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This afternoon I took my wife to go and visit my old home and take it down. When I looked at my calendar, it had really been more like over two years since I had last been up (time flies) and as I suspected the platform was pretty trashed. My wife didn't end up climbing up with me, she took one look at that ladder and said she wasn't feeling "that adventurous". The platform was funky when I last saw it and now it was totally unusable (it wasn't weatherproofed enough). The deck gave way after I walked around on it and while I was lowering it to the ground the whole thing split in half and some of it fell to the ground. There is a little more stuff to haul out but its pretty much gone now. It was a little sad, even though I hadn't been up in ages, it was nice knowing that my little retreat in the woods was still there, waiting for me to visit whenever I wanted. As many of you guessed correctly it was located on Mt Tamalpais in Marin County.

Anyway here is the album:

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I really enjoyed that AMA. Sorry to hear about your tree fort. :(

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Thanks. It was inspring to hear that people enjoyed my adventure and it brought back so many great memories to recount it. It was a lot of fun to return today even though it was a little sad too.

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We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

seamslegit198 karma

Better, stronger, faster.

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Funny how most people seem to think this is originally from Archer now.

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I would move that your AMA be nominated for best AMA for 2013.

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Wow, I am honored! Thanks.

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Wait...WIFE? Congratulations!

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Miss it ever?

seamslegit102 karma

All the time.

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Do you want to make another tree house? like a proper house with rooms etc. On top of a huge tree!

seamslegit126 karma

I would love to do that. I have been learning a lot of carpentry in the last year so hopefully in the future I have the skills to do this. My wife and I just bought a house with a huge redwood tree in the back yard. Soon as escrow closes I will be at the top of that sucker.

thewizerdofaus17 karma

What is escrow? I'm guessing its an American thing?

jdibz5 karma

I keep imagining something like this.

seamslegit5 karma

Yeah I like the Free Spirit Spheres but out of my price range.

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What made you want to remove it? Just to get the stuff it of the park? A reason to go back up?

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Thanks for the update mate, it was cool to see where it was and how it was made. Do you think the people in the houses that you can see from the platform could have known you were there?

seamslegit48 karma

I spent about 30 minutes today down near those houses trying to spot the platform. I knew where it was approximately and I couldn't see it.

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Have you read the book the Baron in the Trees?( It's about an Italian noble who lives his entire life up in the treetops. Your story reminded me of it, it's quite good.

seamslegit11 karma

No but a few people recommended it. Will check it out.

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When did you know it was finally time to leaf?

seamslegit39 karma

It just happened over a few months I wood spend less time in the tree and more time with my lady until I never went back.

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This is one of the most awesome things I've ever read, and you are likely one of the most awesome people I'll never meet. Congratulations on your wife, paying off your debts, doing something that should be so normal but people see as weird. You're awesome.

I have a couple of questions and if you answer them you win a prize:

Would you have considered a tree to live in had you no background in climbing? Would you have maybe lived in a cave or something?

I understand you did it for a few reasons (mostly to save money, do something to take your mind off your break up, etc) - do you think this lifestyle 'healed' you?

What did you do with mail/bank/money? Because, technically, you were homeless. Did you get mail sent to a family member's house?

How big was the platform? I've seen all the pictures but it's hard to get a scale. Was it literally just a platform? No roof? No weatherproofing?

When you have kids will you help them build a treehouse?

seamslegit24 karma

Would you have considered a tree to live in had you no background in climbing?

Probably not, I would have been way to scared.

Would you have maybe lived in a cave or something?

Probably not although I always loved the story of the yogi Milarepa.

I understand you did it for a few reasons (mostly to save money, do something to take your mind off your break up, etc) - do you think this lifestyle 'healed' you?

I think time in nature is one of the most healing things that we as humans can do. We were not designed to sit at desks in A/C or heated rooms and stare at computers. Everyone should unplug and go hit the trail. There are so many beautiful wild lands.

What did you do with mail/bank/money? Because, technically, you were homeless. Did you get mail sent to a family member's house?

