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whatzzart397 karma

Are you hiring? I am an experienced video shooter and editor. I can produce, direct, light, location scout and secure. I have excellent people skills and love to manage large projects. I also can write promotional materials.

Currently working in TV news.

EDIT: I can also edit.

xxxmonarchy147 karma

We are always looking for new experienced people to join our team. Follow me on twitter @xxxmonarchy and send me some reels.

RECeight08156 karma

I can get great distance when I cum. Usually girls will have me pull out and bust on there stomach, but I have power and like to surprise them with a headshot from time to time. Is this a talent you would be interested in?

xxxmonarchy180 karma

Always looking for a good long jumper! Hows your volume?

Schly141 karma

Why have most new porn movies become so formulaic?

Intro, 10 minute BJ scene, 10 minute Cunnilingus scene, 10 minutes missionary, 10 minutes doggie, maybe anal, more BJ, cum scene, end scene, next location, repeat. Everyone's shaved bare, everyone has fake breasts.

It has become incredibly boring.

xxxmonarchy142 karma

There are still features and story lines out there. The majority of viewers want to watch 4-5 minutes of sex, bust and goto work.

lunar72585 karma

BITCOIN- Do you use it?

xxxmonarchy63 karma

No. I have heard that the value in bitcoin is rising but we haven't explored that as a viable source of income as of yet. Great question though.

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In my opinion, I look at it as the exact opposite. Porn helps people fulfill fantasies. When bad things happen to people like rape, people will always point fingers, just like they do when someone is shot and they blame a video game. People are responsible for their own actions and I don't think porn contributes to rape. If anything, I feel it keeps those guys in their basement and happy.

soulruler58 karma

Is there any field/fetish that people have been bugging you to make movies for but you simply refuse to, and for what reason?

xxxmonarchy211 karma

Rape. I'm not going near that.

akersbronx34 karma

Why is that? Personal moral reasons or is it because it doesn't fit your company image?

xxxmonarchy91 karma

All of the above.

akersbronx21 karma

Ok, thanks for the answer. Another question while we are on the subject, is there a risk of legal action against people making rape porn in the US? I know there are some obscenity laws but I am not that educated on the subject. I do however find anything related to censorship interesting.

xxxmonarchy42 karma

Yes. If you were to make a rape porn and ship it in the US, you open yourself up to an obscenity indictment. Ask Rob Black.

vertigo8854 karma

Is there anything the female pornstars do to prepare for an anal sex scene other than cleaning it out? It seems incredible that they are able to take something so large up there with relative ease.

xxxmonarchy114 karma

I have seen girls that will actually sleep the night before with a butt plug in, but not alot of them do that. It's like going to the gym, always stretch before you work out.

cuzzard47 karma

do you 'try out' all actors?

xxxmonarchy153 karma

Im a consummate professional.


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xxxmonarchy118 karma

Measure B is was passed by LA County Voters mandating the use of condoms in adult films. The measure was backed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Michael Weinstein and garnered 57% of the vote. In my opinion it is unconstitutional because it is telling people they have to do something with their own bodies. The industry has it's own testing procedures which have proven to be effective and there hasn't been an on set HIV transmission since 2004. We have already seen runaway production with people moving their shoots outside the county limits to San Diego, as well as Las Vegas. Now Isadore Hall has introduced Assembily Bill 332 which would make the condom requirement a statewide mandate. If passed it will drive millions and millions of dollars of tax revenue out of the state.

smakers1108 karma

This is such a California thing. Legislate everything because someone gets scared, regardless of the implications.

Sorry for your troubles man. Politics in California are a fucking mess.

source: Ex-Californian

Came for porn. Enjoyed the politics.

xxxmonarchy65 karma

Definitely a waste of taxdollars, especially for a state that is completely broke.

ilovebud42 karma

Are there ever bloopers in your movies?

xxxmonarchy67 karma

We don't do bloopers, but we do do behind the scenes.

ilovebud36 karma

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened while filming? I've heard stories of one of the actors just taking a massive shit while shooting. Anything like that?

xxxmonarchy137 karma

I have seen my fair share of projectile shitting. Not uncommon, especially with new girls who have never really done anal before. I didn't see it in person but a friend of mine actually broke his dick on set. He was doing reverse cowgirl and the girl zigged when she should have zagged.

bigbluemofo42 karma

Serious question: Did he get workman's comp for that, or any other kind of compensation?

xxxmonarchy97 karma

The production company he was shooting for covered his medical expenses.

ilovebud30 karma

That must have been an interesting trip to the hospital...

xxxmonarchy113 karma

It was very serious. He almost died and went through a 6 hour emergency surgery. When he got to the ER he was covered in blood and the doctor though he had been shot or stabbed.

