Hi everyone! I have a spring training game in a few hours, but for now I'm answering your questions. Ask Me Anything!

Be sure to watch my MLB The Show ad and grab yourself a copy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBSx_1XNy5w

Proof: https://twitter.com/BusterPosey/status/310037447193022464

EDIT: That was fun! I have to get ready for a spring training game now, but thanks for all the questions everyone!

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blue_barracudas375 karma

How does it feel to have grounded into that double play to lose the World Series?

IamBuster942 karma

"It's a video game you moron"

ContinuumGuy308 karma

Any advice to Joe Mauer on how to be an elite catcher while raising twins?

IamBuster408 karma

Get your rest when you can!

mwlgo6279 karma

I was a catcher throughout little league, high school and college. I am now 41 and have some pretty bad knees. How concerned are you about how this will affect your knees later on in life? Good luck on the upcoming season.

IamBuster322 karma

there are certain exercises and weightlifting techniques to try to keep your knees, hips, back etc. feeling as good as they can

tony_flow206 karma

Few questions: 1) what is a good resource to learn how to physically train for baseball.

2) How can someone train themselves to see the ball to the bat better? Tee work? live pitching? pitching machine?

3)I find that I have trouble picking up rotation on a ball. Is that something that can be learned, or are all you mvp-types preternaturally gifted?

4) Not a question, just a sincere thank you for being an instrumental part in a tremendous amount of joy in my life. I hope you remain a giant for your whole career.

IamBuster351 karma

1.) A good resource is try to associate yourself with someone that has a lot of knowledge about physical training. For us its easier because we have professional trainers all the time, but that's the best way to learn is to be around people that went to school for training.

2.) an easy way to do that is whenever you are taking batting practice, really concentrate on seeing the spin and rotation of the ball, and when you make contact, exaggerate leaving your head down at the contact point

3.) The more still you can keep your head still while hitting, the easier it is to see spin. If your head is moving forward, its harder to pick up the spin. Try keeping your head as still as possible.

4.) Thanks for the support, it's a blast playing in front of you guys all year

mox-jet175 karma

I was at Matt Cain's perfect game, the energy of the crowd was electric! Does the crowd keep you focused or does it make it harder to concentrate?

IamBuster308 karma

If anything the crowd just adds to the adrenaline that you are already feeling. It's really important in those situations to try and call pitches and do things you've been doing the whole game, and not let the excitement make you deviate from your original plan.

bchris24167 karma

Hello Buster! Congratulations on the World Series victory and MVP award. So happy to see my favorite player from my favorite sports team take the time to do an AMA. I don’t know how much you know about Reddit or if you come here often, but all of us over at the nice little community of /r/SFGiants welcome you and I'm sure those in /r/baseball welcome you too! Here are some questions some fellow users from there wanted to ask:

  1. “Could you see yourself becoming a manager later on in your career?” /u/a-nutella-sandwich

  2. “Do you hear many comparisons between Bochy and yourself?” /u/a-nutella-sandwich

  3. “Is balls to the walls really that funny?” /u/a-nutella-sandwich

  4. “What was going through your head while the ball was soaring towards Blanco during Matts perfect game?” /u/Jonahoe

  5. “In all honesty, do you want to stay a Giant for your whole career or do you want to try going to other teams?” /u/zapyou42

  6. “Would you rather listen to Brandon Belt sing karaoke or watch Santiago Casilla hit?” /u/zapyou42

  7. “What's your favorite food that the team's chef makes for you?” /u/jumpingtheship

  8. “If you could take one player from the Dodgers to play for the Giants, who do you take?” /u/jumpingtheship

  9. “Would you personally prefer to gradually phase out of the catcher position or can you see yourself being a catcher for the rest of your career, perhaps with a fair amount of games at 1st like in the 2012 season (hey that worked out well, didn't it?)? BTW, I'm a huge Giants/Posey fan, I just got your jersey with a WS patch, of course, for Christmas! Go Giants!” /u/KobraCola

  10. “What part of your overall game are you working to improve on the most, and how are you going about doing that?” /u/supervin

  11. “Aside from the actual winning, what did you enjoy most about the post-season?” /u/supervin

  12. “What are your thoughts on the new year-round interleague format? Is there anything you are or aren't looking forward to about it? For or against the DH?” /u/supervin

