My name is Larkin Love. I'm an independent fetish and adult video producer and actress. I'm a one woman show from script writing, to filming, editing and uploading, website management, and marketing. I am completely indie and not represented by any agency or film company, and I'm making my living doing what I love.

One of the mainstays of my business is making custom erotic videos. I deal directly with the consumer and together we create a script tailored to their tastes. Then I shoot the outline, edit the footage, and deliver them a unique piece of porn made just for them.

I also dabble in mainstream porn, nude modeling, and professional domination. Basically, I do whatever the hell I feel like.

I don't know any other girls in the industry who have a career quite like mine.

Here's my proof I am who I say I am, posted on my professional website,

Also posted a message on Twitter: @misslarkinlove

My homepage: My domination page:

My instagram: misslarkinlove

My clip stores (you can also get to them through my homepage and domination page): and

Ask me anything! I mean it. So long as it is worded respectfully.

Edit: added professional sites Edit again: Added more links to my social crap

EDIT AGAIN: So it's been 5+ hours (5.30pm PST) and I haven't eaten and I have some work to do. Feel free to add more questions and I will get to them later tonight/tomorrow morning. Thank you everyone who has participated so far! It's been fun. I'll be back later.

EDIT: Aaaaand I'm back, hitting up the questions you guys left here for me. I'll be around most of the day if anyone has more to bring to the discussion. Feel free to ask!

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codyc58 karma

Are you ever going to replace that bitchin' white van you had? That thing was sweet.

larkinlove53 karma

Holy shit, blast from the past. How's it going? And how did you end up in my dirty corner of the internet?

codyc34 karma

I saw your upcoming AMA listed in the sidebar. I must say, it prompted me to go through all my old photos with you in them. I was going to post one or two of them as a surprise, but then I thought maybe you rather I didn't, what with privacy and all.

Do you know that my dad still refers to you as one of my "little girlfriends"? As in, "What ever happened to that little goth girlfriend of yours? Lerkin? Larchin?" No matter how many times I tell him, he always seems to forget that we never dated.

larkinlove43 karma

We never dated, but you sure gave me some good foot worship!

larkinlove40 karma

I appreciate you not posting those photos. However, I would love to get some copies of them from you. I lost all of mine years ago when my laptop was stolen! It would mean a lot to me. Email me: [email protected] and I'll give you my personal email and we'll talk and stuff.

Miss you!

2h00d13m20 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this! As a man who enjoys being sexually submissive and regularly views female domination porn, there's something that I would like to ask, and I know many others would too.

I don't know if this is in your area of expertise, but why isn't more femdom porn of the 'gentle' strain? There's a lot of very hardcore, very brutal stuff out there, and I absolutely respect and promote its right to exist, but it's just not for me, and it's not for many like me. Do you think it's just a very niche market, or simply an unexploited one? Or something else?

boomerb516 karma

Have you seen any of Larkin's "manojob" scenes? They are "softly" femdom. And extremely erotic. I am a big fan.

larkinlove18 karma

I'm glad you like those scenes. I really enjoy doing them.

larkinlove15 karma

I have some more "gentle" femdom videos on my femdom store.

"Kneel and Jerk Off For Me" is a good one

Also "My Cocksucking Boyfriend" is pretty sweet:

There are more in my catalog. Anything with the phrase "light domination," "sensual domination," or "light verbal teasing" is going to be on the friendly side.

Most fans prefer the more brutal material, which is why the majority of what you find online is mean and rough. It's just a matter of pleasing the majority consumer base. You're right, people who like the more encouraging, sexy femdom material are underserved. I'll do my best to make more in the future along those lines.

2h00d13m4 karma

It's just a matter of pleasing the majority consumer base

I guess I just have a distorted view of the demographics because of my perspective, thanks for your reply :)

larkinlove6 karma

If you want something in particular, don't hesitate to ask for a quote on a custom video from me. It's my specialty.

heehahah17 karma

Hey Larkin, big fan....If you don't mind me asking would you ever do a B/G/G or B/B/G/G scene with Proxy Paige? She also dyes her hair in wacky colors like you, has a similar body type (although her large derriere compliments your large bosom) likes anime, and also has that alt-punk vibe. Interracial or not, I just think you two would be kick-ass together! Thanks for doing the AMA!

larkinlove28 karma

She looks pretty dang cute to me. Sure, I'd be down. I'll say hi to her in the near future and see if that's possible.

JulietteStray16 karma

She's hard to get ahold of via social media, but if you like I can text her for you.

larkinlove4 karma

That would be helpful. Thank you. Tell her to email me: [email protected]

absurd_olfaction15 karma

Hi Larkin, My g/f and I are fans of yours. Personally, I find your eyes, smile and attitude to be the most attractive things about you. The eyes particularly, in that they convey a certain intellectual curiosity that is sadly lacking in many adult performers.

What kind of books do you find yourself drawn to?

larkinlove20 karma

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you guys enjoy my work as a couple. That thrills me. I hope it enhances your sex life! Feel free to make suggestions as to what I should make in the future to keep you guys (and other couples) happy.

I read an awful lot of non-fiction these days. Mostly science books. Evolutionary biology and sexual psychology are high on the list. I like memoirs as well.

I like sci fi, horror, and suspense novels. It isn't popular to say, but one of my favorite authors is Stephen King. He's a good storyteller. I don't understand all the hate he gets. My favorite author of all time is Kurt Vonnegut. I cried for 2 days when he died. My second fave is T.C. Boyle.

absurd_olfaction4 karma

I've read a lot of Steven King, but I find him somewhat uneven. I love his short stories, and I've read Eyes of the Dragon three times now, but I haven't exhaustively read his catalog like I did with Michael Crichton after I finished Jurassic Park when I was in 6th grade.

