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where is the need for all of this sperm coming from? That seems to be a lot of sperm collected??

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I do not mean to be insulting and I am probably very uninformed, however I have a question that will sound insulting but it is honest curiosity.. Do you think someone will risk getting HIV in order to be married to you and possibly have children born with HIV, like you were? I do not mean to sound mean but if somebody I was dating told me they had HIV, I would not be able to continue any romantic relationship and would be terrified.
Is it a normal thing for people with the HIV virus to start families and marry, I guess is my question.

I hope they find a cure for people like yourself soon, seems like they are making giant steps forward in the fight. Hope you have a long, happy life.

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how do women such as yourself shave down there to get the best possible shave? being in front of a camera, i assume you have the best tips!

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