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It seems as if you were in a fairly high position in the hierarchy, if you worked close political figures such as the famous leader Fidel Castro.

  • What caused you to immigrate to America?

  • How does (or did) the tattered relationship between Cuba and America affect the life in Cuba?

  • How different is the life in Cuba to the life in America?

Thanks in advance!

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To be fair, people who don't want to serve find a way out of conscripting to the IDF. It's not really hard, you can just claim you are religious, get yourself somekind of condition or disease that prevent you from enlisting, or simply fuck up all your evaluations to the point they won't want you.

Honestly, there are divisions in the IDF exclusive to none Jewish citizens (Beduine brigades, Druze brigades and foreign brigades mainly) and they are quite vastly underrated. Not many in the civilian life really appreciate the fact that those people conscript even though they don't have to (well, as far as I know the Beduine don't have to, the foreign definitely don't. Not sure about the Druze tribes here, but they are quite loyal and most of them have much higher morale and motivation than a lot of other people who conscript).

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Welp, that's kinda shitty, I was kind of looking forward to an authentic reply.

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Interesting thing about the 'beast'; the Jews (as well as other languages; I believe Greek uses it too) make use of Gematria - I.E converting letters with numbers. The beast is nearly always associated with the number 666, and less commonly 616. Using Hebrew letters Gematria, you can construct the following name from those numbers:

נרון קסר, נרו קסר

נ,ן = 50

ר = 200

ו = 6

ק = 100

ס = 60

Those are two ways to spell the name Nero Caesar in Hebrew. He was a Caesar of the Roman empire during the time the Romans controlled the area (I believe he lived between 37 to 68 CE, dying 2 years before the last great Jewish rebellion that failed miserably), and also a persecutor of Christianity and Judaism (putting out decrees that attempt to alienate Jews and Christians from their identity, and thus let them assimilate into Roman identity collective. Other Caesars did so too). Practically, he was what the internet would call "literally Hitler" to the Jews and early Christians in the area.

Thus, it is quite plausible that the Jews/Christians of the time used to refer to him as the beast, and used Gematria to write his name as either 666, or 616.

Edit: forgot the Hebrew usage isn't modern, thus there were punctuation marks instead of the 'י' at the second word.

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Hey, I volunteer in MDA in the RC coordination office! Me and another volunteer wrote general information sheets on countries Israel has diplomatic relations with about 6 months ago. Did you guys use my work before going to Nepal?