As for Vonnegut, I really dug Slaughter House 5, but was blown away by Mother Night.

larkinlove13 karma

My favorite Vonnegut novel is Cat's Cradle. But his short stories are where he really shines. I love my Welcome To The Monkey House collection.

McClave13 karma

is it true that u masturbated with a cucumber and after finishing you put it back in the fridge?

larkinlove30 karma

Yes, but I used a condom, so you can totally eat your salad. It's all good.

reasonablebloke8 karma


larkinlove63 karma

Your mom's. It's ok. She said I could help myself.

Aka8412 karma

What were you like as a high school/college student?

larkinlove54 karma

I was a strange kid. I was intense. In high school, I was the weirdest kid in school as well as the most popular. I was friends with everyone. No one really knew me all that well. I had lavish parties at my parents house, because they were insanely permissive. I broke dress code rules all the time. I got straight A's and played bass in the orchestra. I won a lot of medals at French language tournaments. I sold vicodin and weed. I was very goth. I wore a wig to school every day because my real hair was blue, and colored hair was against the rules. I hid a nose ring behind my glasses, which I wore on a beaded chain like an old lady. I wore very provocative clothing and flirted with all my peers, male and female. My senior year, I got voted to both Homecoming and Prom court - as a duchess both times. I wasn't Queen, but damn close. I remember being lonely a lot of the time. I cut myself a lot. My depression consumed me at times. I would sneak out of my parents house and disappear for days at a time. I went to a lot of raves and got totally gonked on ecstasy. I won writing scholarships. I chain smoked.

I had a white Ford Aerostar van that used to be my parent's family car (four kids in the famly). I got my license at 15 and was the youngest kid in school with her own car. The bench seats in the back flattened out to a full size bed. The windows of the van were tinted. Dozens of the students of my high school lost their virginity in that van, both male and female. I got laid a few times a week, if I was lucky. Or at least fooled around.

College wasn't much different, except I had my own dorm room (and later, apartment) where I could bang whoever I wanted whenever I wanted. Socially, I was the same. So was my style of dress. I was also pretty depressed then.

I'm more or less the same now, actually. I'm the same weirdo goth girl with the charismatic extroverted exterior. Minus some of the depression. I have a wonderful life I've built for myself. Oh, and I don't smoke anymore, except when I'm drunk. Still hypersexual, but smarter about it, and I've built some lasting relationships which are worth everything in the world to me. I've grown up, but I haven't really changed.

neilp0314 karma

This is one of the more interesting AMA's I've ever read. Thanks!

How did (do?) you deal with your depression? I've been having trouble, myself, and felt the need to ask.

larkinlove31 karma

Thank you! I'm trying to give detailed, honest answers.

Depression is a daily struggle. I still have days where I feel like my soul has been wiped away with bleach and all that's left is a bitter husk. I don't think about killing myself anymore, but I do contemplate the value of my life from time to time. Even when things are going well, sometimes my brain will just . . . shatter. Like someone set off a bomb in my mental clockwork and nothing will move. Gears grind and disintegrate. I can't think or do anything properly.

Things that help: Wellbutrin. Weed. Exercise. Good diet. Therapy. Lots of sex. I often use sex or domination as a quick pick me up. It gives a nice jolt of neurotransmitters.

No fix last forever. The down swing always returns. But I have reduced the frequency, duration, and severity.

epicflyman1 karma

It's times like this I wish I'd attended a coed highschool. Some females are actually worth getting to know. Then again, if I hadn't gone where I did, I would never have gotten to my current job.

Anyway, I've watched some of your stuff, and as a guy in technical production, I must say you do an excellent job. I dabbled in video editing for a little bit - I could never handle the stress. Props to you for making it part of your career!

larkinlove1 karma

Thank you! I work hard to make my videos as clean and visually appealing as possible. Quality matters to me.

princessjinj9 karma

I was wondering how you compress your videos while keeping the quality. I just started shooting in 1080 and the files are huge. But when I compress them to a managable size, they look like crap.

larkinlove7 karma

I'm not an expert on this. All I know is that I use Premier Pro to process mine, and they always look OK, even at the plinky dink bit rates Clips4sale prefers. The program may have something to do with it.

LobotomistCircu9 karma

I'm actually a tremendous fan of yours, thanks for doing an AMA!

A few questions:

Do you think you make more money with a giant clips4sale store like you currently have than you would with a blanket "join for $x/month" model? I have to imagine the latter would entice a lot more people (since buying all your clips through clips4sale is pretty pricy, to say the least)

Do you prefer scenes with black men over white men? Outside your fetish store, you seem to do a lot more interracial stuff than your average porn star.

Do you/have you done private sessions (Domming/PSE/whichever) with fans?

larkinlove17 karma

I don't know if I make more money doing Clips4sale instead of doing a pay site. I do know, however, that it is infinitely easier to manage a Clips4sale store. The bullshit level is incredibly low. They handle all the back-end - hosting, bandwidth, security, payment processing - and they drive a LOT of traffic my way. Since I'm not knowledgeable enough to make my own paysite from scratch, I'd have to partner up with a webmaster anyhow. Most of the webmasters I've seen give the same profit split I get from Clips4sale. Clips4sale is also very reliable. They fix problems quickly and their customer service is friendly. I can just focus on having fun and making good content, and they cut me a check at the end of the month. I like it. I wouldn't do it any other way.

I don't have a racial preference when it comes to partners. I like all colors of men. If a guy is hot, he's hot. I like a wide range of cock sizes for that matter. I don't know why people think I do more interracial stuff than the average porn star. I've done maybe 7 interracial scenes and more like 40 non-interracial scenes. shrug I just take the work as it presents itself.