Toxikomania144 karma

Reading this made my dick hurt.

xxxmonarchy66 karma


TheImpetuous40 karma

Did he have an ironic-in-hindsight porn name like Dick Hertz?

xxxmonarchy44 karma

Nope. he is still a very well known performer. Won't disclose his name but if you search avn or xbiz for broken dick, you would be able to find it.

JimmyNuggets41 karma

I usually only watch porn for about 20 minutes at night just before bed, you know... for research... Do you get bored of it, being around it all day?

xxxmonarchy80 karma

You get desensitized pretty quick. I can still get off to porn, but it's not like I just watch it and a boner pops up (unless it's really good). I could walk down hollywood blvd and see a women getting fucked in the middle of street and not think much of it.

seleste_star29 karma

I could walk down hollywood blvd and see a women getting fucked in the middle of street

Is this a thing that really happens? I know there are some sites that specialise in public sex, and I've always wondered how they set up their shoots. It seems to me like it would be illegal, and just shooting it would be evidence in itself. I suppose all the "bystanders" in those shoots are really just extras?

xxxmonarchy60 karma

Normally yes, unless you are in europe. Those guys are crazy. Have you seen this? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/15/google-street-view-handjob_n_2884073.html

Retarded_Horse39 karma

How many people actually still buy pornos on DVD?

Would you say the porn industry will ever be 'done'? As in there'll be so much material, nobody would care about new things anymore?

3D interactive porn, gimme the status report, where we at?

xxxmonarchy48 karma

The number of people who still by porn on DVD is exponentially lower then it once was but there is still a really good market for it in adult bookstores and online. The porn industry will never be "done". Sex sells, always have and always will but as technology evolves different platforms become key for monetizing your profits. 3D interactive porn has never really taken off but I see a really good future in Interactive porn. There is a device manufactured by AEBN.net called the Real Touch which links you to a webcam model and you can have sex with her in real time. I think something like that could be the future.

namith41 karma

Dude, the future is here. I'm pretty sure once this comes out, porn will be the only industry.

xxxmonarchy32 karma

It is already out.

dirtwarrior9 karma

I run an adult store and I agree with everything OP just said. While video sales are down in our stores, there is still a decent demand for them. For the most part though its guys 40+ that are buying the videos at this point. I have a few customers that will spend 80-300 dollars a week on porn.

xxxmonarchy9 karma

Thanks for fighting the good fight!

Points_out_shit34 karma

Can't believe nobody's said this yet.. What is the craziest, dirtiest, down right nastiest scene/clip you've shot?

xxxmonarchy59 karma

A bukkake/double anal.

evilpuke32 karma

How do you feel about people saying porn is messing with their brains. This is mostly what I refer to.

I am neither for or against it. I view it as all other things that can be addictive. Alcohol weed coffee etc. Some people can have a bit and walk away. Others depend on it regularly

xxxmonarchy57 karma

Everything is dangerous in large doses. We live in a country where freedom of speech and freedom of press is a foundation of our values. You have the right to pick it up and watch it, or throw it in the trash. And if you are one of the very few that says it is addictive, goto a sex addicts anonymous meeting.

ratwing32 karma

Can you walk us through how the industry still makes money even though so much content is free?

xxxmonarchy56 karma

There are a number of platforms. If you focus on DVD you can still make good money. There is alot of money in broadcast. VOD is also a bonus. The key is to use the free tube sites and upload short 3-4 minute clips that link back to your paysite. Driving traffic is key and affiliate networks can also help you make some pretty good money. However, it will never be what it used to be. The hayday of making millions and millions of dollars has definitely passed

W-Z-R30 karma

Since you own Monarchy Distribution have you considered creating mock up porn of the British Royals?

xxxmonarchy85 karma

Never considered doing that, but will keep it in mind :) Need to find a grandma to play queen elizabeth.

cp518429 karma

Is shemale porn really one of the most popular genres? What are some other popular genres that are surprising?

What did you do generally to win the awards?

Do you have any female targeted porn?

xxxmonarchy43 karma

Shemale porn is an extremely popular niche. They recently did a study on pornmd.com which ranked the most searched for porn terms worldwide and you can see "tranny" and "shemale" popping up everywhere. Suprisingly, the main demographic for people who are drawn to that genre are married white men.

To win the awards it is important to produce high quality content, constantly send out screeners to reviewers, and market the shit out of your movies.

