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"It's a video game you moron"

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Get your rest when you can!

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1.) A good resource is try to associate yourself with someone that has a lot of knowledge about physical training. For us its easier because we have professional trainers all the time, but that's the best way to learn is to be around people that went to school for training.

2.) an easy way to do that is whenever you are taking batting practice, really concentrate on seeing the spin and rotation of the ball, and when you make contact, exaggerate leaving your head down at the contact point

3.) The more still you can keep your head still while hitting, the easier it is to see spin. If your head is moving forward, its harder to pick up the spin. Try keeping your head as still as possible.

4.) Thanks for the support, it's a blast playing in front of you guys all year

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Other than AT&T, Wrigley Field.

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there are certain exercises and weightlifting techniques to try to keep your knees, hips, back etc. feeling as good as they can