Yes. I would go check in a few times a month. Collect mail do some laundry and cook dinner for everyone.

How big was the platform? I've seen all the pictures but it's hard to get a scale.


Was it literally just a platform? No roof? No weatherproofing?

I would hang a camouflage tarp that covered the whole thing during the rainy time but I would take it down whenever I could since I figured it would make it easier to spot the platform.

When you have kids will you help them build a treehouse?

If we do then yes. Actually the first platform I built as a test run for my then 7 year old sister (20+ year difference) which we hung about 10 feet up in her yard and she used as a tree fort.

Bluest_waters2 karma


Such a rare thing to see this type of reference on Reddit

For the curious

seamslegit1 karma

tl;dr He killed a bunch of people with black magic in 11 century Tibet, then regretted what he did and spent the rest of his life trying to master his mind living as a yogi in caves and teaching people how to end suffering.

JackoGnarsteeze11 karma

You may not read this, as I only have one thing to say. As an arboriculture student this is very inspiring. My next camping weekend will be spent in a tree. Thank you for making your journey public. PS if you're ever in Ontario Canada I would love to take you for a climb.

seamslegit3 karma

Awesome. It would be fun to go up with someone who knows what they are doing.

NeonRock11 karma

So how do people react when you tell them about it? Do they assume you're some kind of crazy hermit person?

seamslegit31 karma

I don't really tell people about it. When I did live there I kept it on the down low. Only my close friends and family knew and they knew I didn't want to share that information. I have a professional job and I don't want people thinking I was as crazy as I am.

Magroo4 karma

You should embrace the crazy, and use it to get a job as some sort of innovator/crazy person.

seamslegit14 karma

Wait you can get a job titled "crazy person"? I want those business cards!

Bluest_waters9 karma

This is a not necessarily a reddit friendly question but I would ask it anyway

I talked to two different people who lived in trees like you did for an extended period of time

Both Told me that it one point or another they actually saw some type of energy jumping from tree to tree or something along those lines

Almost like a visible electric charge

Did you ever see or witness anything like that up there?

seamslegit48 karma

No, but I also wasn't on any drugs.

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bleedgreenandwhite128 karma

Forestry major here. Those are Douglas Fir(Pseudotsuga menziesii) pine cones. Our professor always described them as a squirrel jumping into the pine cone with the tail sticking out. In case you wanted to know.

seamslegit3 karma

Thanks. Although those are just stock photo of a Douglas-Fir not ones I took of my tree.

shankmuffin8 karma

What tips would you have for some one who wants to live in the wild. Such as needs to begin. Area choice. Things to expect.

seamslegit7 karma

Be comfortable with solitude, practice meditation. A lot of the US is tough in the winter time so you really need some shelter.

mercutiomongoose8 karma

Did you ever hear anyone doing any hanky panky in the park, committing crimes or strange animal noises?

seamslegit12 karma

Just the normal animal noises. I was the only one I saw committing crimes.

sortofabstract7 karma

how did you get the ladder up there?

RugerRedhawk10 karma

It's sectional. Usually you mount one piece at a time as you go up. They are commonly used for hunting tree stands.

seamslegit7 karma

Yup. Just carried a piece at a time. The first climb I had someone belay me up.

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We live in Mill Valley now.

Heatednemz5 karma

I would never have the guts to do what you did. I think its extremely cool of you to pull it off, and then share your experience with us.I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. After looking at the pics, I dont blame your wife for not wanting to climb up there.It looks like a tough job, hard to imagine you did that every day.
My question : If they make a movie on you, which actor would you like to see play you?

Baboopaboop3 karma

When you came down for the last time did you know it was for the last time?

seamslegit7 karma

No. I always thought I would go back up once in awhile.

SamCropper3 karma

Are you going to keep any of the pieces as a souvenir?

seamslegit4 karma

The ladders are still good. Probably keep a piece.