Fans seem to think I have a lot of choice in what kinds of scenes I do. It doesn't work that way - at least for me. I can't demand what I shoot. Companies hold the purse strings, so when get offered a scene (which only happens maybe once or twice a month) I can take it or leave it. That's about all the choice I have. I don't have the option of walking up to a porn company and saying "I want to shoot XYZ next week."

Yes, I do private domination sessions. I am a great domme. I do not do PSE.

EDIT: I have all the choice in the world when it comes to filming content for my own clip stores. That's one of the things I love about it.

LobotomistCircu7 karma

I think its because most of your interracial stuff is what leaks onto the internet tube sites and what most people who google something like "larkin love porn" will find. Sites like burningangel don't leak nearly as badly, I think (which is where I discovered your work and became such a huge fan/total creep)

I was always under the impression though that adult stars that excel at a certain niche end up getting typecast for that type of porn a whole bunch and asked to do more of it.

Also not a question but: I really love your tattoos and I wished you did more scenes with it exposed, but that probably isn't your call either.

larkinlove15 karma

You make a good point about the tube sites. You're right. The few times I've searched for myself there, that is pretty much all I find. Which brings me to another point - people in my generation need to learn that quality porn is worth paying for. It irks me so hard when people tell me they can't find my videos anywhere. What they mean is they can't find my videos anywhere for FREE.

AccusationsGW2 karma

How much do you spend on porn personally?

larkinlove10 karma

Anywhere between $40 and $300 a month.

AccusationsGW3 karma

Well now I'm curious. Is this for professional interest or entertainment, and what do you get?

larkinlove7 karma

Mostly it's for entertainment. I buy a lot of gay domination porn. I like seeing men get topped, but another female domme in the scene makes me angry and competitive.

I also buy some specialist material off clips4sale. Whatever my flavor of the day is.

AccusationsGW5 karma

That's awesome. I've known some pro dommes, and I'll just politely comment that their career had little to do with their personal interests.

I'd like to do what you do, but that boat may have sailed, I'm 32. On the plus side, I've got a career doing web stuff, so I could make my own site.

You're making the world a better place in my opinion. Great AMA, thanks!

larkinlove4 karma

Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying.

lucifer-obgyn8 karma

Larkin, first off, I wanna say congrats on the amazing tits. Usually when people ask me what my ideal body type is for a woman, I bring up your body (along with Misti Dawn because of the red-headedness).

My question is, is James Deen as personable and funny as he comes off as on camera? He just seems like the type of guy you wanna have some beers or smoke a blunt with.

larkinlove10 karma

I'm glad you like my body type. I've struggled with my own views toward my body over the years, and comments like yours make me feel good.

larkinlove10 karma

James Deen is cool. He's friendly and polite and well groomed and intelligent. He's nice. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

That said, I don't understand the current obsession with him. To be fair, he's not really my type, and we didn't really have time to talk or hang out. I'd like to get to know him better as a person. It's hard to do that on a shoot. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity.

jonny_nutsack10 karma

i don't care for that guy. his only good scene was the lemon whore one.

larkinlove12 karma

The lemon whore one is hilarious.

Aka847 karma

What is your favorite Sega game?

larkinlove21 karma

For Genesis, Sonic 2. It was the first video game of any kind that I ever played, and I love it so dearly. I can beat it without even batting an eye. I like to play through it when I'm stressed. It's a zen activity of sorts.

For Saturn, NiGHTS Into Dreams. Such a beautiful creative game. I've never seen anything like it before or since. The whimsy and fun captured my heart when I first played it as a teenager. I'm so glad that they cleaned it up and brought it to Xbox 360, though I miss the old Saturn flight controller. I have a Saturn so I can still play the original.

There are a lot of other titles I love as well: ToeJam and Earl 2, Ristar, Dynamite Heady, Ronald McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (don't laugh, it's a cool game!), All the Sonics except Sonic 3d for saturn, Clockwork Knight, Astal, lots of other weird and whimsical titles.

adeptpanda921 karma

Wow, the nostalgia!! I remember Clockwork Knight! I was having a nostalgic day today thinking about all the things I used to do as a kid, and this just struck a chord haha! Thank you for that!

Also, you absolutely amazing performer and I love your work! Please continue to make more and keep doing what you do! Also to note, is that you said you are indie adult actress that plays video games? Never would I expect that!

larkinlove1 karma

Hey, I am what I am. I'm glad my love of odd old video game titles is appreciated.

boomerb57 karma

I "discovered" you when searching for something to satisfy my "tongue fetish". You are truly endowed, and I am in awe.

When did you learn that you had this natural talent? And did you do any exercises to enhance your abilities?

larkinlove17 karma

I've known I had a longer than average tongue since I was a child pulling funny faces for attention. I figured out its erotic potential once I was a teenager.

lateniles6 karma

How and why did you get into the adult entertainment business? Any studios you prefer to work with over others? If so, why?

larkinlove17 karma

I have always wanted to work in the adult industry. I tried to lie to myself for a few years and delve into academia, but I was miserable there. I ended up walking out of University, despite a full academic scholarship. I started stripping at a full nude club in Houston, Texas, and didn't look back.

Even before I was a stripper, I was an avid strip club patron. I couldn't keep myself out of titty bars. The environment called to me. Not because I thought I was hot shit, or because I wanted piles of money. I wanted to express my erotic self publicly and use that aspect of my personality to entertain others. Exhibitionism is the wrong word. I'm an entertainer by nature.

After a few years on the brass pole, I decided to see how I'd do in front of the camera. I moved to LA and started taking any nude and adult modeling work I could find.

