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When and why did you become disilusioned with the government?

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What ruins all human goverment efforts. Corruption. (sorry, i know im not OP)

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My family is now and was politically neutral back in cuba, and for that they served prison time off and on. So not really promoting one type of government over another here, but aside from what you mentioned, (which is true, and to a lot of cubans, the real object of castro's "revolution") communism in cuba seems to have brought out very vicious behavior and a decline in morals in society. Very upsetting to see people with such high academic education ruin it by treating each other with just a general lack of respect and decency. I know not everyone coming from the island is like that....but still.... Thats what happens when you force people to stab each other in the back and "inform" on their neighbor's supposed "crimes" for decades in order to better their family's chances.