So………my mind is blown. I know its okay to feel like this because Rob Thomas told me those very same words. No one could have ever expected this kind of response, after all these years. I had never lost hope for a reunion, but a movie? I have to tell you, I was completely unprepared. I'm usually the guy who always has something to say, so the fact that I sound this silly sitting here trying to write an IAmA post..I normally comfortably browse Reddit for LoL/SC2 everyday, if anyone would have told me I'd see VM on the frontpage in 2013...OK, I feel obligated to reach back out to the community that has made this possible, by showing so much love, support, and loyalty as to "Break Kickstarter Records" and personally, remind me of just how much Veronica Mars meant to me. This show saved my life years ago and it looks like its gonna do it again. (I know I said that in the other thread, sorry) And the craziest thing is its only day TWO! The possibilities, the stuff running through my head as I read Rob's emails over and over... (That's mean, I know) I was going to just write a blog entry on franciscapra.com but I really just need to talk to somebody, seriously. :) I always said we had the greatest fans any cast could ever ask for, this week, you guys showed the world just how real those claims were. I sound ridiculous, so I really hope someone else comes in here and shows me up. I gotta call Jason or rowanceleste, brb. I promise to be more composed when I return.

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mowolvesmoproblems91 karma


franciscapra135 karma

Oh no you didn't..

Cannibalzz84 karma

Did you know Kazaam was a silly film when you were shooting it?

franciscapra177 karma

This question is unfair.

Tkav201262 karma

We should so get the VMs cons back up and running! nothing like sitting in a carpark of a hotel chatting till 9am! Well apart from the 1st Aid kit :P

franciscapra61 karma

TINA!!! <3

JohnWad53 karma

Why the face tattoos?

franciscapra95 karma

Hahaha I was drunk with power & fame oh man what an awesome first comment.

Opion8d51 karma

As a fan, I want to say thank you for the years of work you put into the show, and let you know that I can not wait to see it on the big screen and be reunited with my favourite characters. Veronica Mars is the only show that I have ever been a fangirl for, it is seriously the best television show. I am not ashamed to say I was devastated when it was canceled.

Weevil was always one of my favourite characters. Rough on the outside, but a heart of gold on the inside. I am looking forward to seeing how he spent the last 10 years.

Again, thank you for all of your work. There are obviously LOTS of us rooting for you.

Oh yeah, a question! If you could pick the guy that Veronica Mars ended up with would it be Logan, a return of Duncan Kane or someone new?

franciscapra78 karma

Why is Weevil not on this list? JK I can't answer this question.

K thats unfair, I am gonna say Logan because come on, it just works.

soupastar28 karma

I still remember when they announced they were canceling it, I was so angry. One Tree Hill lasted longer than it what the frack?

franciscapra59 karma

Yeah man I kept the "cancellation" notice on my fridge for waaaaaaaaaayyy too long, why did I torture myself like that? Just realized how silly that was.

Opion8d25 karma

90210 has lasted longer. I will never understand how amazing shows like Veronica Mars get canceled, yet shows like Whitney and 90210 get renewed. It's aggravating.

franciscapra34 karma

I still don't know for sure but didn't Rob do 90210? Wait 90210 lasted longer than us? Seriously? The new one?

Splendid_Hyperion38 karma

If the Veronica Mars movie does well, do you think there is a possibility for a sequel or is Rob Thomas using this opportunity to wrap up the loose ends from the show?

franciscapra78 karma

Absolutely and yes but it would never be that simple with Rob, if it isn't clear by now his love for VM runs deep and all of us are in for a....I'm just gonna say Rob's in it for the long run. :P

alwayslearningx38 karma

What do you think Weevil has been up to the last couple of years? It would be really funny if he moved up to become a white collar criminal (like a investment banker).

Also, what league are you in Star Craft and do you love the /r/starcraft drama? =)

franciscapra66 karma

Man Weevil was already a pro at credit card fraud, do you know how hard that must have been for a kid from the hood, working alone at the time? Plus, do you remember my shop? I was making serious bread, honestly, I still say my crew would have shit on those guys from SoA, anyday.

/sarcasm. But no, Weevil was not your average crook, he definitely had some juice left in him that would have made crime look like it pays. To be honest, I don't know how a guy in his position gets clean, we'd have to ask Rob.

in WoL I was Diamond from beta all the way to Season 2, once I started playing LoL I never made it back to my former glory. I still have not picked up HoTS, which I have been trying to avoid thinking about. I am now sad.