Female targeted porn has become the new hot niche. I have seen a number of studios like AEBN, New Sensations, Mile High and Wicked capitalize on that niche. We currently are mainly a gonzo company but our lesbian line has a great female following. Check it out here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/93741/studio/pajama-party-entertainment-porn-movies.html

goodguysteve33 karma

There isn't much sleepwear visible for so-called "pajama party" movies.

xxxmonarchy116 karma

I know. Your welcome.

cp518420 karma

What are some other surprisingly popular genres?

xxxmonarchy106 karma

BDSM has blown up in the past year compliments of the 50 shades of grey book. Now every hockey mom in america wants to be tied up on a sybian and have nipple clamps and a blindfold on.

ExtraCommas27 karma

Does your family know? What do they think about it?

xxxmonarchy97 karma

Yes, my family knows. I come from a fairly liberal jewish family. They are proud of my accomplishments. Porn to me is just a business and a product I sell. Families are always supportive whenever success is found regardless of what industry you are in.

dontbeajerk32 karma

I love Jewish parents.

xxxmonarchy7 karma

Me too

W-Z-R25 karma

Would you date/marry a porn star?

xxxmonarchy49 karma

I don't like to mix business with pleasure. I know plenty of people who are in the business and married and they are extremely happy, but it is still a hard pill to swallow. Not really for me (unless shes retired)

likeBruceSpringsteen68 karma

Heh, "swallow."

xxxmonarchy80 karma


Poncheezled23 karma

What's the process for hiring new pornstars? Do people just walk in and fill out an application?

xxxmonarchy34 karma

Like Hollywood, the majority of the girls in the business are represented by an agent. There are over 15 different agencies that send you bottom cards and one sheets on a daily basis of who is available and what sex acts they are willing to do. You can also browse through their website to see photos and check availability.

CivEngineer35 karma

Bottom cards sound like awesome porn trading cards, you got any good rookie cards?

xxxmonarchy38 karma

Check out the Adult Trading Card Co.


IDigChicksWithSixDix23 karma

I once heard that men have to start out doing gay porn before they can move up the porn ladder to women. True or false?

xxxmonarchy61 karma

It can be true. There are a number of male performers who start out as "gay for pay" and eventually transition into straight porn. The best way to go directly into a straight porn is to enter the industry with a girlfriend who would be in demand and have her tell studios she will only work with you on a boy girl scene.

jelloor20 karma


xxxmonarchy29 karma

I am not sure. Ask Dane on twitter. He's a nice guy.

Toxikomania23 karma

How important is the actual story in a porn movie based on sells? Is it some kind of special ingredient or just a reason to show people having sex?

xxxmonarchy43 karma

It depends. What I have found to be the most profitable is a simple setup like a Naughty America scene. They have series like My Mom's Hot friend, My first sex teacher etc. They do a quick setup and dialogue for 5 minutes or so then it goes to the sex. I have found that to be the formula for sex. If you are looking to spend more money, a parody is a great way to go. Those sell like hotcakes.

writeress22 karma


xxxmonarchy27 karma

It varies. An average gonzo can run between 15-20k. A feature will run between 40 & 50k.

writeress14 karma

Wow. Where does most of that money go? The actors?

xxxmonarchy25 karma

Actors, Actresses, Locations, Photographer, Director, Editing, Box Cover Printing, DVD Replication, Warehousing, overhead. Everything adds up.

BusterBronco22 karma

Do you have any personal favorite actresses or actors in the industry?

xxxmonarchy51 karma

People say I have mommy issues LOL. Kendra Lust, Julia Ann, Lisa Ann.

BusterBronco18 karma

Have any of them starred in a production of yours?

xxxmonarchy29 karma

I have no worked with Kendra Lust or Julia Ann yet, but we have done a movie with Lisa Ann called Cougar Claws. It also starred Devon Lee, Sara Jay, Tanya Tate, and Carmella Bing. Check it out here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1626533/cougar-claws-porn-movies.html

goodguysteve15 karma

Ever work with Nina Hartley?

xxxmonarchy39 karma

Yes. She starred in our movie Chocolate Covered Milfshakes. Check it out here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1626555/chocolate-covered-milf-shake-porn-movies.html

molrobocop21 karma

Are you married/seeing anyone? And if so, did you meet them through work?

Also, how's your social life? Are "professional" parties as wild as some people expect them to be?

xxxmonarchy46 karma

I am divorced now. I met my ex wife through the industry, she was the sales manager for a dildo manufacturer.

My social life is pretty low key. I travel alot but when I am home occasionally I will goto an industry party. The parties can get wild but for the most party are pretty chill. The industry is a very close knit place and everyone is pretty much friends with eachother. They do get pretty crazy when we are in vegas though.