As far as the Pro-Domme stuff, I've been lifestyle domming since I was a teenager. Getting paid to do it evolved naturally from my expertise.

Burning Angel is a great studio to work for. I've shot for them more than anyone else, and they always treat me well. I get paid without issue. I get treated with respect. The cast and crew is composed of fun, intelligent, fascinating people. Joanna Angel herself is a doll. I couldn't ask for better. I work for them as often as they ask.

I've worked for a few studios where I have the opposite experience. I've done shoots outside in the freezing cold. I've had shoots where I showed up on set and the producer rolled his eyes at me the minute I walked through the door, and treated me like garbage thereafter. I've been on shoots where the producer/director will be alternately trying to devalue my self esteem and asking me to do more work for less money. I can't stand that shit. Shoots like those are the reason I went indie.

Doolalala1 karma

I tried to lie to myself for a few years and delve into academia, but I was miserable there.

Grad school? Which field?

larkinlove8 karma

Undergrad. Psychology, with a creative writing minor. I loved my major and minor. I didn't really care for the other required general subjects I had to take. And the college culture was toxic to me. I was doing well academically, but I was miserable. Too much scheduling. I had no money. I had no support network. I wasn't getting enough sleep. Everyone was superficial and busy. It was a loveless, tiresome life.

Doolalala1 karma

I was pretty unhappy and anti-social back in college. But I did find a little clique I was happy with. And the desire to eventually attend law school to become a public defender kept me going. But I hope you still take the time to write a story every now and then!

larkinlove6 karma

I do write a lot. But you won't see any of it published under "Larkin Love." For obvious reasons. I've been toying with the idea of releasing some erotica under my porn name. Dunno.

ohlookanewuser6 karma

What was it like playing with courtney love in the new iteration of hole?

larkinlove16 karma

Do you have the wrong IAMA?

CodemanVash6 karma


larkinlove13 karma

The favorite part of my job is working for myself. I'm an independent woman by nature. I can't stand having a boss. I would rather work 14 hour days for myself than 7 hour days for some monkey who thinks he owns me because he has a false title just above mine in a bullshit hierarchy. One might call this my entrepreneurial spirit.

I like making my own hours. And I love working overtime on my own projects. I enjoy the focus of mild obsession.

reasonablebloke6 karma


larkinlove15 karma

It has only ever happened once. I was on a working vacation in Dallas, TX, and the bartender at The Church recognized me. Gave me a free drink. That was pretty cool.

FScottFan5 karma

Hi Larkin, I must admit that I only learned about you today, but I'm excited to hear more! I was just wondering about the custom videos you make. How did you get that idea? Do you ever take part in that within your relationships as well?

larkinlove12 karma

I started making custom videos because mainstream porn, by and large, bores me. I wanted to do something different and interesting. I'm a hardcore fetishist myself and I know how hard it can be to find quality erotica when your tastes fall into a very small niche. I like dealing with fans directly. The best feeling in the world is when a fan tells me that his custom video is the best porn he's ever seen, he loves it, and he'll treasure it for life.

I've also learned things about myself while doing custom videos. I've discovered and explored fetishes I never knew I had.

KingRockyIV5 karma

The tattoo design on your lower body is pretty cool. Is it more than just cool-looking tribal designs, symbolically?

larkinlove9 karma

The designs directly under my breasts are geckos. I suppose you could call those my "spirit animals" or some jazz. I had the artist do them in a petroglyph style. I wanted them to look like cave paintings. The large designs on my abdomen were the result of finding a tattoo artist who's tribal work I really liked and telling him to go to town on the area. I specifically told him I did NOT want it to look feminine. I wanted harsh, strong lines. I'm happy with the result.

Aka845 karma

Do you have any interest in working for sites like brazzers, and have they expressed interest in working with you?

larkinlove10 karma

When I first started doing porn, I would have jumped at the chance (and paycheck) to shoot for Brazzers. They never expressed an interest in me. They told me I was too Alt looking and they didn't like my tattoos. If they asked me to do a scene now, I might, if the conditions were right. I don't like doing scenes where I'm treated like a submissive. I don't like being degraded. I'm picky about my mainstream scenes these days, now that I have my own video production going.

GoodDoctorAce5 karma

Have you ever considered piercing your tongue?

Thank you for all you do BTW it's refreshing to see such personality alongside sexuality

larkinlove23 karma

Would you put a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini? I think not.

cp51844 karma

Ever think about doing an instructional video for girlfriends who want to try being a domme?

Do sub guys (or women) fall into any broad categories? Pain? Humiliation? etc? What are those categories?

For people that get off on pain, how much control do they have over the instrument that delivers them that pain high?

larkinlove12 karma

You know what, a "Domination 101" video is a great idea. Thank you. I will consider making that.

Subs fall into all sorts of categories. Many of those categories overlap. Personal sexual tastes are hard to define like that.

In my experience, subs either like the sensation/pain of bottoming, the psychological experience of being subjugated, or both. The trick is figuring out which kind of sub I have on my hands and how deeply he or she wants to push his/her limits.

Pain sluts can choose their device. In fact, I really enjoy giving bottoms a choice between two evils or two pleasures. It sets off a little Stockholm syndrome, plus I know the bottom is getting what he/she wants. I can be creative will all kinds of different tools. Hell in some scenes, the bottom just wants someone to perform acts on his/her person and doesn't want the power dynamic. That's cool too. I can play it either way.

iWillSayWords4 karma

I don't really have a question , but i wanted to say that your genuine enthusiasm for kink and male submission has made me feel like less of a freak and given me some hope that i could meet a cool girl who was into it too, so thanks for that and i wish you the best of luck :)

larkinlove2 karma

This pleases me to hear. Good luck in your kinky adventures! If you ever need my expertise, you know where to find me:

princessjinj3 karma

Why isn't this thread showing up under the AMA subreddit?