Frogtarius3 karma

Have you thought about designing tree houses, since you have the practicality of living in a tree?

seamslegit5 karma

I am not much of an architect or carpenter but I alway fall in love those treehouse coffee table books. I am sure I will build something in the trees again, maybe on my own land.

tearlock3 karma

Time to get the treatment for that screenplay copyrighted. Can't keep Keri Russel waiting.

seamslegit2 karma

Ha.... I think my wife might actually be getting her hopes up.

ejmw2 karma

Thanks for the AMA and the update. I greatly enjoyed it, and I'm glad you took it down and cleaned it up responsibly.

And remember, there's always retirement for another adventure like this :)

seamslegit2 karma

Sure but I think that will more likely be in a RV with internet and a toilet.

FishiZPr02 karma

So wait, what did you do when it rained?

sstik1 karma

Refer to original AMA. He slept in his car, girlfriend's, friend's or family's houses.

seamslegit6 karma

and sometimes I just hung up a camouflage tarp. It rains a lot in Northern California so you cant always go run out of the trees every time there is a little rain.

supersaying2 karma

Was that ladder on the tree just left there the whole two years since you were there last?

seamslegit3 karma

Yup, still in great shape.

Gurpurr2 karma

So if I were to ask you how to make one of these...

seamslegit5 karma

I hate the chemicals of pressure treated wood but it retrospect in probably would have held up better.


How much money did it save you that year?

seamslegit3 karma

I dont know. I had been paying about $1000 in rent plus utilities so over over $13,000 but like some people said, my food expenses were higher than they otherwise would have been.

PsyAyeAyeDuck2 karma

A couple questions since I'm way late to the party.

  1. How did you receive mail such as bills, invitations, etc.?

  2. What was the arrangements of car insurance if any?

seamslegit2 karma

  1. Had mail sent to family and picked it up a few times a month. 2. I had it.

acid_wash_farts2 karma

How on earth did you find somebody to marry you?

seamslegit4 karma

The internetz dating.

acid_wash_farts2 karma

Me too! No disrespect, just had a thought about the kind of hygiene necessary to live in a tree for a year.

seamslegit3 karma

I had good hygiene I went to the 24 hour gym once or twice a day and did my workout and shit, shower, shave.

spinlock2 karma

I'm building a reddit tree fort. Who's with me?

seamslegit13 karma

Reddit meet-up 100 feet-up.

this_is_not_nil1 karma

How old are you?

seamslegit1 karma

Mid 30's

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seamslegit1 karma

over 6'

fpennstate1 karma

Thanks, this was a real treet.

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ReddetteUser1 karma

What type of place do you live in now?

What do you miss most and least from your past tree living life?

seamslegit3 karma

A regular old home. I miss the fresh air and beautiful view, waking up with the sun on my head and realizing yet again that I am 100 feet off the ground. I don't miss sleeping by myself and having to trek/drive 15 minutes to use the head.

BoomerPetway1 karma

What have you learned about tree-platform design? Any advice or pitfalls to point out to the next generation of would-be tree-livers?

seamslegit4 karma

Well I probably should have used pressure treated wood and sealed it up better so it would last longer. Also I should have used some better protection for the tree with the chains. There wasn't much damage but The whole point of hanging it was so I wouldn't hurt the tree. As someone pointed out webbing probably would have held up just fine.

Oswaldwashere1 karma

This question is probably already answered somewhere but i dont have time right now to search through the posts. Only one question, Why did you do this?

seamslegit2 karma

Adventure, time in nature, to save some money.

TheChrisHill1 karma

Is this the modern story of "The Giving Tree"?

seamslegit4 karma

Well, I am not going to chop it down but the tree gave me a great home.

OneAndOnlyRedditor1 karma

Why is your face blurred out?

seamslegit1 karma

um.... anonymity

snermy1 karma

Thanks for your original AMA and this followup. I really enjoyed your comments and photos.

One question. How come you didn't wrap a weather-resistant tarp around the platform before leaving it? Did you plan to return again and just didn't get a chance until now? Thanks again!

seamslegit3 karma

Yeah, I should have. The last time I slept up there was early autumn and I guess the days turned to week turned to months turned to years and I just never went up. I did take a trip to visit a while back and I swept it off of debris and already the deck was peeling with water damage.