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ddelrymple37 karma

What's the story behind that picture you tweet all the time of you and the koala bear

ddelrymple29 karma

I never thought I'd see you as anybody else but Buster, but I loooooooooove you on Veep! Is season 3 in the works? Will you and Selena ever hook up? In Gary's dreams maybe

ddelrymple19 karma

You are one of my favorite sharks! How often do you guys tape? It must be hard to get you all together

ddelrymple13 karma

Eric, Sup mellow? Any plans on touring again soon?

ddelrymple11 karma

Hey Lloyd! I was a friend of Shane Swenson and was sad to hear about his passing in 2011, as I'm sure you were too. I just want to let you know how highly he spoke about you and how much of an inspiration you were to him....

Also, any word about a Toxic Avenger blu-ray?