Grlmm2 karma

I can't even see her main post, it just says [removed] for me and it's been edited, apparently. It's been this way since she linked it on Twitter.

princessjinj3 karma

Yep. The main post was up when I asked the first question, then disappeared.

larkinlove6 karma

What should I do? How do we fix this? Should I message the mods or something? I'm a bit of a newb around this site.

princessjinj3 karma

What advice would you give someone looking to start a fetish clips store?

larkinlove7 karma

Shave your ass. Unless "hairy and natural" is your schtick.

But seriously, in the near future, I'll be releasing some instructional videos for models/producers on how to make a good product and market it well. Keep your eyes peeled on my website,

princessjinj1 karma

Funny enough hairy is one of my niches. I would definitely buy some of your instructional videos.

larkinlove1 karma

Keep your eyes peeled. They'll be coming out in the next month or so.

PillowofTruth3 karma

Hello Miss Love, thank you for taking time to do this. I also want to thank you for your taboo collection.

When you decided to do your first incest scene was there any apprehension or anything that gave you pause, or was it just another day at the office?

larkinlove13 karma

For many years, I couldn't approach Taboo roleplay. I knew it turned me on, but I was afraid of what other people would think if I delved into it. I never allowed my erotic imagination to go in that direction.

A few months ago, I ended up hooking up with a submissive who was really into Mommy/son roleplay. He helped me smash through my fears, and now I actually enjoy exploring the dynamics of pretend-incest. (Note: I do not condone the real thing. Role play is just a game.)

As a domme, I enjoy playing "Mommy." Especially when Mommy is wicked and manipulative. There's nothing better than playing the villain - and what villain is more dangerous than one's own mother? Mommy is the first powerful female we humans ever know. In every child's life, for several years, Mommy is God. Tapping into that early memory can be a powerful, scary, fun, fulfilling thing for both the domme and the sub. It's fun to play God. Whether I'm a kind and loving God or a cruel and fickle god depends on the day and the scene.

Sibling incest is a little different. I have a prurient fascination with it. The power dynamic isn't at the forefront so much as the "wrongness" of the situation. What can I say, rule-breaking is erotic.

CodemanVash3 karma


larkinlove5 karma

If you want to experiment from the comfort and privacy of your own home first, you can always try an online dominatrix (like myself) and receive some training that way. It's a pretty safe way to get your feet wet.

Make a fetlife profile. Join some groups that sound relevant to your interests. Read the forum posts and feel free to ask questions.

You could try putting out a profile on OKCupid as your submissive self and see if any IRL dommes bite. I've found a few of my playthings there that way. Just be careful - not every domme is as good with a newbie as I am. Keep your head straight and be conscious of your limits.

Read some books. Start with this one: It's an ok introduction to the BDSM world, and has good advice on safety.

If you have any other questions, email me: [email protected]

jonny_nutsack3 karma

Does michael cera turn you on?

larkinlove14 karma

He reminds me of a lot of my boyfriends in high school and college! Yes, I would fuck him senseless, especially if he let me gag him and slap him around a little.

tbrewer173 karma


larkinlove8 karma

My natural hair is a blue angled bob with side-swept bangs. That's what I look like in my day to day life about 75% of the time. I often wear wigs for variety or because I don't feel like bothering to style my real hair. I wear wigs in my videos because fans seem to prefer the brunette styles on me. Also, it reduces my prep time to just throw on a wig, rather than bust out the styling tools.

36outof373 karma

What are the top 5 songs you always let finish once you start to hear them?

larkinlove13 karma

The Genius Next Door - Regina Spektor Sleeping With Ghosts - Placebo Somnambulist - BT A Day In The Life - The Beatles All Is Full Of Love - Bjork

musemike2 karma

Placebo, excellent choice. They have a new album coming out in a few months.

larkinlove2 karma

Really! Excellent. I'm a HUGE fan. I went to see them once in concert when they were playing in St. Paul. I was in the second row! At the time, my hair was neon red, so the entire time they were playing, all the band members kept staring at me. I felt like they were playing just for me. Stefan Olsdal flicked sweat on my face and I had a spontaneous orgasm!

NDWaterdoc2 karma

I'm new to reddit and to you, Larkin Love...behind in times I guess. Just wanted to say I have a bit of a tongue fetish and am a bit submissive, So I am happy to have been introduced to you. Thanks for doing this!

larkinlove7 karma

You like tongues and you're submissive? Welcome to the party! You're in the right place!

boomerb52 karma

Do you consider yourself a nerd? geek? both? neither?

larkinlove26 karma

"Nerd" and "Geek" don't mean what they used to, that's for sure. They're positive descriptors now. I'm not entirely clear what the difference is between them, either.

I feel like the term Geek Girl gets abused a lot by women who are trying to pander to a certain male demographic. I try not to call myself that for that very reason.

I consider myself a nerd on certain subjects, in that I'm well versed through self-directed study. The other day, one of my lovers called me a fetish nerd. Can't argue with that! Other subjects: makeup, sushi, food in general (I hate the term "foodie"), costuming, poetry, biology, psychology . . .

