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My opinion is that communism is very beautiful in concept, like a novel of fiction, but unrealistic.

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I would like to add that my mother is sick. So excuse me for not attending to the questions of others while I was attending to her. We got around to doing this now. So everyone should be grateful she got the chance to answer some of the questions asked.

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  1. That some people believe that communism no longer exists and others that it still continues.

  2. Not personally.

  3. Raul Castro has nothing to do with the changes in Cuba, he is a figurehead.

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I will also be answering some questions from the previous AMA that went unanswered.

Which type of life do you like better? Communist or Capitalist?

Neither. In terms of what you have, capitalism. But in Cuba everyone is happy with very little, or nothing at all because they don't know any better.

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  1. Racism. The segregation of classes.

  2. That if you want to reach to be something great by means of study, you can.