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barak obama fisting michelle bachmann

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thats how my parents raised me and i turned out...mostly...fine.

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Hate to say it but the people who regularly appear on the nightly show panels are FAR more annoying than that lady ever could possibly imagine being


I gave up on the show don't want anymore so maybe my opinion doesn't matter

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I literally thought bar rescue was trolling them when they first unveiled that logo

I mean… Really? The corporate bar and grill?

That was the worst do over in the history of the show, and I am in fact a fan of the show

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For the love of God why (WHY?) dont the e-voting machines print out a simple hard copy receipt?

one copy for the voter, another for gov. this allows computer tabulations to be checked against real hand counts.

so simple, so common sense.

ATM;s have them...why not vote machines?