T1mac36 karma

I'm late to this party since I never watched the series when it was on the CW, but I did stream the pilot last night. I can see why VM has such a loyal fan base.

Your character was the biker gang leader with a heart of gold, how did you approach your role in order to keep an "edge" to the character and not make him too soft and likable so you lose your credibility?

franciscapra49 karma

Welcome! So happy to have you aboard, late or not. Keeping Weevil with one foot in the streets and one foot in Neptune was some of the most fun I've ever had, I often said that Weevil would make the rounds on TV during hiatus, implying that I was kind of channeling him on certain other shows featuring a tattooed kid from the wrong side of town, but right around the end of S2 I kind of had a breakthrough experience which lead to me discovering what a golden opportunity I had with the character. Dan Etheridge was by far the biggest influence on me in this area and were it not for him, I don't think Weevil would have anywhere near the depth people tell me he has. I need to like really answer this question better but basically, once I let go of my desire to "represent", Weevil became real. Of course, this is my opinion, :P

signed_proposal32 karma

Francis, your character was one of my favorites from the very beginning. I really enjoyed watching Weevil grow as a person throughout the series. Do you have any favorite off-camera antics with the cast and crew you can share with us?

franciscapra52 karma

Oh wow, where to begin. Ryan & KB were alot of fun, even if you weren't working with them, their antics got around set so much and so well that they had you laughing whether you were involved or not. I always get asked this question and I'm afraid I'm gonna reveal some dirty prank that will get somebody in trouble, but yeah, there's a famous story involving Teddy that I think takes the cake, from S1, I am gonna get back to you. :P

fatbomb28 karma

I love you, Francis!

Oh, right. I'm supposed to ask something. I always thought that there was great chemistry between Veronica and Weevil. Did you ever think the two characters would share a kiss or even something more?

franciscapra42 karma

Wait we never kissed?

EmceeGrady22 karma

I have your green 69 impala if you guys need it for the movie FYI.

franciscapra17 karma

Can you private message me?

soupastar19 karma

Weevil was my fav on Vmars, I loved him interacting with Keith, should of been way more of that. There are a lot of people who wanted him to date Veronica, they named them WeeVer! Weevil's final scene made me believe he might be turning back to old habits.

What are you hoping they do with Weevil in the movie? Do you want him to be back in the gang or general bad habits, or good guy who turned it all around?

franciscapra30 karma

Oh man, what could have and what may now be!!! Haha, Rob had made me go berserk with excitement during the end of season 3, there was a time where so many different things were floating around set, some real, some completely made up, but then you would get to talk to Rob and you would just walk away realizing you were but a gnat in the palm of a god. Haha, I hope he reads that line. Now thats how you deflect a question!

yellowoftops14 karma

Funny story. I literally watched every episode of Veronica Mars in Afghanistan. I had never heard of the show while it was airing, and I found a bunch of burned DVDs that just said Veronica Mars. So I started watching them thinking it was a sci-fi movie. At first, I was into the show because Kristen Bell is hot, but then Charisma Carpenter showed up and I was in. The story was good, good balance of humor and drama, good casting. All this while having a pistol on my hip. Anyway, I liked your show, it kept me entertained through harrowing times. Congratulations on the movie.

franciscapra9 karma

Thank you first for defending our country and carrying a strap for my benefit, second for rescuing our DVD & third for your awesome support. Mind me asking what part of the military you are enlisted in? I know there's a more military-esque way to ask that, right? I have a best friend in the NAVY but he recently can't reply to my emails or call me back because he is madly in love. (He may or may not have time to read this though)

roar_error14 karma

Man I loved Weevil in VM. So much chemistry with Logan, haha. You are awesome.

"What if I run into a pack of your white boys, huh, on some clean, well lit street? I could be bored to death."

franciscapra9 karma

Yes, I'm going to test my own knowledge/memory but could you tell me whether or not Diane Ruggiero wrote that line? Nora is sitting right next to me so she knows I didn't look it up. I just loved that line and I want to know if I remembered the writer off-hand.

Camsi13 karma

I still can't believe it myself ! More than 3Millions in what... A day ? It's amazing and kinda sad at the same times that for years nothing happened on that front since OBVIOUSLY a lot of people kept dreaming about a movie...

