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I am a triplet and I have sisters who are twins. Five of a kind beats a full house though so you win this time [Our AMA for those interested].

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The Gentleman is correct in posting!

EDIT: It looks like I've memed my way to the top so I better take this opportunity to bring up a really important issue, namely Click and Clack. Now that these abhorrent grease fetishists have been put in their place can we focus on defunding Sesame Street as well? It just simply doesn't promote American Values®. Last time I checked, it was a show about street hoodlums and cookie junkies. It's time to bring down the bird!

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As an homage to Ken Burns I will read this thread by slowly scrolling down.

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I loved that scene but why did you never release the extra footage?

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"Nah, I think I'm going to take it easy this year."