As far as conventional "Geek" interests go, I play a lot of video games (360, sega saturn and genesis). I have a small, but decent, comic book collection. I love anime, and have a tidy little manga collection as well. I'm fucking AMAZING at DDR. I've been doing it for cardio for 12 years and can totally wail. I love to cosplay. Costuming is a favorite hobby of mine. My birthday is Halloween, so ever since I was a little girl, I've enjoyed putting together elaborate, creative costumes. Right now in my closet, I have Power Girl, Sailor Mercury, and Ramona Flowers.

boomerb55 karma

Genesis...that is so full of win! I just saw a clip of your Power Girl scene...incredible. You look amazing as a blonde -- though blue is probably the most "you" least in my mind.

larkinlove4 karma

I agree with you on the hair. That's why I keep the blue. Wigs can be amazing, though, can't they? Versatility for the win!

boomerb53 karma

Huh...I asked my wife if she thought the blonde was natural or a wig. We were both convinced it was real.

larkinlove3 karma

It's a very high quality lace-front wig. Pretty cool what they can create these days, in terms of realism, no?

reasonablebloke4 karma


larkinlove8 karma

I agree. I should make one/have one made.

absurd_olfaction8 karma

If you do, I would humbly suggest that you go with the standard uniform, not any of Troi's various outfits before she made Lt. Commander.

larkinlove5 karma

Noted. And agreed.

CodemanVash3 karma


larkinlove4 karma

I cosplayed her this year at Anime Expo. Yeah, she's not an anime character, but she's what I was feeling in my heart.

KingRockyIV3 karma

This has GOT to be a new market for fetish videos. Naked DDR, video game/sci-fi roleplay, perhaps a podcast?

larkinlove6 karma

I can't really do NAKED DDR. My titties would hurt too much from the bouncing. I guess I could do bottomless, if that still counts.

KingRockyIV3 karma

Sigh, that's gravity for ya...Maybe naked Wii or naked Kinect, something with less vertical stress. :P

larkinlove3 karma

I have a Kinect. I'll look into this. Perhaps some of the dance central stuff would be appropriate.

tgirlsdotcom2 karma

I'd love to see you with the sailor mercury outfit on and anime eyes makeup :D

larkinlove2 karma

You can order a custom video of that if you like:

PillowofTruth2 karma

what about the term "Gourmand?" Could this lead to sploshing? :)

larkinlove6 karma

I fucking love sploshing. Gourmand, though, is not a flattering term. It means someone who indulges in food to excess. It's not the same thing as gourmet. I took 3rd year french, and I remember our teacher drilling that into us.

KingRockyIV2 karma

Do you play any musical instruments? I see a guitar case in your AMA verification pic.

larkinlove4 karma

That is not a guitar case. That is my contrabass. I used to play in youth symphonies a lot when I was younger. Now I'm trying to branch into more modern music. I've been playing for 15 years or so of and on.

I want to take piano lessons as soon as I have the time. I have a really nice weighted electric keyboard that I acquired about a year ago.

KingRockyIV2 karma

Follow up: Have you ever considered performing as part of a video? That'd be hot. :P

larkinlove3 karma

I may do that in the future. I hadn't thought of that, honestly. Music is so dear to me, that part of my personality lives in a little box that doesn't really touch the rest of my life. Perhaps it's time to let it out. Thanks for the idea.

XRotNRollX1 karma

most important question of the thread right here:

French or German bow?

larkinlove2 karma

French. It's what I learned on, so I stuck with it, though I can admire the extra power from the German grip.

the_cunt_muncher2 karma

When people hire you as a dominatrix is there any sex involved? Or what do you do exactly as a dominatrix?

larkinlove4 karma

When people hire me as a dominatrix, there is no sex involved. I perform fetish acts upon their person, or they upon mine, for sexual gratification, but it would not be considered sex in the usual sense.

For example, they may want to "worship" my feet for an hour - give me a pedicure, kiss and suck on my toes, smell my feet, polish my shoes, etc. Or the session may have a heavy psychological component; I assume a character of their or my choosing and I act out an elaborate role play. I can play anything from an evil Fembot to a wicked Babysitter and everything in between. Bondage may or may not be involved. Pain may or may not be involved. Some sessions on which I am called involve spanking or kicking and little else. I have a very long tongue and entertain many saliva/spit fetishists.

I had once client once who wanted me to eat sour cream and onion potato chips and then spit my stinky saliva on his face while laughing at him. He was bound at the time.

I like doing sessions that deconstruct and threaten the client's masculinity. Forced cross-dressing, forced cock-sucking on my strap on, chastity training (make him lock his cock in a chastity device and give me the key, threaten to never release him, etc), tease and denial (make him watch my beautiful body, but restrain him or otherwise don't allow him to touch or gratify himself in any way), small penis humiliation (exactly what it sounds like) . . . many fetishes fall under that umbrella.

I have had one male client I really enjoyed who loved to cross dress and just wanted a "girls night in" like two normal female friends would have. Those were good times. S/he was a sweety.

Clients come to me to get MINDFUCKED. They come to me to push their pain boundaries, lose all their inhibitions, enjoy the release of total degradation, act out a fantasy, give up their personal consent, or explore weird parts of their psyche. It's wicked, delicious fun. Believe me when I say for a fetishist (and I am an avid fetishist as well) this kind of play can be better than sex.

kgb211 karma

Do you ever do escort work?

larkinlove1 karma

No, I don't. I prefer to do domination work. I make more money and have oodles more fun.

rotorschnee2 karma

On your website you do alot of clips for sale - but do you do any pinup-ey / erotic photos for sale too?

larkinlove2 karma

Sure. Email me your idea to [email protected] and we'll talk.

larkinlove1 karma

I would be happy to do some photo sets for you. Email [email protected] with your concept.