You're going to be in it, right ? What would you like Weevil to be doing ? Isn't it kinda like a 10years later segment xD

franciscapra32 karma

Truly amazing, yes and all I want is to see Weevil continue to grow, there was SO much Rob & I talked about that I thought would never come to light.. Now, the possibilities are endless.

megazver13 karma

Tell them to make it a mini-series if it gets enough money.

franciscapra22 karma

Word 2 God.

whowaffle12 karma

Sorry, proof? (I really want it to be you.)

franciscapra17 karma

K my boy Barru already prepared me for this

rainbowblight6 karma

Does this qualify?

franciscapra6 karma

Well I was gonna post a pic of me holding up the date and my LoL gametag but yeah, I did link this on twitter immediately after posting.. What service should I use to post pictures? Photobucket or am I just revealing how out-of-touch I am with posting pictures of myself online? I don't even have an instagram..

Leholland11 karma

How does it feel to have the honour of the Pope naming himself after you?

franciscapra15 karma

Haha my mom has been teasing me about this for two days.

ScaredycatMatt10 karma

Who do you think would win in a fight: Your character from The OC or Weevil?

Do you think Weevil had feelings for Veronica?

What's your favourite scene from Veronica Mars with and without Weevil?

franciscapra44 karma

  1. Oh man, Z from the OC?? I have a really awesome story to tell about that episode that I would have to talk to Ben about first (Assuming remembers it, he did alot of episodes) but umm.... The victor would depend on what season Weevil we are referring to, Eli went through a LOT whereas Z went through a LOT in jail.. 2. Absolutely 3. Off the top of my head without having watched the show for at least 2 years now I'd say (selfishly) any of Weevil's scenes leading up to the discovery of Felix's killer, as for without Weevil I have never been able to shake the power of the first glimpse of Logan's abuse by his father, the scene with the door closing..

imnotwillferrell10 karma

are they gonna be shooting any of it in san diego?

franciscapra20 karma

I hope so!

tyronomo8 karma

When did you know about the kick-starter/movie getting the go ahead?

Crazy coincidence here, as my wife and I started re-watching the TV show on Sunday, out of the blue. I want to know which star I am linked to telepathically!

franciscapra5 karma

I waaaant to answer this so bad but I am not 100% certain I caaaaaan... I will get back to you! Btw, my mother is also clearly a clairvoyant.

draconum_ggg8 karma

Can you please sneak a sloth onto the set? Please!

franciscapra13 karma

Haha this is a really really good idea. I don't have the chops but perhaps someone else..

franciscapra8 karma

I just heard some unbelievably awesome stuff from Rob, basically, this movie is going to be awesome.

goborage7 karma

Even though Keith loses the election, do you think Eli will keep calling him sheriff?

franciscapra12 karma

Haha, this made me smile. If not, I will try it out after you gave me the idea.

lucidnews6 karma

Weevil's wobble but they don't go down. You freakin' legend! Veronica Mars got me through that awkward horrible 15 - 18 year old adolescent angst. Rob Thomas is God.

Noir at it's god damn best.

franciscapra3 karma

Indeed, wobbling is in no way an indication of my involvement with any type of descent. Legendary? First time I have heard it but from here on it is official. Veronica Mars got me through those remaining teenage issues that we all carry into our mid 20's....We all have those, right? :P

VikingCoder5 karma

First off: Loved the show - and I'm proud to be a backer on your Kickstarter. I was super geeked to get the chance to stand in line to get the casts' autographs at the Mall of America... surrounded by 13 year old girls... and I was a 30+ year old dude! I was actually the second to last person in line, so each of the cast members spent a little extra time with me, which was awesome. I think it helped that I brought my own full-color photos of the cast to sign...

Okay, so, think about all of the creative people you know in Hollywood.

Please tell them that letting the fans fund creative works is a viable option. If creative people aren't doing work for hire for studios, then they can own all of their own content and sell it how they want to.

And maybe the accounting might actually make sense for a change - people could actually earn royalties off of movies that actually are profitable, instead of all the shenanigans we always see.

So, my question to you is: How are you going to pay it forward?

(Hint: "I'm going to tell other creative people to get involved with Kickstarter.")

franciscapra5 karma

This post made me feel awesome and guilty at the same time.. I need more time to come up with an intelligent, decent response. As for your request, I've been telling people about Kickstarter since Gas Powered Games began raising money for the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation, a game that basically shaped my love for the realtime strategy genre, outside of Blizzards babies. I don't think any of us will forget to credit Kickstarter going forward, but in the end its up to people like you and me, the fans, to let our voices be heard. It's clear anything can happen!

JohnWad5 karma

Weren't you in prison or some shit?

edit: Nevermind that was the "older calogero" --Lillo Brancato in Bronx tale.

franciscapra24 karma

Fastest Wikipedia-aided correction I've ever seen. Shout out to Lilo though, he's a good man and hopefully will be home soon.

