I am sitting with my 56 year old mother who does not understand or speak english, but is welcome to answer questions about what communism really is, what Cuba really is like, etc. She has many stories to tell, as well she is an established author who has appeared on TV to discuss her books. She asks that you posts your questions, as it will take some time to translate all of them for her to answer. Please ask your questions, she is excited to answer all of them!

Verification - Link to Dolor Cubano which is one of my mothers books that she made free for 2 days for Redditors that speaks more in depth about Cuba. It is about 50 pages long. Forgive us for it is in Spanish as it was intended for a native audience, we did not expect to be mentioning it here. We are looking to translate it though, perhaps someone could help us translate it for the community, it answers alot of questions. She wanted to share it for anyone interested. Some of her other books are available in english.

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OP made this exact topic 1 month ago, and didn't reply to a single question: http://www.reddit.com/user/cubanamerican

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I would like to add that my mother is sick. So excuse me for not attending to the questions of others while I was attending to her. We got around to doing this now. So everyone should be grateful she got the chance to answer some of the questions asked.

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Hello, thank you for doing this AMA. I am sure that it will be quite informative. I have a few questions. Please feel free to answer/not answer if it's too much.

  1. What do you feel are some of the biggest misconceptions that people have about Cuba and communism in Cuba?

  2. Does it irritate you when people in the U.S. wear Che paraphernalia?

  3. How do you feel about the leadership of Raul Castro? Do you believe that he will step down in 2018? If so, how do you think Cuba will change?

Thank you.

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  1. That some people believe that communism no longer exists and others that it still continues.

  2. Not personally.

  3. Raul Castro has nothing to do with the changes in Cuba, he is a figurehead.

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I didn't understand your answer to 1: which people are you saying have misconceptions, the ones who think it no longer exists or the ones who think it does?

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The world have the opinion about Cuba depending who brings the information, and in fact this is not the true, the truth is the people in Cuba are really tired about living without any rights! For example, the right to go to any places, like everybody else. And of course the privilege of freedom of speech!

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I will also be answering some questions from the previous AMA that went unanswered.

Which type of life do you like better? Communist or Capitalist?

Neither. In terms of what you have, capitalism. But in Cuba everyone is happy with very little, or nothing at all because they don't know any better.

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What is the most fucked up thing their communist party has done?

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Convert Cuba into a prison.

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It seems as if you were in a fairly high position in the hierarchy, if you worked close political figures such as the famous leader Fidel Castro.

  • What caused you to immigrate to America?

  • How does (or did) the tattered relationship between Cuba and America affect the life in Cuba?

  • How different is the life in Cuba to the life in America?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not being obligated to withhold my feelings as well as reunification of family.

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What is your opinion of and relationship to communism today?

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My opinion is that communism is very beautiful in concept, like a novel of fiction, but unrealistic.

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My mother is about the same age as yours. My grandparents left Cuba with her and her sisters just after the Revolution. I'd just like to welcome her to the US and wish her the best, as I have with my family as they've made their way to the US. We are all family in a sense.

One mistake I've made when talking to family members when they arrive is to ask them only what's new to them, assuming that everything is better now that they're in the US. Something we forget to ask is what they miss from home. Does she miss her family and friends in Cuba? What are some things she has fond memories of there?

Also, could you share the book titles, please?

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Dolor cubano, by Janett Camps at Amazon.com or Amazon.es You can find many thing from the store "Sentir Cubano" in Miami. The book is free for 2 days on amazon.

Link follows: Dolor Cubano

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Para su madre: Que opina usted del anarchismo y el resto de la izquierda radical? Si no hubiera una dictadura, le gustaria el comunismo mas a ud.? Todavia eres idealista o te consideras mas materialista hoy en dia? Gracias.

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Mi madre dice: No, me gustaría más el comunismo, porque he aprendido que es sólo teoria de libros, filosofía, una forma hermosa de engañar a los seres humanos, cuando tienes hambre y te dan pan, eres feliz, cuando tienes hambre de igualdad, y te la brindan te sientes feliz, pero no sólo de pan vive el hombre, no soy idealista, ni materialista, fui idealista, nací en eso, y fue duro el golpe de la verdad, aunque si me voy a definir hoy creo en lo que veo, pido lo que merezco, existo, he vivido en los dos polos opuestos Cuba y USA y ha sido duro en los dos. Si pudiéramos ser mejores seres humanos, sería para mí mi partido político.

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What was your biggest disappointed and biggest surprise about America?

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  1. Racism. The segregation of classes.

  2. That if you want to reach to be something great by means of study, you can.

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When and why did you become disilusioned with the government?

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When I proved for myself that those that were in high positions of the people had more than the whole.

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How do you think we could help Cuba today?

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I'm not agree with the restriction to Cuba, because I'm sure if the Cubans can go out and in, and can have information about the World, my country can change really fast! The Cubans need to know and see the true with their eyes! and I'm sure everything change!

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What was the reasoning behind Fidel Castro's actions?

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In first moment I think he want the best for his country, like the theory in the books, but after that the power and be in control to the whole country change his first goals.

The power or the money change people in many ways...

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Yes!!!! Cuba is a really sweet place and you can enjoy with the weather, it is amazing.

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Did you know Fidel Castro personally?

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OnlyI was invite to the conferences, or bring letter to his offices sending from my boss, I never spoke with him.

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I would ask that someone, a moderator perhaps, delete this disrespectful comment.