many people against you. I don't like all your movies, but I respect you as a director.

BollUwe19 karma


Zordman17 karma

What do you feel is the most misunderstood about your career, or a movie inparticular of yours?

BollUwe39 karma

My movies are different genres and should be judged movie by movie ....

Amon_Equalist16 karma

Try and sell me one of your movies. Why would I want to watch one after hearing such bad things about them?

Also, why did you call Michael Bay a retard? He didn't respond too kindly either, but I'm still confused.

BollUwe23 karma

i think he has so much money to make his movies and is not making a lot out of it

lake_troll16 karma

What was the point of those "spin around the character montages" in House of the Dead?

BollUwe27 karma

this was a camera turntable ////looks amazing...but makes no sense . and so it makes no sense to make a zombie movie

doubbg15 karma

Who is the biggest asshole you've worked with, excluding Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff?

BollUwe28 karma

michael madsen ...but he is not really an asshole ....only on my shoot he was one

CPTherptyderp15 karma

  • Can you please explain what the hell was supposed to happen at the end of Final Storm?

  • In the Name of the King is one of my favorite bad movies. Can you talk about getting such an amazing cast together for this movie? Also it seems like different characters/story lines were in different movies. Did something happen in editing? What was the pitch to get everyone to sign on to this project?

BollUwe27 karma

in final storm the earth gets sucked up in a black hole ///

watch the 3 hours long version of KING ..the directors cut ////its more version

NinjaDiscoJesus15 karma

is it true the actors in 1968 Tunnel Rats improvised the entire script?

BollUwe22 karma

they improvised the dialogue

chafedogg13 karma

You sir make the fuckin garbage. I want my money back for house of the dead!!!! You can e-mail money transfer the cash with a apology note. In fact keep your money and just apologize to all these nice people!

BollUwe27 karma

send me another 10$ and i apologize /////or watch RAMPAGE or ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET and judge new

chafedogg15 karma

O.k. Boll you get one more shot...if Rampage sucks then I want double my money back!

BollUwe29 karma

we have a deal

sgtarse13 karma

how was the fight with seanbaby?

Seer11857 karma


BollUwe21 karma

me too

cooldudeaustin13 karma


BollUwe16 karma

thanks ///you will like ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET to

BollUwe14 karma


MakeASweater9 karma

Chirp chirp chirp

BollUwe8 karma

i loved that scene

_vargas_12 karma

You have all the financing, resources, and time you need for your dream film project. What movie do you make?

BollUwe45 karma

a 150 mill. POSTAL 2

vinzBad12 karma

Why is the reception of your movies so bad? (I never watched one)

BollUwe30 karma

not always .....in kenia they love my movies

chafedogg11 karma

Don't watch! Go read a good book.

BollUwe19 karma

i actually will do that

BollUwe6 karma

watch one and email me RAMPAGE or so

tjh41812 karma

What do you think about Margaret Thatcher?

BollUwe48 karma

she is finally dead

Punidor11 karma

Any plans on making a Postal sequel?

BollUwe21 karma

Thanks for the question. I recorded a quick video response which I'll post very shortly. EDIT: Here's my response.

ediddy3310 karma

what was the hardest scene you ever shot and why?

BollUwe22 karma

the rape scenes in ATTACK ON DARFUR with woman from Sudan who actually got raped in real life .... because everybody was so emotional i had to stay icecold to get it filmed

ddelrymple9 karma

I love hearing about how you have dealt with hecklers in the past, specifically the infamous boxing match. You have huge balls man!

BollUwe8 karma

thanks a lot

alexbaba8 karma

I know you don't have the best opinion about the german motion picture rating system. What would you change if you could?

BollUwe17 karma

absolutly a lot of my movies are only censored in germany ///like in the german version my guy gets catched by the police in the end ...absurd

LordXenu238 karma

I gotta say Uwe, I love your movies. Even the silly/stupid/campy ones. (The bloodrayne trilogy is a very guilty pleasure of mine I refuse to admit to... well until now I guess...)

Postal was fantastic, I watch it once a year.

Rampage took me completely by surprise, what a good film!

If you don't mind, I have two questions.

First, you said in Postal (your last words) that you "hate video games." Is this true?

Secondly, how did you get so many big time actors to act in "In the name of the King: a Dungeon Siege tale"?!

And a followup to that, what were you thinking making a sequel?

And, if you don't mind, a follow up on that followup. Why in god's name did you make a third Dungeon Siege movie?!