Nastarr5 karma

How often and how successful has the door test been for you?

franciscapra12 karma

Reference to Crazy Mario? I'd have to say I haven't pulled that particular tool out of the box in quite some time. :pause:

redrebellion5 karma

did anyone else have a crush on Weevil?

franciscapra6 karma

Yes, I have been told.

MathewC5 karma

How did VM save your life?

franciscapra10 karma

By being right on time. Weevil was literally the only "gang member" that survived past the pilot without spending the remainder of the series in prison. This is before SoA, guys. TV was different, but I was very stubborn and felt I had to prove something to everyone. I've said before that I sort of grew up and matured alongside Weevil and looking back it is certainly true. I don't think any other work I could have done would have taught me what I learned in my time on VM. I could certainly go into detail, but it'd take way more time than I have atm.

Dreamer064 karma

I happened on to the pilot when it first aired by just channel surfing and devotedly watched every week. I'm so excited for the movie and can't wait to see what Neptune has in store.

I just wanted to say thanks for being so committed to the show, even after all this time. The movie wouldn't be the same with a missing/replacement Weevil!

franciscapra7 karma

Nor shall it lack one!

EarthboundCory4 karma

While watching Party Down, I was always hoping you would have made a cameo appearance like most of the Veronica Mars cast. What gives?!

franciscapra6 karma

Its true, it would have been awesome. My fault.

cookie_partie4 karma

  1. You haven't ever tried to pull a "Mario Test" on anyone, have you?

  2. Which season of VM was the most enjoyable for you?

franciscapra19 karma

  1. Hahaha I plead the fifth. 2. On camera? I would have to say 2, Off-camera? S1 was like, man, it literally changed my entire life and left me with a wealth of unforgettable memories and friends, I think the first is always everybody's favorite.

cookiesgalore234 karma

How'd you like being part of A Simple Wish? :)

Do you have a favorite line by Weevil?

franciscapra16 karma

A Simple Wish was more fun than any kid my age ever deserves to have at "work", some of the best memories in my career happened while filming that, shall we say, unique project. Most memorably shooting in NYC and being the last project where I was able to travel with my whole family including baby brother and sister. A Simple Wish was awesome. A favorite line? This really reminds me of how badly I need to sit down and watch the whole shebang again. I think I will do that tonight and get back to you, ok?

cruordraconis3 karma

Hey man, love the show, always thought your character was a standout. keep up the good work!

franciscapra3 karma

Thank you! I will do my best! :)

MrCrix3 karma

You are one of my favourite characters on the VM series. I recently was introduced to VM a few months ago through my girlfriend who had all the seasons. I honestly thought it was going to be something I wasnt interested in, but I was very wrong.

I really enjoyed your character and how you were able to produce something so real and raw on the show. Eli seemed to be able to be happy, sad, angry, terrified, obnoxious, belligerent, funny, caring, heartless and compassionate all in the same episode. It is a really multifaceted character who you developed extremely well.

There are many international fans out there, myself included, who would love to participate in the Kickstarter project, but everything is US people only. I only live a few hours from the border so you tell Rob Thomas to make my money dammit! Haha!

Anyways we are all just as excited and I cant wait to see you and everyone else on the screen again. Thanks again for making such a great series and I hope you can see this is just one way that many people appreciate you as a person and an actor along with the rest of the VM crew. This is the least we can do for all the hours of entertainment your gave us!

franciscapra6 karma

K now I feel like you are competing with the last compliment, if it means anything I blushed. Watching a good series with someone you love beside you for the ride is one of the coolest, rewarding, fun things you can do. I always tried to channel my own personal challenges through Eli, whenever possible. Honestly, I don't know how to act without doing such and while I have never (yet) had a character leave me effectively drained when work was over, I think Eli would have eventually done it if given enough time. I can't wait to show you more, the thing that gets me most worked up is thinking what Eli has gone through these past 10 years...

elfincovite3 karma

Just wanted to tell you how much I love Weevil's character, I have been rooting for you since the pilot episode. I just donated and I'm so happy this movie is actually coming together, congrats man!

franciscapra4 karma

Thank you!

geekinoutt3 karma

Ok, I have to ask. What video games are you playing at the moment and which are you looking forward to the most in 2013?

franciscapra3 karma

Ah! I shall return, swift as a metabollically boosted Zerg. Jacob Chapman is going to say I am trying too hard with this reply.