  13. “When behind the dish, does any conversation happen between you and the batter? If so, what is it usually like?” /u/PlanetZito

  14. “How often does Bochy call the pitches? When you do call pitches; do you go by scouting reports or do you size the batter up and call based on the pitcher?” /u/PlanetZito

  15. “Why do you like hitting change-ups? (It seems like a lot of your homeruns were off of hanging change-ups)” /u/PlanetZito

  16. “Do you remember me? I got your attention at Fanfest with some giant Kruk and Kuip heads and you smiled at me. Made my day :D” /u/PlanetZito

  17. “In the NLDS, when you hit the grand slam, did you watch it at the plate to see if it would hit the Mat Latos sign in left center?” /u/hargmarlin

  18. “Comparing the division race in 2010 and 2012, when the giants clinched the NL west last year so much earlier than going to the final game of the season in 2010, what was the mindset of the team last year, having secured the spot?” /u/ussbaney

  19. Besides catching the the final outs of two World Series titles, calling a perfect game, and crushing a grand slam off Mat Latos, are there any moments/at-bats that particularly stand out in your mind?

  20. After growing up and watching Chipper Jones, what was it like being able to actually play against him and with him in the All Star Game, and then even get awarded the MVP Award by him? Did you have to contain yourself so you wouldn't go all crazy fanboy on him? Haha

Lastly, I would just like to say thank you, I grew up embracing the black and orange and worshiping Barry Bonds, and after his departure it felt like there was a giant hole in the team, it simply wasn’t the same. He left massive cleats (and helmets) to fill and I’m sure many fans like myself wondered when the next big thing would come and how long it would take for a player to capture the heart and soul of this city. First it seemed as if Lincecum or Sandoval would be it but then you came right out of Fresno and took the league by storm. Two full seasons and you have a ROTY, MVP, and two World Series trophies under your belt. I was there when you played the Dodgers and you took the squat in a Giants uniform for the very first time, and I’ll be there to watch you receive your first (and hopefully not only) MVP Award, I can’t wait to see what it is you’ll accomplish next.

IamBuster194 karma

Thanks for all of the questions, I tried to answer as many of these as I could. Really appreciate all of your support.

  1. at this point it’s too early to know

  2. “he doesn’t have a chance to catch this”

  3. I’d rather listen to Belt sing. If Casilla ever gets an at bat, we have to hear about it for the next 3 months.

  4. He does some homemade scalloped potatoes that are really good

  5. you are always trying to improve every facet of your game. You don’t ever want to get complacent with any part of your game.

  6. it’s fun to get to see the different atmospheres in each city, and I really enjoy the flyovers before each game.

  7. most of the time the batter is just saying “hello” when he comes up, every now and then you’ll get a guy that talks a little bit, but its pretty rare

  8. Bochy never calls pitches, when I’m looking over to the dugout, I’m looking to get the throw over sign if there is a runner on base. I go by tendencies that we go over before the game, and then I rely on instincts, you are constantly having to make adjustments from at-bat to at-bat and pitch to pitch.

  9. The mindset was to try to keep the intensity level up as much as possible. Knowing once the regular season was over, we were going to be right back into meaningful games

  10. The at-bat with Romo and Jay Bruce in the bottom of the 9th of Game 5 in Cincinnati.

mkultra3153 karma

I was a big fan of your while you were playing at FSU. Just wondering, what do you miss about your college experience?

As a Rays fan, I wish you could have played for us, but glad you're in the National League to wreck havoc in the other league! Congrats with all your success in your professional carrer thus far!

IamBuster303 karma

I miss the luxury living on your own with very little responsibility.

chezzie11134 karma

When Scott Cousins broke your leg, did you know it immediately? What went through your mind?

Also, what's it like being a 2 time World Champion before your 26th birthday?

IamBuster170 karma

No I didn't know it was broken immediately. I was in a lot of pain but I didn't know the severity of it.

bootleric63108 karma

Posey thanks for doing this IAMA today! 1. My question is what was going through your head when you hit the grand slam off of matt latos during Game 5 of NLDS?

2.you have accomplished so much in your baseball career MVP, 2 WS, NL rookie of the year, and etc what makes you want to do better and surpass expectations.

