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I was a catcher throughout little league, high school and college. I am now 41 and have some pretty bad knees. How concerned are you about how this will affect your knees later on in life? Good luck on the upcoming season.

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How much fun was it to host the young comedians special with Schneider, Spade, and the rest? Still one one of the funniest specials I have seen. Thanks.

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Did you have any situations that the level of discipline required was more than you could administer? If so, what was it?

Thanks for the AMA.

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I am originally from Davis, CA and it was always mentiond when I was younger that the song "Green River" is about Putah Creek. Seems possible since it is very green most of the time. Any truth to that? Thank you.

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Yikes! I thought $3.65 was bad. Thanks for the answer.