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What was the craziest experience that you've had as a "psychic"? Did you follow a particular script?

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Hi there! I am really excited about the discovery of the pyramids in Sedeinga (Sudan). Hopefully, what the archaeologists uncover there will provide us with a more comprehensive understanding of Nubia. What are your thoughts? Do you think NG will cover this story? Thanks;)

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Not to be snarky...but have you ever encountered a guy that you just knew would not sell? Or do you take it in stride and try to upsell the duds (sorry, I am not sure how to put this)? I read a while ago that some sperm banks have closed their doors to ginger donors b/c their "product" doesn't really move. Have you found this to be accurate?

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I know, I know! Not fair :(

Edit: I think Prince Harry would make some lovely babies though something tells me he doesn't need the money.

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Hello, thank you for doing this AMA. I am sure that it will be quite informative. I have a few questions. Please feel free to answer/not answer if it's too much.

  1. What do you feel are some of the biggest misconceptions that people have about Cuba and communism in Cuba?

  2. Does it irritate you when people in the U.S. wear Che paraphernalia?

  3. How do you feel about the leadership of Raul Castro? Do you believe that he will step down in 2018? If so, how do you think Cuba will change?

Thank you.