TheImpetuous49 karma

I am divorced now. I met my ex wife through the industry, she was the sales manager for a dildo manufacturer.

Finish the sentence: "When we met, it was love at first ______"

xxxmonarchy276 karma


Valdream21 karma

How do you recruit male actors for the scenes ? There must be a whole lot of dudes wanting to get into the industry.

Also, thanks a lot for this ridiculously interesting Ama :)

xxxmonarchy22 karma

We hire well known male actors through a variety of different agencies.

celerym19 karma

What are some of the new up and coming genres? Notice any interesting trends (up and down) in the last 2 years?

xxxmonarchy40 karma

Couples porn has exploded in the past couple of years. Also BBW (big beautiful women).

gone-wild-commenter19 karma

What exactly is couples porn?

xxxmonarchy89 karma

Couples porn is a story driven plot that caters to married couples. Something they would sit in bed and watch together and actually enjoy the story. Not many married couples are into watching a 20 year old girl get gangbanged.

Getpoopedon17126 karma

Some people are so sheltered

xxxmonarchy97 karma

I know right?

Willb3tray4food19 karma

What's the most common song used in porn if any?

xxxmonarchy79 karma

bow chicka wow wow

Cranking1319 karma

How did you get started did u do everything yourself in the beginning or did you have help? Did it take a lot of money in the beginning to hire the people on camera? What was the very first thing you released or sold?

xxxmonarchy32 karma

I started in 2005 working for one of the nation's largest DVD Distributors selling dvds from every studio (vivid, wicked, zero tolerance, jules jordan). Full one stop. I eventually made enough money to start shooting my own content. Our very first movie was a title called Anal Artists starring Sasha Grey and Manuel Ferrara.

gr00ve8812 karma

how much if you don't mind me asking? I would imagine a few thousand?

xxxmonarchy22 karma

It was enough to hire a staff and start building a catalog of movies.

hclchicken19 karma

If an actor (male or female) came to you years down the road and asked for their image to stop being distributed under your agency due to religious personal or whatever changes how would you respond?

Do you feel that once you pay these actors for their service you own the videos of them. Note that I didn't ask legally, I asked personally.

xxxmonarchy54 karma

Legally once they sign the release form we can release that content over and over again; however, personally I would ask them to reimburse me for my production cost that it took to shoot that scene and remove it. However, that wouldn't do much good in the times of the internet. Once a scene is produced, it is stolen, uploaded, syndicated everywhere. If you shoot one scene, it will be up on the web forever.

Chubbstock13 karma

kinda in the same vein, but is there money to be made on celebrity sex tapes? I know some sites specialize in them even though they're few and far between. But Paris had a dvd, someone made money off that.

xxxmonarchy21 karma

There used to be. Not anymore. You have to pay 100's of thousands of dollars for a sex tape. Now with free sites, they are pirated so quick and you can never make your money back.

ianmk16 karma

I don't really have any questions, I just wanted to say that I went into this AMA expecting a free-for-all, and found that you're incredibly humble and articulate. Congratulations on all your success!

xxxmonarchy12 karma

Much appreciated.

SiirPatron16 karma

Have you ever starred in a shoot?

xxxmonarchy19 karma

Nope. Strictly behind the camera.

FuckYouSanDiego15 karma

How much do young women (18-20) usually get paid for doing porn?

xxxmonarchy23 karma

It depends on the girl. A new girl can make around 1,000 for a boy girl when a name girl can get 2,000+

inputninja15 karma

What's on the buffet table?

xxxmonarchy32 karma

Normally powerbars, gatorade, and we get lunch from Brent's Deli in Northridge, CA. They need carbs and electrolytes.

scoot23ro12 karma

quantity over quality, heh? i bet you miss the old days when porn was making everyone rich as hell. i guess the internet is ya'lls saving grace

xxxmonarchy18 karma

We try to do both. High quality content, but alot of titles as well to grab a large chunk of the market share.

TheWholeWorldCanSMD12 karma

Why do all pornos feature a man with a massive d?

xxxmonarchy24 karma

Not all male performers have a "massive D" for the most part they are pretty well endowed, however alot of the girls are really petite so on camera the guys dick looks alot bigger then it actually is compared to the girl.

TheWholeWorldCanSMD46 karma

What is in your opinion the worst shot? And why did you pick the ballsack-taint close up shot as the worst shot?

xxxmonarchy18 karma

haha. I never noticed that. #desensitized

relampiou11 karma

Are you really confortable shooting all kinds of porn? (Gays, trannys, etc...) Had have any contacts with scat porn like two girls one cup or beastiality? Also thanks for this AMA!

xxxmonarchy17 karma

We have experienced shooters that handle each line and they specialize in what they shoot.