Aka842 karma

What do you do on an average day?

larkinlove15 karma

I get up and dick around on the computer for an hour while I eat breakfast and drink tea. I bathe and do pilates. I put on makeup and shoot videos, then I edit them and put them on the store. Then I do some social media marketing. I work on my homepages. Sometimes I have a domination booking or a modeling shoot that takes up my day instead. On my off days, I have weird sex with my friends, watch movies, play video games, eat cake, drink whiskey, smoke weed. You know, the usual. I like to travel when I can. I like to dine out at fine restaurants once in a while.

dontshootbb2 karma

how do women such as yourself shave down there to get the best possible shave? being in front of a camera, i assume you have the best tips!

larkinlove13 karma

Use a sharp, high quality razor. I use the Mach 3 Turbo. The vibration actually makes a difference.

Use cheap hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. You can see what you're doing because it isn't opaque, and it will help soften the hair.

If the pubes are long, trim them down CAREFULLY with scissors. Then get in the shower, soak a few minutes, apply your conditioner, and wait about 5 minutes for the hair to soften. Then begin your shave.

Everyone says shave in the direction of the hair, but I like a smoother shave than that. I shave perpendicular to the direction of hair growth, then AGAINST the growth for a finishing swipe, once the bulk of hair is removed.

Exfoliate gently after shaving. When you get out of the shower, apply unscented stick deodorant to the external lips. For whatever reason, this prevents bumps.

Good luck!

absurd_olfaction7 karma

apply unscented stick deodorant to the external lips. For whatever reason, this prevents bumps.

It's the alum.

larkinlove5 karma

Well I'll be damned. Now I know. Thank you.

dontshootbb1 karma


larkinlove2 karma

It's just the white deodorant that comes in a twist tube. Not the new gel kind. The white paste stick kind.

reasonablebloke2 karma


larkinlove14 karma

My sexuality is complex. Yes, I am a dominant woman IRL, but it's not the only way I like to tangle. I enjoy vanilla sex a lot as well. I also have a slew of unusual fetishes that don't involve power exchange at all. Because my tastes are so diverse, I practice polyamory in my personal life. There is no way I'm going to satisfy all my sexual needs with one partner.

Submissive men are VERY attractive to me. In my dating life, I am drawn to them. I have been all my life. They don't even have to declare themselves as submissive. It's like I can smell it on them. A submissive man with some feminine tendencies or a desire to be feminized is even more attractive.

I consider BDSM a major hobby of mine. In any given week, I'm practicing my art 1-3 days off camera. I don't know if that qualifies me as a "lifestyle" domme. Whatever that means. But I sure as hell love it.

How common are submissive men? More common than people think. Because of my specialized position in society, it's hard for me to gauge against the general population, but I've never lacked for a male play partner on or off camera.

I occasionally dominate women as well. To be honest, I prefer my lesbian sex to be very kinky, but equitable.

Oakenhorse1 karma

Are you related to a Tom Larkin?

larkinlove2 karma

Larkin is my first name. And as far as I know, it's not a family name. So probably not.

Aka841 karma

Who are your favorite bands?

larkinlove12 karma

I like most Trip Hop (NOT HIP HOP), House, and Trance will never get vetoed in my presence. I'm a big fan of most electronica, actually. Industrial sits well with me, as well as Synthpop. Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack, Freezepop, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Ladytron and more.

Bjork. Regina Spektor. Fiona Apple. Amy Winehouse.

The Faint. Nine Inch Nails. Korn. Marilyn Manson. Tool, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle. System Of A Down. Deftones.

Classical music often hits the spot with me as well. Debussy and Mozart, especially.

I love The Beatles, but who doesn't? That's not saying much. Throw in a little Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, and other psychedelic rock, and I'm happy. Oh, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Let's put on some Distillers or The Horrors and break shit!

glosstights1 karma

Hi, wanted to know your favorite brand style shade of pantyhose is.

larkinlove5 karma

I don't know enough about pantyhose to make an informed answer. All the pairs I've owned have been horrible and cheap. Can you recommend a brand?

FatYetti1 karma

What was it like to work with Chris "Coop" Cooper? That guy cracks me up.

larkinlove3 karma

He's the most relaxed, unassuming fellow I've met in LA. So laid back and kind. Very intelligent. A total peach. So is his new wife. I really enjoy them as people as well as artists.

jonny_nutsack1 karma

how do you feel about dick pics?

most girls i know don't care for them. but you aren't most girls...

Just wanted your opinion.

btw. check your mailbox. psyche.

larkinlove12 karma

Dick pics are really boring unless I can see your face/body. If I want to look at a stand-alone penis, I have a drawer full of dildos in the bathroom. Ho-hum. Show me something real. Be vulnerable. Show me your face. Show me your eyes.

mebeingbad1 karma

I haven't much to say except that I'm a big fan. So much so that I WISH I was submissive, just so that we could play.

It's also nice to see you "out of character" a bit, here. You seem like such a lovely person!

larkinlove6 karma

Thank you. I'm glad you're a fan. Out of character? Eh, I'm like this all the time. I just don't usually get the chance to express it.

marsrover0011 karma

Why do all porn actors have horrible puns as their names?

larkinlove7 karma

The one thing there is too much of in porn naming - alliteration. I am guilty of this.

larkinlove3 karma

Do I have a pun in my name? I guess you could read it as "Lark In Love." I don't know. I suppose when people are allowed to name themselves, they go for humor. Not everyone does, though. I know some porn actors and actresses with fairly normal sounding names.

fyrespritetryst1 karma

i know you're pooped, so no rush on answering this...what are your opinions on queer identity in alt porn these days, specifically burning angel? also, i've noticed a lot more body positivity with queer porn like crashpad and courtney trouble's stuff, i'm just wondering what you've experienced with BA.

larkinlove2 karma

Every scene I've ever done for BA (which I assume means "Burning Angel") has had clearly defined gender roles. I can't speak from personal experience.