everythingisforants3 karma

Um, so... my wife has had HUGE crush on you for, like, FOREVER. She would absolutely shit if she knew I was telling you this. Anyways... yeah. She is ridiculously psyched about the VM movie and plans to donate when her paycheck comes in. I'm looking forward to the VM Marathon that is sure to follow.

franciscapra7 karma

Haha, you guys are awesome! Have you ever attended a convention? We are going to make sure we return the incredible gesture and make this movie the best it can possibly be. Again, thank you so much for making it possible!

false_light3 karma

So...what are the other PCHers doing now???

franciscapra22 karma

Hmm... I really, really want to see Weevil with some old friends by his side, but experience tells me he either has a whole new crew or he's been forced to become a lone wolf.. Or wait, he could also ------ --- ------ ------- ------- ------ ----- --------- ----- but if I were to discuss this a pack of enslaved rats would teleport to my apartment and assassinate me.

squidaroni3 karma

I really don't know what to ask. All I have to say is that I'm so glad you guys get the opportunity to end Veronica Mars the way you want. It's my favorite show (still!) and I can't wait to see what you come up with. The cast of this show is incredible and I can't wait to see everyone reunite.


franciscapra4 karma

Thank you!

Tkav20123 karma

Wonder if Weevil can be caught hanging out..chillin with some WoW ...New side to Weevil!

franciscapra25 karma

Haha I would personally enjoy this but could not justify it, I don't think Eli is a gamer, which kind of bothers me, but its a feeling.

sprkng3 karma

How about Counter Strike? I met a girl who had quit heroin by becoming hardcore CS nerd.

franciscapra5 karma

I have to confess I am much more of an RTS man than a FPS guy. I swear I am good at FPS on the PC but I am probably just average.

beldurra3 karma

I want to tell you that Weevil is my favorite VM character, but then I think about Keith, Lamb, Wallace, et al. And I'm overwhelmed by fond memories. Suffice it to say it was always a great thrill to see you on the screen, it was fantastic work.

  1. You've done a lot more work than I have personally seen (apologies, time and arrows), but the stuff I have seen you in you've played more 'hard men' roles (VM and Heroes comes to mind). Is this a role you enjoy? It seems very different from your IRL personality, so I'm curious if you view it as more fulfulling to be something other than yourself. (If you (or someone else) can recommend something you've done that's different than these roles, I'd love to see you play different character styles).
  2. I've always felt Weevil is the most mature character on the show (with the possible exception of Keith himself), and that despite her sophistication Veronica is one of the least mature. Given that she seems to 'make the rounds' - do you think that once Veronica "grows up" she'll finally see Weevil for the man he is? Or is it only brotherly love between them...
  3. Favorite Frank Capra movie (please say Mr. Smith).

franciscapra7 karma

  1. It'd be hard to convince anyone that I don't enjoy playing hard characters, but I always like to include the projects no one will ever see me work on (Auditions) when I analyze my own range. Unfortunately, its impossible with my current resume, but I think my softer side deserves some air time as well. Show and prove! Show and prove! 2. I agree with you regarding Weevil's maturity, but as for his relationship with Veronica, I think they may have traveled too far down the favor-for-a-favor route while in their younger years to consider anything as adults. Of course, a Bonnie & Clyde style adventure does suit both characters well doesn't it? 3. Mr. Deeds goes to Town.

CaptainJoeMyers3 karma

Hey Francis, I love your work. Weevil has a special place in my heart but so does a young Heroin Bob. You had like three minutes of screen time in SLC Punk and I think that's the most quoted part for me. I'm beyond excited to see you back in Neptune.

So I guess some questions.

Do you really know how to ride a motorcycle? What've you been up to since the end of Veronica Mars? I've seen you in smaller roles (Heroes comes to mind, but I was bummed you didn't get much screen time). What was your favorite episode to shoot?

You rock, sir. Keep up the awesome.

franciscapra8 karma

OMG I actually forget that I was in SLC punk sometimes, its such an incredible film I wish I knew what I was doing when I did it. I was barely on set for long and a little too young to absorb what it would mean to people, but yeah, thanks for the awesome compliments. Come right back to this.

WitlessCanuck3 karma

You mentioned in your top post you've been receiving updates and emails from Rob. Have you and the rest of the cast been able to keep in contact the past few years? I imagine it was a bit difficult with Bell & Seyfried as their film careers sorta blew up but any chance you guys get together for drinks or dinner? (Similar to the famous Whedon Shakespere parties of Buffy/Firefly fame.)

