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Few questions: 1) what is a good resource to learn how to physically train for baseball.

2) How can someone train themselves to see the ball to the bat better? Tee work? live pitching? pitching machine?

3)I find that I have trouble picking up rotation on a ball. Is that something that can be learned, or are all you mvp-types preternaturally gifted?

4) Not a question, just a sincere thank you for being an instrumental part in a tremendous amount of joy in my life. I hope you remain a giant for your whole career.

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Congressman Polis,

Thank you for your efforts to end marijuana prohibition.

However, I have to respectfully disagree with you on this point. Matt Davies was operating completely within the law. Had accountants, lawyers and other professionals help him run his operation as a legitimate business as the law intended. He was permitted and zoned by the local municipality as a medical marijuana dispensary.

The fact that he is facing 10 years in prison is a pretty clear sign that the DOJ is not following the spirit of the Ogden memo. It's lip service to a growing public demand that law enforcement stop wasting resources on Marijuana prohibition.

People see the memo and think that times are changing, but the reality is that raids continue unabated against targets with nothing to do with criminal enterprises.