I would love to do some queer porn, myself. I'm a hyperfemmebot, but I enjoy people on all points of the gender spectrum. Trans, queer, androgynous, other, whatever. I just don't know how a gal like me gets invited to those kinds of parties.

KillerInYourCloset1 karma

You're hot, this is awesome. My g/f just started getting into group stuff- found some really cool and HOT couples that are down, so it will inevitably turn toward dom stuff since I know the other couples are into it. I don't know shit about it, but I'm willing to check it out. Is there a website or something I can learn about it so I don't sound like a noob when it's all hot and steamy?

Also, would you rather fuck a hundred duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

larkinlove1 karma is your friend. Join some of the groups on there and read the message boards. They have groups for every conceivable topic.

Would I rather fuck hundred duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck? Wow. Great question. One horse-sized duck, please.

corster881 karma

How much do you make in a year?

larkinlove2 karma

Less than you think. Enough to keep it worthwhile. I have some chronic health problems, and no health insurance, so about 50% of my income every month goes to medical expenses. No joke. Sometimes even more! The freedom of scheduling lets me work around my illnesses as well, so I can take a week off whenever I need it and just double up the next week.

corster882 karma

Well, I know you make more than me... FML. Hope your health improves. I will pray for you (Your health).

larkinlove3 karma

Thank you for your prayers. I need all the help I can get.

nintles1 karma

sex with fans, yes or no ?

larkinlove6 karma

It's a real turn-off when someone approaches me to hook up and the only thing they know about me is my video sex work. You can almost hear my vagina freezing over.

When a fan of my mainstream work asks me for sex, I know that he's doing one of two things: either he thinks I'm an easy lay or he wants to fuck an idealized version of me that doesn't exist. It's impossible to determine my real personality from my sex videos. I'm playing a character. I'm trying to entertain my audience. If you insist on trying to fuck that woman in real life, tough shit, because she isn't real. If you don't care about my personality and it's just my body and face you want, that's even worse. I'm human after all. I have a heart and a mind. I want to be valued for the package deal, just like anyone else.

By all means, enjoy my porn. It turns me on to know that you enjoy my nude body and my sex and all the dirty things I do. It only bothers me when you try to initiate a real life encounter or relationship based on that alone. It's depressing.

It's the male equivalent of when a gold-digging bitch tries to seduce a man just because she knows he's rich.

Think about mainstream actresses. Do you think you'd win over Scarlett Johansson by telling her you're a huge fan? That you couldn't take your eyes off her in The Avengers? That she looked amazing in that catsuit? At best, she'd thank you for your compliment, take pleasure in the knowledge that her work is appreciated, and move on. If you pushed the issue, you'd quickly stumble into Stalkerville.

I've had sex with people who are fans of my work, but they didn't approach me from that angle. They treated me like a real human being. They valued my kindness, my intellect, my views, AND my face and body. I met them out in the real world. Or I found them on OKCupid and I contacted THEM first, and we chatted for a while before they knew what I did for a living.

Bottom line: approach me as a fan, and you will get nothing. Approach me as a MAN, and you never know what could happen.

afspic1 karma

I'm a big fan, and I had a lot of questions, but in the interest of not wasting your time, I'll narrow it down.

First off, I'd like to say you have a really nice voice and an excellent grasp of theatricality. Did you ever aspire to do mainstream acting? Also, have you ever considered being the reader for audiobooks?

You also seem to have a large vocabulary and carry yourself well. Do you enjoy reading? What are some of your favourite books, if you do? Did you ever write poetry? You seem rather lyrical.

Thank you for reading this, it's made my week that you're here doing this.

larkinlove3 karma

There's no way mainstream acting would accept me after what I've done on video. Heh.

I like my voice a lot. I would love to do some voice acting or reading for audio books, but I have no idea how you score a job like that. Any hints?

I love to read. My top favorite fiction books are "Cat's Cradle," "The Road To Wellville," and "Misery." I also really like Marya Hornbacher's memoirs. Her books are painful and honest.

For poetry, I'm a big fan of Walt Whitman. Also Sylvia Plath, but what goth girl isn't? Dorthy Parker does some witty verse. Shakespeare's sonnets got me into writing sonnets of my own. Yes, I write my own poetry. I got a college scholarship for it back in the day.

octotop211 karma

Hi Larkin, I have downloaded your clips and I think they are very great! that scene in the shower when you lick the glass drives me crazy! have you ever done any scenes where you collect your saliva in a glass or dish? I cant find anything on your site, but it looks like you could fill one up! You should try it and see how much you collect! I would buy it for sure!

larkinlove3 karma

You can find a scene exactly like what you're describing here:

You can buy a vial of my spit if you like. Email [email protected] for details.

Aka841 karma

Do you only mess with people who are sexually experienced?

larkinlove4 karma

Nope. I'm a serial virgin nerd-fucker. I actually really enjoy being the more experienced partner. It's one more way to assert my dominance.

telesterion1 karma

Were you an introvert or extrovert in your teen days? and when did you decide to explore your sexuality further?

larkinlove3 karma

I was neither an introvert nor an extrovert. I was extremely lonely and very popular. I was social all the time and no one knew me well. I lived both extremes at once.

I've been exploring my sexuality since I was born. I only had a chance to do it with other partners once I hit my early teens. I've ALWAYS wanted to do BDSM activities - even before I knew that's what they were called.

telesterion2 karma

i kinda get that..seems how thats how ive been. the gatsby complex i like to call it.
thank you for your answer! ive always wanted to ask someone in this industry those questions..

larkinlove2 karma

The Gatsby Complex! Brilliant, yes, that is precisely it! I'm going to borrow that term, if you don't mind.