Also, did you ever get to keep or borrow for a short period any of the vehicles you got to ride in the show? Some of those choppers/cars were incredible.

You also mentioned LoL and SC2, are there any other games you're deep in? Strictly PC gaming or do you rock the PS3/XBox?

franciscapra8 karma

I have not seen Amanda since S2, but as for everyone else I think we see each other fairly often as far as casts go, especially for a show that is supposed to have been "cancelled" (The thought!). I know I will cry at least two different times during the production of the film, due to seeing certain people and/or having to say goodbye. I am an emotional man.

I did not get to keep any vehicles, but I absolutely believe this should be discussed going forward. I currently only play PC but everytime I see an ad for Gears of War: Judgement I get way too excited.

flowerbomb192 karma

How has your life changed since Veronica Mars? Are you in a relationship? What are some of your favorite shows to watch? Thank you for doing an AMA :)

franciscapra6 karma

I will return to this tremendous three-headed monster shortly.

rainbowblight2 karma

Can you tell us a little about your time on the set of Heroes? Also, if you had a super power, what would it be?

franciscapra5 karma

Yes, but for time's sake I am gonna return to discuss Heroes. As for super power, it would have to be Mind Control.

fight4yourmind2 karma

I love you, man! I always see you as a guest star in shows my parents watch, like Blue Bloods, and I have a geekfit. My question is do you have any upcoming tv guest appearances?

franciscapra3 karma

I love you too! I don't currently have anything coming up on the TV circuit but I recently wrapped a really awesome film called Evade that I would love to tell you more about: Mike G whatup?

hillary5112 karma

What do you think drew audience members to Weevil? Do you think he was truly the "odd man out", even more so than Veronica?

also you're great I love Kazam...

franciscapra6 karma

I think Weevil spoke to alot of different types of people but what sucks is I can't take credit for most of them. I sort of learned who Eli was over time and realized he was way bigger and meant way more than what I ever had planned. He is really cool because he is a loner, but he's the leader of a gang. He comes from a pretty poor background, but he goes to school with a bunch of rich kids and is often, willing or not, forced to visit the same social circles. I often wish I could go back and revisit S1 and some of S2 knowing what I knew in S3, but alas.. I could go on forever..

thank you for loving Kazaam....thats one... :/

goborage2 karma

What's your LoL Elo?

franciscapra7 karma

Currently? 1400.............I feel sick. It's Nora's fault. She only plays support. And she feeds. All the time.

PagingDoctorLove2 karma

I must say, the majority of the excitement I feel about this movie stems from the fact that the actors, writers... EVERYONE (save for the big man in the studio) seems to be SUPER into it. I love that!!! Seems like actors work the best together when they have genuine passion for the project, no matter how big or small. It doesn't hurt that you all seem like incredibly friendly, genuine people. Or maybe you're just really good actors?

franciscapra9 karma

Yes! Our plans to fool you into believing we are genuinely good people have only begun! Muhahaha!

Ventghal2 karma

VM is one of my favorite shows and I'm sad to say I had to buy it on DVD because I didn't give it a thought during its original run. I liked "trying to be straight up" Weevil in S3, and want to know where that went. For the 10 year reunion, could you see Weevil as a Public Defender, or a parole officer? Or is he still on the wrong side of the law? I've kept watch on you, Tina and obviously KBell, and while good, it's not the same as VM. The chemistry just isn't the same.

franciscapra6 karma

Weevil the Public Defender!!! This has spinoff all over it imo. Finally, my Mom's prediction comes true! Parole Officer Weevil? Eeeeewwww... I mean, that just feels nasty to me. Is he still on the other side? Hmm.. I, do not know.

pafpdd2 karma

You fucking rock! You are my fave VM character (behind Veronica of course!) can't wait!!!

franciscapra3 karma

Thank you!

Bellygareth2 karma

I'm guessing you, Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are pretty well off, couldn't you have funded it on your own money? What was stopping you?

franciscapra2 karma


n1ffuM2 karma

Hi Francis. I can't imagine how you guys are feeling with all of the excitement over the movie and incredible fan support. (I do hope you get to sign the posters for those of use who pitched in at those levels!)

Can you, and/or the rest of the cast and crew, PLEASE find a way to get on the Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick. (I know he and Kristen Bell tweeted briefly about this yesterday) I absolutely love the "interview but not really an interview" format of his podcasts and I think it would be awesome if you guys could get together and just bullshit for an hour or two.

franciscapra5 karma

Thank you and great idea, I will see what I can do.