Ira Isaacs did scat porn and was just convicted of obscenity and sentenced to prison. Read the story here: http://business.avn.com/articles/legal/Shock-Artist-Ira-Isaacs-Sentenced-to-Four-Years-in-Prison-500538.html

Sgt_Soggybottoms10 karma

Do you attribute your success to anyone who influenced you along the way? Maybe someone like a resource teacher at shs?

xxxmonarchy46 karma

The first person to ever suggest I make XXX my career was my highschool dean who suspended me for selling playboys on school grounds. Here is an article about it:


Phire_Tokin10 karma

What's the best way for a good looking, well hung male to get into porn? I've heard they have always had to start off doing gay porn. Is that true?

xxxmonarchy36 karma

Find a girl who is willing to do porn and have her tell the agencies she will only do girl girl, but she will do boy girl with you. Make yourself a package deal. Or goto an amateur company, they shoot new guys.

dontbeajerk9 karma

With the success of Netflix's "House of Cards," many networks with online video distribution systems have been scrambling to find Nielsen replacements that actually measure meaningful statistics. What kind of data do you guys gather on your audience's viewing habits, and how? (PS - are you familiar with the data the collected to create House of Cards? If not, fucking fascinating read here: http://www.salon.com/2013/02/01/how_netflix_is_turning_viewers_into_puppets/ (This article makes it sound pretty negative, but I for one think what Netflix is doing is awesome.)

xxxmonarchy12 karma

That is too complex for a reddit post, I will do a blog on that. Great question.

samirlk939 karma

Have you ever fired a pornstar ? if yes, then why?

What is your top selling DVD called ?

xxxmonarchy9 karma

pornstars are independent contractors so you can't really fire them. If they are unprofessional, we just won't use them again.

Our top selling DVD of all time and also won an award for Best All Sex Release is Asses For The Masses starring Alexis Texas, Flower Tucci, Gianna Michaels, Katja Kassin, and Mia Rose.

Check it out here: http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1610575/asses-for-the-masses-porn-movies.html

oheyitsben7 karma

How many dicks did you company have to suck to get that award?

First time Ive been able to say that literally

xxxmonarchy10 karma

Like 12

comptonscatter6 karma

What sort of job perks do you think this field supplies you with beyond the generic paycheck and freedom?

xxxmonarchy17 karma

My favorite part is the close knit nature of the people in the business and how some of my competitors are my best friends.

Edwin_Says_Hello6 karma

Tell us how they do it? How does a guy train to be a porn star? What does he do to become a master ejaculater? Also what is your favorite kind of porn?

Thank you in advance :)

xxxmonarchy13 karma

I think it is hard to train to be a pornstar. There is no bootcamp or school. For the good performers it just comes naturally. I hear lots of pineapple and protein will increase your flow. There is also a product called Xplosion which helps too.

xxxmonarchy10 karma

They took it down

nms15394 karma

I like how you limit yourself to certain areas and don't go near the nastier stuff, but do you think that limits your business? I mean, people on the internet are fucked up.

xxxmonarchy8 karma

I would rather limit my range in product that I put out then sit in prison for putting something out that isn't up to bible belt standards.

sporkasaurus3 karma

How much money do you make?

xxxmonarchy11 karma

Enough to pay my bills.

VidaGeek2 karma

I still think that doing a Swamp Hunters parody would rock. Who's with me?

xxxmonarchy10 karma

A friend of mine suggested that. We are working on 8 Mile XXX right now.

Funkshow3 karma

8 Mile should star the nastiest fat white bitches with wannabe pimp black dudes. That is the reality of 8 Mile.

xxxmonarchy39 karma

We are getting a blonde girl as the main character and calling her "Feminem" and she fucks her way to the top.

57ashdot2 karma

Im very intrigued how health aspects work in the industry. How do you keep your actors/actresses healthy? How often are they screened? Ever have an outbreak of something occur from a false negative on a test (or even just a flat out test falsification)?

xxxmonarchy5 karma

We have systems in place. There are a number of Adult Industry approved clinics where performers are required to test every 14 days. If you show up on set with a test that is beyond 14 days you will not be able to shoot. Everything is logged into a database called APHSS which producers have access to and can verify the validity of your test.

[deleted]2 karma


xxxmonarchy8 karma

That has been brought to my attention a number of times. I apologize if it offended you. The transgender community in adult has embraced the word. In fact, there is entire award show called The Tranny Awards. I recommend you read this:


thepurpletank1 karma

Any horror stories?

xxxmonarchy6 karma

Broken Penises and Feces Geysers.