IamBuster171 karma

During the at-bat, i was just trying to stay calm and get the run in from 3rd. I got a good pitch to hit and was able to put us up by 6. It felt like with our pitching staff we had a good shot at winning the game.

daffyfootlicker96 karma

Other than playing in SF, what is your personal favorite stadium to play in?

IamBuster336 karma

Other than AT&T, Wrigley Field.

K-Town30584 karma

Really enjoyed watching you play at FSU. Who's Idea was it for you to play every position in a single game?

IamBuster134 karma

It was the coaches at FSU's idea.

TheSollymonster80 karma

What do you think was the biggest factor in the Giants huge NLCS turnaround against the Cardinals last year? Cards fan here - well done, sir

IamBuster195 karma

the pitching performance we got out of Zito in game 5 was the turning point.

cgmer65 karma

Could you describe that moment when Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz to win it all in 2010? As Giants fans, my whole family went berserk. I can only imagine how you felt catching that game.

IamBuster161 karma

The moment was pretty surreal. Having just been called up 5 months earlier, it was hard to believe I was part of a World Series championship team. I remember running to the mound saying "are you kidding me?"

worldrunning56 karma

Your favorite offseason activity?

IamBuster123 karma


brownthunder2952 karma

Who was your favorite player growing up?

IamBuster126 karma

I had several. I liked the pitchers from the Braves - Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz. Chipper Jones came along about the time I really started to watch baseball.

gorillaPete52 karma

why number 28?

IamBuster108 karma

28 was the number they gave me my first spring training in 2009.

Momar8951 karma

Is there any chance you'll ever play all 9 positions in a major league game like you did in college?

IamBuster141 karma

No I don't think I'll ever play all 9 positions again, I don't have enough speed to cover all the ground in the outfield.

j-gambier49 karma

Hi Buster, big fan of yours. I have two questions for you:

1) What's your favourite part of playing for a team like the San Francisco Giants in the bay area?

2) Who do you find to be some of the hardest base-runners to throw out stealing second due to their speed?

Thanks a lot for this AMA, and best of luck this year!

IamBuster94 karma

1.) Favorite part so far has been winning and playing in a packed house stadium every game.

2.) Emilio Bonifacio is the first one that comes to mind

Man_Flute48 karma

Do you have any advice for young, aspiring catchers out there? What about young people in general, trying to make their way through life?

IamBuster107 karma

For young catchers - make sure you get your fundamentals right and practice them the right way all the time. For other young athletes, make sure you play a wide variety of sports, don't limit yourself to just baseball.

LAcumDodgers48 karma

Who has the most unique personality in the clubhouse? Is Brandon Belt the most awkward man in the world? And how luscious is Crawfords hair in person?

IamBuster116 karma

Awkward award is a tie between Belt and Pence.

BoomPower43 karma

What kind of diet do you follow to help you maintain over the duration of the long baseball season?

IamBuster70 karma

Try to eat as many natural foods as possible.

almeida3742 karma

During the past few years, you have met and received praise from some of baseball's very best. Have any of their words really impacted you? Who were they and what did they say?

Somewhat related, Jon Miller called you very handsome this spring. Thought you should know that if you didn't know already.

IamBuster73 karma

I don't really have any specific advice that I received, but what I've taken away from every great player that I've had the chance to meet is that they all have a love and passion for baseball.

Yeti_Is_Beast27 karma

Even though I'm not a huge fan of the Giants, I am a big fan of yours since you did attend Florida State! How is Mike Martin as a coach and what is your best memory of playing there?

Thanks Buster!!

IamBuster42 karma

Mike Martin is somebody that demands the best out of you regardless if it's during practice or during a game. Best memory was clinching a birth to Omaha at Dick Howser Stadium.

theBrownMooses22 karma

What is the best restaurant to go to in Scottsdale, Arizona for a fan, and why? Also What is your favorite restaurant in San Francisco?

IamBuster49 karma

Don and Charlie's is always a good spot in Scottsdale with great food.

samuellush15 karma

On off days, do you just hang out and chill in the city, or do you practice?

IamBuster28 karma

off days are pretty rare, so you try to relax and rest up.

Fitzpaypay7 karma

Buster, HUGE FAN!!!! What are those things that you and Sanchez wear on your fingernails? Imgur

IamBuster15 karma

They are called gamesigns. It's a sticker that helps the pitcher see the signals when the lighting is not the best.