BollUwe14 karma

i dont hate games ..i made a joke /// KING1 is a big epic ///and some people at this point wanted to be in it king2 and 3 happen because the sales were good

turdferguson11138 karma

Made the mistake of watching Alone in the Dark, but was impressed by Rampage, I will give your new movie a shot. I must ask, any truth to the rumors of you producing Rampart: The Series?

BollUwe6 karma

no..i dont ///

yourstruelee7 karma

Is there anything hidden in your movies that people haven't (or maybe have) picked up on?

BollUwe45 karma

i dont work for scientology

GivingZeroFucks7 karma

I just wanted to say thanks for letting my friends and I interview you on the set of Postal in Vancouver back in 2006. We were all astonished how 'down to earth' kind of guy you were and how that can translate to a relaxing and fun atmosphere on set.

Since Postal is probably my favorite movie of yours, what is your fondest memory from making it?

BollUwe21 karma

shooting the children's in little germany

Sirusavath6 karma

Has there ever been a script that's been given to you that you thought was too terrible to be turned into a movie?

BollUwe14 karma

over 100

ediddy336 karma

what's it like working with dominic purcell?

BollUwe8 karma

dom is a super down to earth guy ///very good actor and good to work with ..not spoiled

ridingshotgun6 karma

Can I, an american citizen, be in one of your next movies Mr. Boll? :D

BollUwe19 karma

it depends ...are you an actor

mak1030206 karma

Thanks for doing this. A lot of people are bringing up the the negative points in your career, but I wouldn't worry too much about the people that are just trying to get a reaction out of you.

That being said, I'm an aspiring writer/director, and I wanted to ask about the beef you've had with with people in the industry. How does it affect how you work? How has it affected the direction of your career? Is that sort of publicity something that becomes significant in how it affects you based on what your career's been through?

BollUwe15 karma

dont do it like me ////stay nice to everybody and you have a better chance

stevetehpirate5 karma

How do you feel your work interacts with art and culture in other countries? Are certain elements overlooked or lost in translation?

BollUwe7 karma

i made movies in bulgaria, romania, south africa, croatia , german, canada and usa ///it depends where the movie plays ////

Zven_Kruspe5 karma

Ich hab dich damals bei Roche&Böhmermann gesehen und würde gerne wissen, was du wirklich von der Sendung hälst. Du sahst jedenfalls nicht wirklich begeistert aus. Es wurde aber auch nicht gerade positiv über dich und deine Werke gesprochen. Ich habe nach der Sendung einen Film (Postal) von dir gesehen und fand ihn eigentlich sogar sehr gut. Also: Was denkst du wirklich über die Sendung und wie hast du dich gefühlt als du in der Sendung warst?

BollUwe6 karma

boehmermann ist ein lustiges arschloch

whytcolr4 karma

When it comes to filmmaking, which is more important --artistic integrity or entertainment -- and why?

BollUwe7 karma

i dont sell out ..i do pure entertaining movies and movies they are based on real situations and this are my passion projects ///like now ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET

Parrallax914 karma

What's your favorite movie that you've made?

BollUwe20 karma


HIFW_GIFs_React_4 karma


BollUwe68 karma

and now? you feel better?

OliWood3 karma

I think that you do shitty movies, let's settle this in the ring!

BollUwe7 karma

not anymore

NoShirtNoShoesNoDice3 karma

What's your driving force behind creating these movies? Is it money or is it to create a movie that you feel does a franchise justice? I ask because you have said in the past that, in a nutshell, you enjoy squeezing money out of Hollywood and that you're good at it.

Basically, if there was no money involved, would you still create movies or would you be doing something else? Are you an artist or a businessman?

BollUwe8 karma

i made movies since i'm 16 and i didnt made any money till i was 32 .... if you dont love movies .....i would be an attorney now

Crazycooke3 karma

What would be your dream game to make into a movie?

And what movie do you hate the most and why?

BollUwe11 karma

i loved SILENT HILL and almost had the rights ////

i hate and i love a lot of movies / i loved THERE WILL BE BLOOD..... i hate almost 70% of the new releases like TWILIGHT

Nemoflow3 karma

Have you ever considered changing your style in order to achieve commercially/critically successful films? Or do you believe your films deserve greater recognition?

BollUwe7 karma

i changed styles based on the story i want to tell ....and i think yes people should watch movies like RAMPAGe , ATTACK ON DARFUR or TUNNELRATS and then judge new

MeVersusShark2 karma

Dr. Boll,

I was deeply offended by your portrayal of the holocaust in Auschwitz. Why do you feel it is necessary to show the atrocities the way you did?

BollUwe47 karma

Because no other movie showed the Holocaust...50% of the people who came into AUSCHWITZ were dead the first day.... I think it is important to actually show the killings so that we never forget or deny what really happened